Torrini, Emiliana - Hold Heart Lyrics

Hold heart don't beat so loud
For me keep your calm
As he walks out on you

No tears don't you come out
If you blind me now
I am defeated

No lips don't make a sound
Don't let him hear
The break in your voice

Hand let go of his
With ease n' grace
Don't let him bleed
Under your nails

Oh lord take of thy crown
You're my king no more
With that merciless heart

Hold heart don't beat so loud
For me keep your calm
As he walks out on you

No tears don't you come out
If you blind me now
I am defeated

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Torrini, Emiliana Hold Heart Comments
  1. Murat Kenan Serkan

    Ansızın biten bütün her şey gibi bir iz bırakıyor.

  2. Tits McGee

    I would give a left ball and a kidney to have her sing me to sleep.

  3. AnnaMignonMusic

    I'm deeply touched. It's such a beautiful song! I've tried to make my own version of it ( Maybe you wanna listen to it too? <3

  4. John Tempak music from Broken 😍

  5. Nefelibata-ir

  6. Xavier Bordas

    I dont have a chimney, but thank god I have this album to keep me warm during cold days.

  7. Jewe Edy

    Its so so to play guitar. Somebody can play guitar ?

  8. Ramazan İstanbullu

    belki bir gün

  9. LivingSquishy

    no tears!! dont you come out!! 😭😭😭

  10. Licentia Vel Nex

    Tişikkirler youtube!! :D

  11. mastergwaha

    thanks pandora!

  12. Cesar Paredes

    it's perfect 💙

  13. Christie Grant

    it's just wonderful

  14. Giannis manos



    Υπέροχη φωνή !!! και το τραγούδι !!!

  15. Malachi Gauer

    This song is soooo good, different from her other stuff.

  16. Prometheus1st

    I am a sensitive male...and every time I have shown tears...I have been 'defeated'.  I served 20-years in the military, and I served in the job as a team leader that sought danger and disarmed I.E.D's and bombs under enemy fire.  I volunteered for that duty and signed a waiver as why...why if I am sensitive to human nature and suffering, am I less than a man?  I challenge that idea.

    Simon Miller

    So what, I have 3 kids. Talk to me about resposibility; OOhg! I had a gun. Id

    Simon Miller

    Yeah cry bitcfh.I did twice today. my shit is gone now.

    Simon Miller

    MacDonalds, you served me. last Monday. You even fucked that up. T OO OO LL. I hope you... I just live in hope.

    Serge Grondin

    Why can't you shed tears from being MOVED by BEAUTY.. A film... a SONG... That makes you as much a man as a woman is a woman.. so why question your MANHOOD ? Shedding tears is NORMAL emotion for MEN or WOMEN.


    I'll have to do it to keep traditions alive.
    Yes it makes you less of of a man you pussy.

  17. Nina Kaze

    so freaking beautiful.

  18. Juan Acosta

    is this a religious song?

  19. TiTaN4351

    Man that's such an attractive voice

  20. Dae' Tom

    ~ greatest :D thank you :)

  21. MooncharmedHellena

    Oh baby, can you hear my heart breaking from that far?

  22. riddlepoison

    wish she would do a whole album of songs by eric cope

  23. Alexandros Rozos

    So good guitar

  24. David Novák

    reminds me Ellie Goulding :)

  25. Faux Foe

    This needs an extended hardcore cover.

  26. Akwiratékha Martin

    Yeah, most icelanders sounds the same. They all have that sweet whisper.

  27. ummglick

    original and unpretentious... a breath of fresh air!

  28. Zac McF

    That last breath is so ghostly.

  29. Samurei99

    I feel so sleepy..........

  30. ordep ordep

    dgfdgmghg right?

  31. Turuu Garfield


  32. Alejandro José

    Alles Was Zalth brought me here.

  33. nadacokolada85

    She is so sweet and great singer! It's such a pleasure listen to her!

  34. sallydreams

    This was referred to me as I was watching Kate Havenick videos... I'm so glad I clicked this video!

  35. breffnipark

    I love this woman !

  36. Emapsych

    hoy ando algo melancolico...
    con un nudo en la garganta...
    una cancion que me hace recordar aquellas historias de amor del pasado...

    que buen tema para que mi lagrima recorra mi cara...

    Tania Reyes

    Emapsych también de dolor se canta cuando llorar no basta. hermosa canción

  37. Galaen

    She's just perfect.

  38. amnesiac1975

    italy plus Iceland makes a good mix as I see.

  39. Cherabreena

    Holy !!!!!
    Amazing song!

  40. RedAenimal

    boska jest i tyle :)

  41. zeynel özturk

    Çok beğendim (TURKEY) Nice:)

  42. amethystfalls

    Just ace. :D

  43. Bas Zwiers

    Naice !

  44. Jonatan Rabinek


  45. maiii0608

    ich liebe ihre Stimme einfach nur <3
    jungle drum und das hier kann man doch gar nicht vergleichen! aber ich mag beide =)

  46. Lenaemma

    hmm...^^ ich dagegen finde dieses hier viel schöner als jungle drum

  47. Rica L.

    grausam.... jungle drum war 100000 mal besser

  48. cecillbill

    Fucking Wonderfully Beautiful!

  49. Rexie021

    Great picture compilation of Emiliana Torrini!

  50. Feenzauber14

    so geil! ♥

    Ihr bestes Lied ;)

  51. E.Yn

    schönes lied

  52. daniel brecht

    süßer kommentar...

  53. marinist1980

    such a nice woman, such a nice song!!!

  54. Slobbert


  55. hundiema

    Beautiful lyrics. (Y)

  56. SusiBerlin

    Sie war neulich beim Fritz im Freien!

    Bald spielt sie in Berlin Tempelhof!

    Kauf mir vielleicht die Karte!!!

  57. looonieluu

    she reminds me a little bit of björk :)

  58. Feenzauber14

    Love it .
    She's so wonderful <33

  59. yvetteclaire

    Beautiful. This is a great one!

  60. Crackpeas

    Ich mag ihre Lieder gern :]

  61. Juka94

    schöne stimme!

  62. heybella

    she sounds just like LYKKE LI. loveeee <3333

  63. spydespy

    trauriges Lied..

  64. Mitsch Mitschenheimer

    Sounds a bit like Björk but much more nice. Björk is a kind to strange.
    Very niiice

  65. jasminmommy

    so beautiful :)))

  66. osko lok

    woow its really beautiful! it reminds me of Björk somehow...
    and its soooooo relaxing too , its music to hear when you had a heavy day , and you're in a bed chilling with a cop of thea!

  67. NightwishTimmi

    <3 i love it

  68. NVRMND

    woooooonderfuuuuul ^^

  69. Angela Ruppen


    it's really good.

  70. Tokaiiii

    <3 gorgeous

  71. batoka8

    Oh! what a voice !!! Emotional and familiar painful

  72. LoungeTom

    sm☺☺th & mell☼w‼ 5/5

  73. casmxa

    1000 stars

  74. Julia Björgvins

    this song is so beautiful, so strange that she describes exactly the way i feel...

  75. Marian De Larrosa

    yeap. it hurts so much...

  76. Marian De Larrosa

    yeap it hurts so much...

  77. mamselaugurk

    sssst... be quiet!
    this is sooooooo beautiful!

  78. iFrank69

    Her music is so great that it hurts ! Epic !

  79. ewikerik

    ahh, the wonders of international communication...
    then I can not agree with you more. sick song indeed

  80. Phillip Buslon

    sick as in good, great, awesome.

  81. ewikerik

    Why is this song sick? it's very sad, but honest.

  82. Phillip Buslon

    this song is so sick