Tori Kelly - Bring Me Home Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I’ve been so lost
Wandering in the dark
I feel secluded
Lonely, disconnected

This is me standing here
Saying I need you
Lavish me with your love
I thrive off of you
I try to live alone
But you always bring me home

[Verse 2:]
Calling your name
Reaching out for your warm embrace
I feel so safe
Your love is like visual sound
Like a dream so vivid


You always bring me back where I belong
You always pull me back into your arms
Everytime I’m with you, it’s like I’m brand new [repeat]
I feel so free, you’re all I need


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Tori Kelly Bring Me Home Comments
  1. Dorothy Kim


  2. wow soshi

    Why is this so underrated!

  3. Ariana RJ

    This is the first song i've heard from her and since then i've been a fan! 💖💖

  4. Lisa Marie Zehender

    m like is like she just fake im like NO SHE AINT MUM

  5. Giselle Davila

    this song makes me so happy, God blessed us with tori kelly 💜

  6. M M

    Jesus, I'm singing this out to you

  7. Alexis Ford

    I am so glad I was brought to this song.

  8. Khaleeq Nasir

    Gorgeous harmonies!!

  9. I am wild cat

    I love this song

  10. tuligotnext

    Favorite Kelly song

  11. Bigdogtim 7

    Definitely Tori singing about her Savior!

    Layah Williams

    +Timothy Heinrich yes

  12. angelasings24

    love song to a saviour :)

  13. Cintia Valéria

    I love this song ❤️