Tori Kelly - Worth It Lyrics

Your time will come
That’s what they said to me
But it’s really hard to listen
When you’d rather be liven your dream
Instead of always chasing
I’ve seen so many sunsets
When will I see the sunrise oh

But I know I’m still learning
I know I’ll keep growing
Baby I was born for this
I’m not gonna sit around and do nothing
But while I’m waiting
I might as well just spill my heart out on these pages
And just be patient
It’ll all be worth it
It’ll all be worth it, in the end

Sometimes I feel like giving up
But now I know
When the door is closed
It’s not the end no, it’s only the beginning
But I’ma keep my head up high
Singing my songs till the day I die yeah

But I know I’m still learning
I know I’ll keep growing
Baby I was born for this
I’m not gonna sit around and do nothing
But while I’m waiting
I might as well just spill my heart out on these pages
And just be patient
It’ll all be worth it

But I know I’m still learning
I know I’ll keep growing
Baby I was born for this
I’m not gonna sit around and do nothing
But while I’m waiting
I might as well just spill my heart out on these pages
And just be patient
It’ll all be worth it, in the end

Whatever is meant to be will be
Whatever is meant to be will be
Whatever is meant to be will be

Whatever is meant to be will be
Whatever is meant to be will be
Whatever is meant to be will be

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Tori Kelly Worth It Comments
  1. Jhonatta gonçalves

    caramba, a guria canta demaisssss

  2. No lead

    Look where she's at now

  3. Kc K

    Perfection and she knows it

  4. Isabelle Lima

    and now she owns two grammysssssssss yay

  5. Einzz Basco

    it was all worth it. now she has not one but two grammys.

  6. Gerry Vy

    Her dynamic is dopeee

  7. Celeste's World

    Six years later and I still know every word. This song gets me through the day and I'm forever thankful for writing this.

  8. Μαριάννα Σουρή

    I cried omg.:'( love u Tori

  9. Brittney Hernandez

    On a Tori Kelly marathon right now. Just saw her a few nights ago in NY. Ah it was the best show I’ve ever been to. Rediscovering all her songs again. 😍 Just love her!!

  10. Lori Siler

    She has such a great voice definitely a fav 🙄

  11. Jordon Winn

    watching this in 2018 because I miss her and I'm emo

  12. Tesa Rudangta

    this song is such a blessing <3 :"D

  13. Natalie Te Paa

    How does this incredible songwriter seem to capture so many things I relate to in song? So many of her songs are my anthems, and it’s crazy how much she inspires me and my own music dream.

  14. domenica coka

    wow UGH It was so worth it for her!

  15. Ayşe Fırat

    I thought this was a fh cover

  16. Quỳnh Đỗ

    omg just that first note comes out of her mouth and I'm already speechlesssss

  17. John Tucker

    It is my ritual to listen to this song before every big gig.

  18. Mel

    She is fucking amazing, I sat down and I just looked at her and listened to her and omg this performance is so pretty good 😍

  19. BeautifulLetDown91

    Why, why did this make me cry?! this was beautiful, flawless, effortless. she's such a power house and humble 🙌🙌

  20. Danni 925

    My baby!! 😍😍❤❤❤

  21. Melisa Nieva Gonzalez

    damn 20/02/2017 and i'm still in love with her and with this video damn, i'm lost in her

  22. Ti Nicole Official

    So inspirational😩😍🙌🏾

  23. jami0070

    Her expression at the End ~ O I feel like hugging her & giving her a big kiss on her cheeks .. I LOVE her Soooooooooooooo Much !! * Melts *


    shes so fucking humble ugheebehe I love it

  25. 14gcubed

    most emotional i have gotten in any of her songs

    Buddha Moktan

    14gcubed wow..You are Ed sheeran...He he

  26. tia indrid

    MANO, Q VOZ 💙😭

  27. Nicole Maile Santos

    I come back to this over and over and over

  28. Lucas Freire

    Which Jessie J song made her change the lyrics to the new version :?

    Dean Noah

    Who you are - Jessie J

    Lucas Freire

    I don't see why ...not complainin' 'tho, I actually prefer the new version

  29. ghostie7790

    this song is speaking to me so much.

  30. Ambar Dani

    This is the performance where Scooter first saw her live and decided to manage her :,) look where she's at now!

  31. Crazynique1

    And now look at where you are. Words cannot express how proud I am for you! Been there since the beginning and always will! Love you!

  32. Toraay Kellz

    "then.....then that's cool."😂😂

  33. megessence

    My tears just keep falling. I literally just cried the whole time from the very first phrases of this song to end. I'm in love with her and her talent. Congrats Tori and God bless!:)
    You're amazing!

  34. 袁驰皓

    hearing the first line , i can not control my eyes from watering
    actually !

  35. The Gateway

    you're truly worth it, babe.

  36. Hajar Lamrani

    I love the end part

  37. Agnes Sanele

    Anyone still listening to this in 2016??.....

    Christopher Dulin

    Agnes Sanele in 2017

  38. Lovatic_RN

    I'm here bc of Scooter telling Elvis Duran the story of how he first saw Tori

  39. Lia White

    Back watching this video for the 47th time and crying again

  40. Music Fan

    I'm sweating trough my eyes, I'm sweating trough my eyes 😭😭😭😭😭

  41. The Cookie


  42. Karen Conda

    I'm not crying...just chopping some onions. swear.

  43. Nisha Saranat

    Does anyone else know who Skylar Stecker cuz she actually performed her!! :)

  44. Toraaydactyl

    <-- hey check out this video dedicated to the girl who never gave up

  45. Sofie Larsen

    YAS omg

  46. Roxy RoxyMarie

    She's freaking AMAZING!! I love her so much

  47. Dom Lewis

    i watch this like every day gahhh i love her <3

  48. Michael Johnson

    She knows how to use her pocket. She never does too much

  49. Beth Grace

    why am i sat here with tears rolling down my face why am i like this

  50. Beth Grace

    i am so glad tori didn't listen to any of those nos

  51. Olivia Pruitt

    WHY ISN'T THIS SONG ON HER ALBUM UNBREAKABLE SMILE? It fits the theme of the album perfectly!

  52. j d.

    I still need the official release of this! Tori! Include this in ur next album deeeym

  53. Da Buttefly


  54. Da Buttefly

    Got me in tears, evident why she deserves a grammy!

  55. Alena Mazid

    and today she is performing @ the grammys.
    and today she will get finally get the recognition she deserves.
    today she might just be holding the 6 pound grammy award.

  56. Khoa Tran

    Loll I thought she was gonna cover 5H's Worth It

    Meg W.

    Same but this was better

    Krystal J.


  57. Valeria Lee

    Life anthem

  58. alexis belton

    could you imagine if her her and miguel made a track 😍😍😍

    Christopher Dulin

    alexis baesman there my 2 fave singers

  59. Lose Tuinei

    Praying to God thanking him that Tori didn't give up after american idol. She's so incredible.

  60. Rachel Fu

    Baby you're worth it

  61. Adrian Witherspoon

    Flawless <3 american idol and etc are stupid how can you say no to this love you tori

  62. I'm Sweet


  63. Kya Taylor

    Crying, I need this on Itunes😭😭

  64. Melisa Nieva Gonzalez

    and now you're a grammy nominee :')

    Nate The Great

    Melisa Nieva Gonzalez She should've won a damn Grammy! She's amazing. And underrated.

  65. urockit2011

    Soooooo when can I buy this on iTunes???

    Faith Ivbie

    +urockit2011 right?

  66. Lissy Lategan Music

    this song is so beautiful!

  67. Taylor Johnson

    What if Simon said "No" to Tori on purpose because he KNEW she would work harder to get what she wanted, which caused her songs to be more inspirational, relatable, and Amazing?? If Simon didn't say no to her, she wouldn't have made this song, and other wonderful songs where she doesn't give up..

    Gabriel Mejia

    @Sydni lmao . What? I'm just pointing out my thoughts in perspective . Not hating

    Harmony Peace

    @Zach Mejia Ok.

    Faisal M.

    simon is not that deep

    Mayar Emrezeeq

    Unknown True 😂😂😂💀

    Johannes Reiner

    I was also thinking that> I have a feeling Simon saw her potential and thought she's too good to be dragged into this madness. lol

  68. Mai Lan Do Ky

    This is the definition of soulful music !

  69. Rebecca Cross

    And here she is today, nominated for a freakin Grammy, so glad she never gave up and continued to keep going!

    Gabriel Mejia

    NOOO WAYYY really?!!!!

    Nooralhuda Al-azzawi

    +Zach Mejia yup

  70. Y Nhi Tran

    3 years later she is nominated for a Grammy Award! Do you hear me crying? She is a god gifted talent, I'm proud of you Tori!

  71. ags_xo

    "It'll be worth it , in the end" *gets nominated for the Grammys * SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

  72. Lia White

    i literally cried watching this, literally.

  73. Ashley C

    Idk why I'm so emotional, but Tori if you see this thank you for what you do and don't ever stop . Much love 💘

  74. Andre Joaquin Agregado

    I thought she was gonna cover Worth It by Fifth Harmony 😂 oh well 😂 Beautiful Song tho 😘

    ariana is queen

    Andre Joaquin Agregado me too 😂

    Nate The Great

    Andre Joaquin Agregado THIS IS 100x better than 5th Harmony!

  75. Myrthe Nina

    this will forever be my favorite song by tori

  76. Gian Franco

    i am seeing this again in october 2015 and crying ;)

  77. Sam Montana

    you can see the emotion in her eyes

  78. Jenna

    thought this was a 5H cover but weirdly pleased that it's an original instead😌

  79. Noah Bowles

    The next Whitney Houston!

  80. Ron Rivera

    What a strong Woman

  81. nadia amelia

    i'm shaking now, her voice is totally AMAZING! she deserves everything she has now:)

  82. Andeta Karamina

    I just discovered this, and now my life's complete. Love you so Tori!

  83. Kadey M Kennedy

    fucking stupid

  84. Catherin Zuck

    oh holy fcking god thank you so much to sing for us

  85. Raymond Alex

    This song sounds like Hillsong but yet still perfect for her. Love the way she singing this song.

  86. Serena campbell

    Look at you now! Having the best performance of the 2015 BET & VMA awards! Getting noticed by amazing talents like John legend, Smokey Robinson, PINK ect. (Not to mention that Justin Bieber is like obsessed with you now lol) but I'm just proud seeing how far you've come. Keep it up, Tori! :)


    and now she's even nominated for a Grammy!!! 😍

  87. angelasings24


    Dean Noah

    you had to go there haha

    ky does stuff

    truuuuuu lmaoo

    Faisal M.

    Dean Noah it is tho


    i don't know why but i imagine her singing this in grammy awards.......

    Harmony Peace

    +Cristine Santos that would be epic (:

    PoopXD Aj

    I wish she did.

  89. Jimbo Reboja

    Today is the day she just performed at the Vma's. Im over here crying because thiis is my first time watching this video of her performing this one. Shes such an inspiration. Definitely deserves to be where she is now.

  90. 민윤기

    does anyone know the chords?? ;-;

  91. Blake Thomas Selph

    This is still hands down my favorite performance.

  92. Ayy Lmao

    Her lyrics give me the chills