Tori Kelly - You Caught Me Lyrics

Flooding with emotion, love is holding me tight.
I can rest peacefully, and know that everything's alright.
I need you, it's so simple.
Your love is so real to me, your love is so clear to me.

Oh, I fell so quickly
But oh, you caught me.
Oh, oh

I'm falling faster (faster and faster)
I don't know how to slow down,
And when I reach my breaking point
You're there (you're always there)
You never let me hit the ground,
I want you to drench me like the pouring rain
Feel you on my skin, yeah
Your love is so real to me, your love is so clear to me.

Oh, I fell so quickly
But oh, you caught me.
Oh, please don't let me go
Oh, oh

Penetrate my heart like thunder (keep me)
Keep me from falling, keep me from going under

Oh, I fell so quickly
But oh, you caught me
Oh, please don't let me go
Oh, oh

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Tori Kelly You Caught Me Comments
  1. Indy Chloee

    still so obsessed

  2. Joris Heijs

    I love this song so much thank you God ❤️😍

  3. Kiesha Pitter

    Who still listening in 2018

  4. Ms Me

    My freshman year of high school jams!! 6 years and still in love.

  5. Sadia Begum


    I will not stop listening to this ever...means so much to me x❤

    Thank you❤

  6. I AM IAM


  7. Karlyn Lyles

    God I need you me the way... Teach me how to love who I am like you do I just need you please god. I need to get back on church 💜💜

  8. Sadia Begum2001

    Amazing tbh! Bless her and her voice!♥

  9. Megan M.

    Where can I buy this song

  10. Tinomudaishe Mugwidi

    tori kelly is one of the best cover artists there is and ever was...praise be to GOD for such talent.....

  11. Shanta van vliet

    this is her best song ever. who agrees?

  12. Emmy J

    Even on the song is referred to about God, it's however the fan interprets it. Great song.

  13. Carlyssa Phoon

    i think this is one of the few songs of hers ive never heard until now, but im in love with it! thanks for sharing!

  14. IamAdríano

    she looks beyonce there

  15. Angeline Evans


  16. VTnOx

    @dianenicole17 The let it ______ like thunder is actually "penetrate my heart like thunder"

  17. brandy kingbless

    Why isn't this song on Spotify

  18. Nkosingiphile Sibisi

    Love Her So much Her Music Is So Nice

  19. jae Love

    I love God! Tori is one of the few artists not afraid to show it! ❤️

  20. 1melissawhatnow

    I so agree with Sara Bell

  21. Sara Bell

    Tori doesn't get enough credit for her voice, most artists sound good on CDs and suck live, she sounds even better live

  22. Lashonda Williams

    I Love Tori Kelly I Am A Huge Fan!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀🎉🎊

  23. avril taylor swift Lana del Rey queens

    OOoo my god First time I listen and I already love

  24. Jessnbob Flater

    also love the song 🎤😛

  25. spicy joyce


  26. Rapunzel5Eva

    how cool is her hair???? i luv her voice its so majestic angelic, beautiful

  27. Paul McNeil

    well hollow is better then this song tori but i still love your songs keep it up real good wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gabriel Mejia

    She made this so long ago when she was like a teen

    fiesta salsa quinceañera

    +Gabriel Mejia you could tell she was a teen because of her blonde streak

  28. Emmy J

    someday I'll feel like this

  29. Julianearaujo2016 Juliane

    Ela canta muito !

  30. Catherine Jackson

    just simple beauitful 😘

  31. Kaouther Djebaili

    I loooooove u girl

  32. Mandeep

    ohhhh love yu tori as well as yur voice

  33. Rachel Fu

    Hollow is You Caught Me part 2

    Layah Williams

    Wow that's a cool way to think about it.


    It's like a Christian song

    Danielle F

    @Aiah Peñalba how?

    Yarn _

    Wait what?

  34. Katniss Everdeen


  35. juliawool03

    She's great and she has a lot of songs I want to be a singer too

  36. Shania Baldwin

    omg. this song is soooo good. I love her. This song is definitely about God

  37. OK LOL

    2:49 - 3:14 favourite part. But I'm in love with the entire song

  38. Kaylonni Banks

    miss tori Kelly is definitely # 1 in my book all day every day team tori Kelly baby!

  39. November Venson

    Brandy is everything!!!! I love Tori too, but Brandy been out for yearrrrrsss...

  40. Kaylonni Banks

    I honestly love everything this girl does she at the top of my list literally everyday so amazingly talented

  41. Jennifer Medina

    literally queen <3

  42. Jennifer Medina

    literally love her so much

  43. Jassilyn Kang

    I love this song

  44. Mia Hanson

    who is this song meant for

  45. Mia Hanson

    who is this song meant for


    +Mia Hanson God

  46. Karla Dias

    God is Unique! #1

  47. Kasser Saeed

    This song is not about God cuz she said she wants to feel u on her skin


    She's referring to feeling the rain on her skin, not someone else.

    leaha Farrow

    if you are a Christian you would understand what she means. god will touch and it feel so good you start to cry yall Christians know what i mean


    +leaha Farrow Muslims and Jews believe in God too

    leaha Farrow

    @Squeeaak RS i know im messiah jew

  48. miss beautiful

    I love her so much she the best

  49. Karen Kansa-ath

    love it yasssssssssssssssss shes a better singer than ariana grande bc ariana aint got no talent lmfao

    Ariana Fan

    Bringing down another artist wouldn't make tori happy u know...I personally love both ariana, and tori and I think they're both crazy talented.

    tiny elephant

    ^ exactly plus Ariana is super talented like everyone would want to have her voice wyd m8

  50. lighteyes214

    Jill Scott and India Arie are huge influences along with a bunch of gospel artists. That's what Tori said on Hot 97. Love Brandy but she ain't got no runs like Tori. Brandy's voice doesn't even hold a candle to Tori's. Sorry.

    Estella Sherman

    ☝ true.


    LOL @ u trying Brandy like that

  51. Anand

    She is one of my favourite singers

    Kaylonni Banks

    Mine too who wouldnt choose this girl as one of their favorite artists shes beautiful and talented as hell shes got the entire package!

  52. star_81

    Her best song, in my opinion... Great lyrics!🎶

  53. Nasha Turtle

    She is freaking GOALS!!!

  54. Mia Aguilera

    She's definitely referring to God in this song 💝

  55. Afeqa Moh

    I need "dear no one" lyric with video

  56. K E

    A gospel song that can be for couples too I love it

  57. mia griffiths

    This song is ultimate for chilled out moods

  58. anyaxx

    I can't believe there are people here who dislike this song

  59. Daniel27

    d when i reach my breaking point your there

    (your always there)

  60. Ali Aljoubory

    First time I've listened to this and it gave me chills throughout the entire song. Wow. 

  61. evelyn burciaga

    Love it

  62. Kaeleigh Rose

    It just like taller swift it all about love but I love all in my head it a good song look at my post it called all in my head

  63. JanelleMel

    When a lot of the people in the comment section are like "dedicated to my boyfriend" or thinking this is a love song and it's actually about God. Lol

    Iona Barker

    I think it's about God too as she's really open about her beliefs (having Scriptures on her IG and Twitter bios). So this could possibly be about how God has saved her in the past?


    Hollow is about her and God, so this might also be too.

    Yarn _

    I always think about God when I hear her songs

    Kisha Delorey

    Ahlie like

    Trouble World


  64. kleydy madrid

    Love it so much ! <333

  65. Faith Ivbie

    this is beautiful 

  66. Symfani Gibson

    She sounds really young in this song... I love it! ( I love all of her music btw)

  67. kendal and alyssa

    This song is so amazing, I love it!!!!

  68. Brenna Jade

    I can NOT stop listening to this song. Her voice is so gorgeous and natural! I could listen to her all day! I sing this so much now haha. I don't have any videos right now because i'm trying to raise my confident point right now if that makes sense? Anyways, this song is stuck in my brain. Just LOVE IT!!!!!!!  

  69. LaVera Rios

    I love this song

  70. Muhammad Aizat

    i love this song 💋💋

  71. taylor west

    she kinda look like kim kardashian in this pic but way prettier. love her voice  :)

  72. Kacie Cook

    I Love tis song..and all the others too. I listen to her EVERYDAY

  73. Makenna Alick


  74. Tihanna Harding

    She has a beautiful heart n she is gorgeous ( wish I looked that good, or even good at all) :/

    Anaïs Gärtner

    you surely look good in your way :) every girl is beautiful, it just takes the right guy to see it ;)

    Tihanna Harding

    Thanks :) and the right guy for
    Will come x

  75. litzy

    am i the only one who loves the 'oooooh' <3

    Priscilla Sanchez

    I love it as well!!!

    Shorouk A

    @litzy 0107 Nope!

    Beyza Byz

    I love it, too 😊

  76. Tyra Wiggins

    Like thunder

  77. Tyra Wiggins

    She says let it free my heart

  78. Kelli Smith

    I wonder if she's referring to God in this song, cuz I know that God is huge in  her life. :)

    Nichelle Hannah

    Well I think they don't belive it cuz it's u know to hard and u never even saw god just jesus so I can uderstand y

    Kelli Smith

    All I know is I believe in God and His power. And I know that Tori's faith in Him is very strong and it's a huge part of who she is, and it comes out in her music, and I commend her for it. She doesn't force it, but through her experiences, it comes out.

    Sarah Moeahu

    @Jaden Hannah uve never even see ur brain so how do u know if u have one or not? U cant see ur brain but it doesn't mean its not there. Just like with god. U cant see him but it doesn't mean hes not there..

    Nichelle Hannah

    I know but I still belive in god I mean u can't see evrything

    Your Nightmare

    +Sarah Moeahu it's called a brain scan. 😐

  79. sydney lee

    stuck in my head all day

  80. Adegail

    I love this song so much ! Also, I did a cover, tell me what you think

  81. Elody Moua

    Talent = TK

  82. Johnny Guerrero

    My eargasm is over......Oh no I pressed the repeat button again!

  83. Emily Vallejo

    yahh this's song tho

  84. Kimmaya

    beautiful heart touching song....this is me and jays song...I love u Jayden Thomas

  85. Deborah Martin

    Gods love is so clear to me..

  86. xMiCHiMiYUx

    This song should be in better quality.

    Nicolas Koopmans

    You're right, my good sir.

    Ujjwal Sevra

    It'a already.

  87. Macos pacos

    shes amazing

  88. NegativeVotes

    my favorite song by tori kelly, i think dear no one got too much attention

    Abby Nunya

    NegativeVotes the original Dear No one was wayyyyy better than the version they have out now

    PrincessOfTheKing 11

    dear no one has a relly good message like to not search for a partner but wait til god will give hime to you. Actually every of toris songs get too litlle attention all of her songs are so beautiful

  89. Kimberly Austin

    My girlfriend tori is so beautiful & her music is 2

  90. Kimberly Austin

    This my song. My 1st time hearin this was last summer

  91. Sabrina López


  92. Khristy Gaska

    this totally sounds like a Chris Brown/Rihanna song !! can def hear them on this though 

  93. SO WHAT

    she should have a VEVO

    Sydni Berry

    she does


    oh :3 cant find it

  94. Fafi Taderera

    she is gorgeous 

  95. Taylor Shepard

    Definitely downloading.... Almost the perfect song for me and my baby :D

  96. Ellz Bear

    I love your songs! A lot of emotions!

  97. Mariah Montgomery

    So... Does anyone know what she's saying when she says "___ my heart like thunder"? No? Maybe? :3

    Mariah Montgomery

    Oh... Thank you :D


    @Tiare Puchert Are you sure...? I feel  like that's too long of a word for her to say it so fast, oh well ha 

    Melanie T

    let it reach my heart 


    let it drain my heart like thunder?

    Arry P

    mmhmm. instead of it being 'let it ___ my heart like thunder' it's: 'Penetrate my heart like thunder'

  98. Taylor Wilson

    Your love is so real to me!