Torrini, Emiliana - Beggar's Prayer Lyrics

Mama said lift your head from the sieve of your hands
Mama say eventually this hurting will end
But the shock-waves on my bones will linger
Like the ghost of you here in my bed

When I was lost you thought me a beautiful find
Sometimes I think of you sleeping
So sleep for a while
I find myself asking who'd do this to love
And the white shouldered mountains
They pointed above

Lord you just dropped me here by this side of this road
Out here's too cold and I don't want to walk it alone
I've got a bottle of your blood inside me
And an old beggar's prayer on the tip of my tongue

Mama said lift your head from the sieve of your hands
Mama say eventually this hurting will end

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Torrini, Emiliana Beggar's Prayer Comments
  1. Daniel Salazar

    11 years!

  2. Trunk McEight

    One of the most beautiful songs of loss pain, and healing of the 00's... Pathos, pain hope and extraordinary humility... A masterwork of composition.


    Beautifull, beauty

  4. Sylis

    Mamma said, lift your head from the sieve of your hands.
    Mamma said eventually this hurting will end.
    But the shockwaves on my bones will linger,
    Like the ghost of you here in my bed.

    When I was lost you thought me a beautiful find.
    Sometimes I think of you sleeping, so sleep for a while.
    I find myself asking who'd do this to love,
    And the white-shouldered mountains they pointed above.

    Lord you just dropped me here by the side of this road.
    Out here's too cold and I don't want to walk it alone.
    I've got a bottle of your blood inside me,
    And on old beggar's prayer on the tip of my tongue.

    Mamma said, lift your head from the sieve of your hands.
    Mamma said that eventually this hurting will end...

  5. Rixt Wijnja

    I think it's about a pregnant woman who lost her husband and blaming God... I've got a bottle of your blood inside me, Lord you just dropped me here by the side of this road.. Her mother trying to comfort...

  6. Prophet Six

    I discovered Emiliana's music in her album "Love in the Time of Science" which is, like, a diametric opposite of this music, but this is just as fantastic. That choir is haunting.

  7. Zubair Ahmed

    Brandy , cigarettes and Emiliana...that was years ago, shes still amazing.

  8. Black Lit. Black Hist.

    What the heck is Castle? And she needs to give the names of that choir she sings with on this song - that is what makes this song great.


    +jasonito23 Castle is a crime drama TV series (and a good one, too: coming from someone who's not a fan of the genre). I'm guessing info on the other singers is included with the original album, but I don't have it (yet) to check). =)


    i don't think it was a choir. sounds like it's just her on a loop pedal. and castle's a great show. should check it out. the series just ended :/

    Black Lit. Black Hist.

    No, it's not just her. Those are some deep female voices. Sounds like African American gospel humming.

  9. n r

    Castle 1x05.
    Amazing song!

    Emma gma

    n r YEAH 😍😍😍😍

  10. babaduk

    I need complete silence if I am to save the world

  11. Elle


  12. Emily Hazzard

    I heard this on Grey's Anatomy and loved it, but couldn't find it, then I heard it on Castle and I had to find it! Addicting song

    julian correa

    i heard it on castle bang in the opening ... it just seeped into me #sound    #voice   #mean   #music  @Sefra Correa @Marielyn Correa @Wilson Correa @hazel gonsalves @***** what a beautiful thing

    Yash Raj

    Same reason gal same reason loved it on Grey's Anatomy

  13. Ra8Tv5

    castle ♥ :)

    Emma gma

    Ra8Tv5 omg yesss CASTLE IS THE BEST 😍😍😍😍

    Ted Kelly

    @Emma gma - Castle WAS the best - nothing like it on now (including The Rookie).

  14. Jacy192

    Omg found from my castle obsession

  15. branballistick

    What is the name of this photo?

    Nancy Fail

    branballistick not sure. But at the bottom it appears to be from national geographic. Perhaps that will help you find it!

    Gustavo Herrera

    branballistick - Waterproof Makeup – aquatic performers apply lipstick underwater. (J Baylor Roberts/National Geographic Creative)

  16. Sofii Zenobi

    I heard it in Castle and I search for it like crazy, and... this song is just... Perfect.

  17. Agarthalien

    Pretty voice.

  18. Shurtorra Wold

    this couldnt put better words to the way I've been feeling lately

  19. Chris Haning

    God this is a good song....

  20. gremlin0890

    lonely nights with whiskey and this song. couldnt ask for more.

  21. Klara Chomicz

    i was really down and wanted to listen to this song, until the advertisement came up for the new upcoming movie the dictator hahahaha dont feel down anymore.

  22. Katty Anne

    Such a beautiful song <3

  23. TheYvonne95

    heard it on Grey's Anatomy and Castle

  24. Je Chante

    Beautiful. Emiliana is exceptionally talented.

  25. Keitija J

    Heard this song on Castle, I love it. :)

  26. teufel379

    by the way, this track is awesome. i've seen it in the series "Castle". brilliant!

  27. teufel379

    who the fuck is Juno?? everyone is talking about her, but i just don't know who she is. can someone tell me pease? (excuse my ubcirrect english)

  28. Ken Siegrist

    A bottle of your blood inside me = wine ( drink this in rememberance of me.)

  29. Christine Byczkiewicz

    I want to cry <3 <3

  30. Jessý Jónsdóttir

    I'm so proud of being from Iceland.
    Love her.

  31. branballistick

    @1stclassliar I believe this is a showing of the narrator's switch from speaking to the lost lover, to God. Calling the speaker's faith in her strength. In the previous two lines she mentions the Lord dropping her on the side of the road. The bottle of blood, i think, is her affirming she knows he has the divine strength that all humans do to get through heartache. And the beggar's prayer is the humility that often follows when one has been heartbroken.

    Trunk McEight

    Excellent analysis... I concur.. It's a masterwork of composition that goes under the skin upon the moment of the first sung note...Pure pathos...

  32. bobienieke

    omg! love it <3

  33. kdono15

    @LJFDFF *endearing :)

  34. lizzeii

    If ever I could choose to cry to a song, it would be this one. If ever I were to let my thougths go, it would be to this song. If I ever fall in love, I hope it will be to this song. If I could lay on my death bed and listen to any song... it would be this one.

  35. Giada Andreon

    @akonangatalaga she tweeted about this song!

  36. NoemiNotNaomi

    @TheAndyJade what do you mean by Ellen Page brought you here?

  37. joseffatrip

    And who just listens to it because they love Emiliana..

  38. Zizzousa

    @marushadelrojo Ellen Page has music taste? Did she announce this via Twitter or something? I still remember her singing in Juno, a very cute little song

  39. Giada Andreon

    This song is beautiful!!!
    Ellen Page just brought me here! =}

  40. amyzca

    Thumbs up if Castle brought you here ~

  41. superbob8supered

    The photo is from national geographic, it says so directly below the photo.

  42. Zizzousa


    Youtube isn't letting me post a link, but I think the photo is from (strange but true) an article on Oprah's website about using your camera more efficiently or something. Google 'women underwater lipstick' and it should be there.

  43. Rachel83Ont

    i love this song and her voice so soothing and beautiful I would pay to see her in concert. It has a mood and so refreshing to hear a song that is not about ladie and man parts bumping and grinding.

  44. Anni K.

    oh my god this song is awesome ....

  45. hundiema

    Yep, the hurting will get loads better but it will not end completely. You still remember exactly how you felt when listening to songs like this one. :'(
    But it also reminds you that death has nothing on love. :)

    Trunk McEight

    She brings it all right home, doesn't she? excellent artist.

  46. Hannah Bell

    will someone please give me a link to this actual photo? i looooooove it. and the song of course

  47. Black Lit. Black Hist.

    I love the humming part in this song. It takes my breath away. Nice deep voices. I would have loved to see this done live.

  48. beatmess66

    this song is about her dead fiancé "Sunny Road" and "today has been okay" ... it is so brilliant, raw and real ... it is magnificiently sad ..

    Trunk McEight

    I had no idea.... Wow..

  49. FrostedLlama

    @My30thnamechoice I'd imagine they had oxygen masks on, prepared the scene and how they were going to pose, then the mask was lifted and the picture was taken. So they don't hold their breath long.

  50. My30thnamechoice

    How'd they hold their breath that long?

  51. sara2382

    I don't even have words to describe this. She puts beauty in the bitterness...

  52. 1freckleface2

    i remember this!!!! with the frozen body!! i love it! so calming

  53. mmsbballmac

    i got it from castle too!!! best show ever
    this song is so haunting

  54. MissLinah

    I heard this song on Grey's Anatomy and fell in love with it, god that scene is heart breaking :(

  55. icyclaw123

    Castle is a tv show on ABC that airs Mondays at 10:00pm. It's about a world-known novelist that gets bored of writing and assists a detective, Kate Beckett who works with murdrer crimes.

  56. SeraphIXI

    What is this... Castle?

  57. icyclaw123

    Awesome song! Castle chooses actual music! :D

  58. beautyoverfish

    i heard this on castle and fell in love with it.

  59. panchitazzz

    I searched this for the same reason!

  60. UncleBubba

    God, that was beautiful.

  61. tira_tira_tira

    I heard this on castle too
    lyrics demanded to be googled

  62. thecheesburgler

    really like it

  63. AgyDeyn

    love it