Tory Lanez - All I Want Is You Lyrics

I know we separated baby
Let me ask you one question though

I said "who am I?"
"Baby, what are you and I?"
We used to be suicide do or die
Never knew it that a newer guy, you would find
I figured I was on to the next one
But my heart, it was hard to forget one
Regrettin' every scar that I left, uh
I feel 'em when I pause, and the stress come
I was really in love with this girl, like
But keep it on some real shit
You was somebody that a brother could really deal with
The only woman I could chill with, and really chill with
Instead of tryna hit it real quick, real spit
Feel it
I guess I couldn't see it comin'
It's like a bill from the cab when the meter runnin'
I'm still feelin like I'm needin your lovin
Up in this race, girl you're keepin' me runnin'
But, fuck it, uh
I guess the lovin' is gone
Go with him but he ain't never gonna love you as strong
You, you, could never tell me that the lovin' was wrong
'Cause we both know that it took us to above and beyond
I, I, I'm still thinkin' that you must be the one
Look how you got me fucked up, look at what we become
But I ain't trippin' 'cause I knew that you done done what you done
And every relationship gotta be done when it's done, and I know

Sometimes I think, what if I was wrong?
Would I be sittin' here, writing out this song?
I know that sometimes I may have been wrong
But you gotta forgive me, yeah yeah
And I know that we both done made some mistakes
When I face it

All I want is you, you, you, you, you
Now that you're gone, ay
All I want is you, you, you, you, you
You, you, you, you
Hey girl
All I want is you, you, you, you, you
Do, do, do, do, do, do
Don't leave me hangin' babe
Girl I need you

All I need is you, ohhhh
And Mr. Peterson drops
January 1st, 2011
Make sure you got that tape
It's gon' be a classic
So classic

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Tory Lanez All I Want Is You Comments
  1. The Official Jkiid

    2020 and listing to this. Homie been going in hard since the start.

  2. Jackie Marvin

    Wow!!!! ❤❤❤

  3. Daily Gaming

    This shit aight. He knew what he was doing

  4. Fly Rapidly


  5. Rigoberto Alcantar

    I want to see this on chixtape 8

  6. Mike Jordan

    Chixtape 5 dropped today 11/15/19

  7. GoatTvStatus

    Who still here

  8. aaron thomas

    Never heard this one
    I thought I was a real one 😣
    I'm one step closer though 😃

  9. Robert

    This Was My Shitttttt🇨🇦😎

  10. Daniel Marquez

    2019 who still listening

  11. Semiyon Evans

    2019? real lanez fan here

  12. ZY S L U G

    2019 anyone

    Always wanted to say that

  13. SwervinOnDemFoez FKA SODH*ez

    What we all came here for 1:10 your welcome

  14. Miguel Hendrix

    Tory is and has been fire son 🙏🏾

  15. m2violent.3


  16. Makin Moves Tv

    Want to see more #torylanez footage click link below and subscribe

  17. Lakshane

    2019 and Tory Lanez has come a long way!!

    Here to get some inspo from one of my fav artists

  18. Priyal Dhuri


  19. Edzofresh

    He’s been doing this 💯 inspirational

  20. Mcken Jean-Charles

    Still relevant

  21. MJ Bøazy

    simpler times lol

  22. Kev’s Uploads

    The king of flows.. he can be any artist he wants! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. EmaN

    Came along way

  24. ohMY03

    I was here when this came out

    Mcken Jean-Charles

    ohMY03 saame this is boig throwback to 2010 for me

  25. j t

    Heavy vibes

  26. tadeo Salvador Lopez Coronado

    I LOVEEEE TORY LANEZ soy Dé México y Tory lanez siempre ha Sido mi inspiración ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Léon H. Griesel

    Damn young Tory

  28. anthonygetdat

    So was this jalissa or Keisha?

    Rez NBD

    anthonygetdat I feel like it was Jalissa


    Rez NBD probably was. She looks like a jalissa 😂

    Rez NBD

    anthonygetdat Fr lol

  29. Asoni

    2010 Tory Lanez looks like A Boogie.

  30. Antz

    The transition from this to now.....crazy!👌🏾👏🏾

  31. Cyber Cynical

    this shit actually really good

  32. Yxng Flowerz

    i fucking love this song, fuck tory lanez, he finalle made it

  33. Sam Jones

    still a mean song!

  34. J Z

    Came across this song 5 years ago and instantly became a fan. Watching him come up to where he is now is just crazy. Day one Swave Nation citizen right here☝🏼️

    Eric Alvarez


  35. Tania Rivera

    I love Tory

  36. Elmi TV

    am i the only one who thinks he sounds like young lloyd when he sings ?


    Elmi TV yes he do

  37. McNetDeck

    fuck happened to him? Now he sound like a drake clone..


    McNetDeck He literally sounds nothing like Drake.


    the fuck r u talking about

  38. 311 Jazzy

    Wow he can still sing here 😍

  39. 311 Jazzy

    Wow he was so different and the beats were cheap

    Justin Marcell

    Jazzy Glo girl i actually like this tory as much as the new tory. He's always hopped on other ppls beats and still does hows that cheap lol

  40. rich the kid

    The gap in his teeth lmaoooo

    403 Swavey

    lol that had him looking like a ny Nigga

    Kold world

    +swaveey Reat lmao


    swaveey Reat LMFAOOOOO

  41. So Abel

    So is this his song or Miguel and j.cole

    Cole Whitaker

    Miguel. he just made a cover

    Joelle Worku

    It's Miguel's


    His song now😂😂

  42. Charlemagne’s Barber

    One Umbrella Fucking Mob

  43. Kin -253

    at 1:10 he sounds n looks a bit like chronixx

  44. Axorio

    5 years ago... damn tory what a revolution

    GB - Get Billions TV

    +Axorio So real man

    Pepe happy

    Lol I'm here cuz of that too

    Glorious_Orpheus White

    Axorio and I’m still wondering why this hasn’t blown up on its own 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Daily Gaming

    ..its evolution

  45. TheSamba

    the beginning of the Swavey nation!Drop this remix in sweden Tory! //sweden´s no1 Tory fan

  46. OfficialDimiDez

    Him than, Him Now!
    Big transformation!
    Tory Up Next Boy

  47. Nikeboy 234

    his glo up tho


    Nikeboy 234 it’s called money lol

  48. megz park

    ghn m nnm m. !on! m nbmjkjknjklpplkjh

    ◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀◀❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇k▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ video

  49. efrain secundino

    This show the grind' 🔑🔑🔑his time is coming and he been grinding for that . s/o to tory man. Your shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. fluffy rush

    miquel and j.cole sang this song

    So Abel

    Is that why it sounds like I've heard this before. sounds familiar

    Cole Whitaker

    +sajacous “Dante” smith this is Miguel's song. it's from like 5-6 years ago

  51. YoungAngel2013

    😂😭😭 omg 💀 such a big transformation to now.

  52. Just call me Rose

    didn't know he was the one who singed this song

    samantha sylvester

    this isn't the original

    So Abel

    +samantha sylvester jcole and Miguel is the original right ?

  53. Thekidskaterquentin


  54. Shayla Crawford

    This was done on my bday.

  55. Loe Man

    now a days his rapping is wayyyyyyyyy better than this & with the singing now a days makes it a deadly combination 

  56. Robert

    Damnn Look At Tory Nowa Dayzz ..

  57. iGraffitiArt

    plies had a baby in Canada his name Tory Lanez

  58. Jordan DeGiacomo

    now thats how make a remix. make it your own

  59. orderofthebluejay

    not that he black and drake is white not that i'm from the hood and can relate to nigas and got my own frame of what's cool and what's foolish not that kid a gangster i don't know his granddad or his god son but for some reason it seem a little broader than whe drizzy do his shit more involved or somthing maybe i realy don't know what it is

    Jhonnio Tkrs

    orderofthebluejay drake ain't white tho

  60. Mel Rivers

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    This Is for the people that ever had a DREAM!
    I Am an upcoming Hip Hop Artist from New York City looking for exposure.
    I perform often, give out free Cd's, & network HEAVY.
    I see the internet as another outlet to expand so im taking Full Advantage.
    All im Asking is That you check out My Youtube Channel and enjoy the REAL Music.
    If Not, Atleast Thumbs up this post so Someone else Can enjoy the Tunes.Thank You.


    He look like Bobby Valentino and Plies mixed together lol but good music

  62. fillio sahin

    Still better than kayne west

  63. Don Taylor

    Better singer than rapper but good song overall

  64. Chicano Lopez

    Look up thug boi ese "Trust Issues" u wont be disappointed!

  65. Robert

    Mann This Song Reminds Me Of My Ex .. My First Love .
    #Swavey Thoo Dunnknoo !

  66. Jean Marrow

    lol Tory Lanez got a lot of play in this video shoot..... hmmmm.... coincidence? i think not ;)

  67. Wyatt Tumilty

    Nothing better than a dude that can rap and sing very efficiently!

  68. 0just0derp0

    better than 80% of ymcmb

  69. kingzoekilla

    Great Vocals

  70. MyHipHopTunes

    dude can sing his ass off

  71. Adam Jaloudi


  72. Namorcito G'do

    lmmfao!!!!!! a combination of fergie and jesus bahahahaha aaaaahahahahahaha rofl

  73. alex lanzo

    sickk sickk

  74. Dr.Gloriious Records

    Tory Lanez is the future hands down

    Gabe Hargrove

    Dr. Gloriious you were right

    Arun Gamess

    @Gabe Hargrove very

    Miami Papi

    Dr. Gloriious look at him now 🔥

  75. Christian Clay

    This dude gonna make it! Gonna be big! Just a matter of time!

    Westend TV

    Looking back is crazy

    vincent hicks

    He made it now


    Damn he made it

    Chris Otero

    Christian Clay it’s great looking at these type of comments knowing that his wishes came true

    The Official Jkiid

    Yup. You said it. Dude made it !

  76. Brianna

    That is my cousin! =D So proud of him!

    Competitive Mike

    Brianna are you proud of him now.and do you enjoy chixtape 5?

  77. Kidzie Dott


  78. darealniecy rite

    this guy is so talented.He could do the Miguel,and the JCole part better than the orginals! Goodness!

  79. Tatyana Nicole'

    Lets Not Get Carried Away Now . .

  80. Dennis Haggins-Woodward III

    Man can sing

  81. MusicReliable

    Nah he doesn't sing better to miguel in my opinion but he is amazing

  82. Shilore Hopkins

    If u signed why u comment on here/?

  83. Shilore Hopkins

    If sign

  84. Quazy Mayo

    he look like jojo

  85. Rashaw L

    dude is a beast keep grindin you can do the same!

  86. XXXSAM



    best artist by far man.. stay up broo...
    real fans support you .

  88. Florian Dotterweich

    Awesome track! str8 up!

  89. Yung Gunna

    Y Doesn't This Have More Views I Swear people don't recgonize talent When They See it smh hopsin kid ink tory lanez Is The future no argueing Thumbs up If u agree

  90. MrIncredible2293

    Me and my brother lost our parents at a young age

    All I did was play ball and all he did was music

    Well his latest song of his album is currently in a contest to get 1000 likes without getting 100 Dislikes

    He's doing good so far. His video is on my channel and its deep

    Please watch the video and hit the like button for him

    Its called "Shot Caller"

    If you dont wanna give him a chance at least THUMBS UP this comment so someone else can see it and hopefully help him out


  91. MyHipHopTunes

    beat is NICE