Tori Kelly - Until Forever Lyrics

It's only you and I
Under painted skies
Can't believe you're mine
And when you look in my eyes
It's like paradise
Fingers intertwined

(Don't let go)
It's just me and you against a world of fools
Ain't nobody have your back the way I do
Baby I was born for loving you
So let…

Let me fall for you like pouring rain
I'm where I wanna be
When you're holding me
I can't help myself, got me feeling some kinda way
Yeah, I'll be loving you
Until forever

With every step we take
From London to LA
We keep it moving babe
It only fuels the fire
So just say the word, my love, and we can run away

Baby, we got something we can't lose
Ain't nobody I would rather choose
I know that I was made for loving you
So let…

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Tori Kelly Until Forever Comments
  1. Abby Cifuentes

    Love Toriiii.....its just that it sounds A LOT like "Sexy Dirty Love" by Demi Lovato...🙄😳don't get me wrong I love that one too, but....idk lol

  2. Anthony Frazer

    Sounds a lot like Justin Timberlake’s “Take Back The Night” and michael Jackson’s “Butterflies” would love to hear a mash up of these songs

  3. Mockingbird Copycat

    You made an album single now you made an album in love your next album should be about agape love...

  4. Little Sailboat

    ok....I totally image like a top hat jazz dance number to this song..anyone else?!

  5. Alexis Tuazon

    Gosh this reminds me of Elijah and Klare 😍 Until Forever Book 3

  6. ProjectMusicPromo

    Feel-good vibes :)

  7. AlbrechtProductions

    Finally someone dropped „good & old“ R&B music again! 🙏🏼 Nowadays super rare! 😢 I miss a sweet music video for that track

  8. Kameron Kelly

    This honestly should have made the cut for the initial release. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT😭👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #GoToriGo

  9. EllaNora

    I want to perform this.

  10. MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Tori Kelly - Until Forever
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  11. GrandsonofSoul

    Definitely a great jam! Anybody else catch that cute lil laugh at the end?

  12. Draco Wayne

    another fave 💓💓 thanks tori.. i wish to the universe for me to see you live in concert #pleaseuniversemakeithappen

  13. Gena Tripp

    I need a guitar tutorial on this 😭😭😭

  14. Caique Andrade

    The only bad part in this song is your time, it's so short

  15. b1njjj95

    God I love her voice so much! 😍

  16. Ndelly Jonas

    I just live this gal too much

  17. Akshay Narotam

    MJ feel 🙂 Big Love Tori

  18. Izy Lacambra

    Love you Tori!!! You we're Amazing!💞

  19. Chelsea Guieb

    Anybody else catch that reference? “I was made for loving you”

    #MusicLover Forever

    Omggg yesss😂

  20. Les Céléstin'z

    Lovvve you Tori ❤

  21. Amber

    I’m getting major Treasure vibes with the background vocals omg

  22. Shanice Buys

    Tori did it again! Honestly this whole album is amazing


    This song makes me think of like a mature, awesome sequel to "Treasure" from Foreward!

  24. Ericles Guilherme

    Reminds me so much of “American Boy” by Estelle. Hahaha in love with this song and that throwback vibes

  25. Renzo Gonzalo


  26. caren buyanzi


  27. Red Love Music Knky


  28. Josh Fernandez

    What kind of musician is Tori? So confused. Gospel? Pop? RnB? Soul?


    Pop but she does gospel too.

  29. Emma Leong

    Giving me American Boy by Estelle vibes ♥️

  30. crazy4corbinbleux

    SOMEONE PLEASE tell me which Michael Jackson song this sounds like? Sounds like Off The Wall/Thriller era. So far I have:
    - Working Day and Night (especially when she starts almost beatboxing/repeating ‘Until Forever’ at the end)
    - Off The Wall
    - Love Never Felt So Good ft. Justin Timberlake
    - Shake Your Body Down To The Ground
    - Baby Be Mine (lyrics and everything!)
    - maybe even 2001 ‘Butterflies’
    As an avid MJ fan this is driving me nuts because I know I have heard this before but can’t put my finger on it. What do you y’all hear?

  31. Singenari Petrus


  32. Just Me

    My emotions😭😭💜 God I love her so much 😭😭💜😭💜😭

  33. JR Vargas

    I love your song! Someday I'm going to be one of the hosts in a late-night talk show, and I'm going to interview you

  34. Indy Chloee


  35. American Boy

    Michael Jackson is ALIVE AND WELL cause his spirit is allllllllllllllllllll over this ♥️♥️♥️

  36. The Music Council

    She never ceases to amaze!!!!!! This gives me “you’ll be my American boy” song vibe! Anyone else???

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Tori Kelly - Until Forever
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    YESSS. I was thinking the same! And I'm loving it!

  37. Jhoncel Chan

    I get american boy vibes haha

  38. Justin Mateo

    Tori kelly😍

  39. tamera encarnacion

    This is the jam Tori!!!! Nailed it!!!

  40. Hey There

    Whooo else was SHOOK... broooo shook when I heard thissss and minute 😓😍

  41. Estefanía Nia

    I love this song and all of the songs of this new album. Love u Tori💖

  42. Zodiacpluto

    She could have hummed this entire song and I'd still loved it !

  43. ani t

    wow this is so 2000s. it sounds like a michael Jackson song tbh

  44. Natalya Mapps

    Who ever be thumbs downing great ideas like these just some Big haters.

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Tori Kelly - Until Forever
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

    ❤️ *5.500 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  45. Gabriel Lucas

    It sounds like ‘American boy’

  46. Rose —

    This is giving me Michael Jackson/Justin Timberlake and I’m so here for it

  47. Volker und Wally mit Freunden

    great Sound

  48. MotownCountry

    this is a fun campy song! it's a feel good beat!

  49. Iara Barreiro

    I'm jamming so hard... Great vibes!!

  50. Shweta Official

    I love you Tori!!!😘😘😘 #UntilForever

  51. Ana Lídia

    Perfect 💖💖💖💖💖💖so incrible😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  52. Marley Jackson

    Tori is incredible. ❤🇫🇷

  53. Fabiola Correia

    Love you Tori!! 😍

  54. Afro Latina

    Now this is MUSIC!!! 🙏❤

  55. I AM IAM

    As usual it's beautiful 💞💞

  56. Sinvani GILADDD

    *Guys until forever or until i think of u ?*


    Jesus! Amazing!

  58. Vongai Rumbidzai Chirengwa

    I love l love❤️❤️❤️! Tori Kelly , l am a just fan.

  59. sky likes food

    dayum i was lisening for 4 sec and i am i love

  60. Carolina Garcia

    this is the best song from the album even if it's not on the album

  61. nick

    Here she go again making me lose money. But I cant wait to see you girl!!

  62. Ahmad McCown

    I absolutely LOVE this track! I've lost count on how may times I've played it.

  63. Vanessa West

    This gives me Pharrell vibes forsure! 🔥

  64. Paola Córdova

    This reminds me of American boy remix

  65. Paola Córdova


  66. Coni Salazar

    I love you😍

  67. Elle K

    Best singer, best songwriter - she should collab with H.E.R. or ...?

  68. Clarissa Lima Oficial


  69. Não te interessa!

    Very good!! 😍😍😍😍

  70. graciella rodriguez

    the the verses sorta sound like one of demi lovatos songlol still in love

  71. Julious Goff

    I can def hear a verse from JT or Neyo on this track :)

  72. Lucas Rériston Bastos Araujo


  73. Dean Noah

    This gives me Michael Jackson Butterflies vibes. Ugh ❤❤

    Leah Uchiha

    Yeah, definitely

    Cierria Zeller

    That's my favorite song by Michael Jackson

  74. Joaquín Calderón

    Why this is not on the original version!! This song is a HIIIT!!!!!! Love Never Felt So Good vibes

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Tori Kelly - Until Forever
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  75. Fabio Alberto Ardila Hurtado


  76. Ronaldo Pedro


  77. Aly Nabil

    Tori telly You deserve more attention, it is painful to kNow that You have been singing since 2012. And you have really beautiful songs , and still now you did not get the attention you deserve

    It is painful see some musicians their songs are shit and they have no charisma and no talent, their voices are not perfect and they get billions of views and millions of followers in social media, while you Tori you are so creative and so talented and you are better than lots of dumb singers that they do not deserve that much attention.

    Let me say something your songs are beautiful especially first album you released songs Like: all in my head, no body love, un breakable, beautiful things, confetti, dear no one they are so amazing , and this album songs like Language AnD actress they are a masterpiece knowing that you wrote these songs makes feel happy , all people should help you to reach out to the success that you need , you should take the first step and you have to stand Out Among all the other famous singers, try as much as you can to promote for your songs, you deserve many viewers, many followers, hope one day i see all the beautiful songs you make They become trend and Famous.

  78. Ahmed Abril

    Everytime I get a notification I freak out

  79. ivanicasmusic

    JT vibessss 😁 ask him for duet and the rest is history.. this is a huge hit! 😍 💗 💗

  80. Thokozani Gabela


  81. Jasmin K.

    Thank you Tori for giving us the bonus Tracks 👏🏻😍

  82. Yukkii FF

    Algum BR aí?? Tori you are amazing, daaanmit. U deserve the world ❤️

  83. e vil

    Tori kelly is better than 99% of what's out there, idc its true, Ariana and Deni could never

  84. Gumball 4870

    This is so good!💕💕💕

  85. Blesing Valla

    Who are those two dislikes where are your ears at cause their obviously not on your head

  86. Blesing Valla

    Low key thinking of my non existent boyfriend

    *the feels are real* 🥰🥰🥰

  87. Blesing Valla

    Who compares to Tori Kelly

  88. StepSo Steady

    Tori Kelly!!!!!!

  89. Shanell Pittman

    I can see a Michael Jackson/Chris Brown type of choreography on this song

    MusicCharts TV

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  90. Akane Ishibashi


  91. Sallie Mae


  92. Vico Septa

    OMG your voice 😭

  93. Sallie Mae

    Enjoying this music from the Amazingly talented and beautiful Ms.Tori Kelly.Girl from the time i purchased your album INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS BEEN PRAYING THAT You WILL WIN YOUR SECOND GRAMMY.

  94. Linda Zhangazha

    Its like the kind that you hear on the ending of a movie. I love it

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Tori Kelly - Until Forever
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

    ❤️ *5.500 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

    trubroo broomer

    One those movies when they go through alot break up and she takes him back @ the end... They drive off into the sunset with the top down on desert road with no other cars, as the camera pans, off (helicopter view) while the credits roll

  95. Joshua The Hot Dog

    Amazing. She really never disappoints us does she?

  96. Diogo Curvelo

    Michael Jackson kkk 😂❤

  97. Caio Caroli

    She's a machine that only works making good music

  98. kim cortis

    Torii you're amazing !!!!!!!!! Loving this vibeeee !!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰 Tori never fails to amaze !!!!!!! Can't wait to see you in London in March 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  99. Rocel