Tori Amos - Tear In Your Hand Lyrics

All the world just stopped now
So you say you don't wanna stay together anymore
Let me take a deep breath babe
If you need me
Me and Neil'll be hangin' out with the dream king
Neil says hi
By the way I don't believe you're leaving
Cause me and Charles Manson like the same ice cream
I think it's that girl
And I think they're pieces of me you've never seen
Maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen well

All the world is all I am
The black of the blackest ocean
And the tear in your hand
All the world is danging...
Dangling'...Danglin' for me darlin'
You don't know the power that you have
With that tear in your hand
Tear in you hand

Maybe I ain't used to maybes
Smashing in a cold room
Cutting my hands up every time I touch you
Maybe maybe it's time to wave goodbye now
Time to wave goodbye now
Caught a ride with the moon
I know I know you well
Better than I
Used to haze all clouded up
My mind in the daze of why it could've never been
So you say and I say
You know you're full of wish
And your "baby baby baby babies"
I tell you they're pieces of me you've never seen
Maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen

All the world is all I am
The black of the blackest ocean
And the tear in your hand
All the world is dangin'...
Dangling'...Danglin' for me darlin'
You don't know the power that you have
With that tear in your hand
Tear in you hand
With that tear in you hand

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Tori Amos Tear In Your Hand Comments
  1. Katherine Kass

    I LOVE artist Tori Amos! I got introduced to her music years ago! I am adopted and she reminds me of what I would picture my own biological mother to be, very sensitive, beautiful, and articulate with a clarity of Life

  2. Christi Nash

    My ex-girlfriend is dead. When she was alive she was pieces of me you've never seen.

    Amy Burns

    Christi Nash She still is.

  3. Carrissa Bodine

    Don't cry foriegn people.
    Fry, futurama.
    Wendy's old fri's 2009,
    I will never go back to corporate fry's. Got diagnosed with asperger's at almost 31 years old.
    Glad that I had Tori Amos 2 numb the pain b4 I got fucked in2 this world. Want to share my tattoos.
    I will not reproduce. I will not put my children through the same shit that I couldn't even handle.


    I think shes having an affair with Charles cause they like the same ice cream...I knew it

  5. Neil Andrew Roberts

    Totally hanging out withe dreamking right now. Hi BTW xxx

  6. vaiman7777

    Tori is a musical genius.

  7. Raquel Bumanglag

    ...played this over and over and over again for so many many years ago.... and it was so right... ‘she’s just pieces of ME you haven’t seen yet’!😄

  8. john connolly

    Gee insane talent that is completely missing today.the vibe is sonic and emotional. Beyonce,my ass.

  9. Gerald Alfaro

    Tori's most beloved song for me...

    These phrases brake me into tears...

    All the world just stopped now.
    Let me take a deep breath babe...

    I think there're pieces of me you've never seen well

    Maybe it's time to wave goodbye now
    Time to wave goodbye now

    I tell you there're peices of me you've never seen...

  10. Tim D Haney

    Yep 3 years after this came out my gf cheated on me while I ventured on a road trip out west, this was the one song I resonated perfectly (flipping the sex) when I came back and something was wrong, she wouldn't tell me, forced me to break up. Tears... from both of us... then I found out the truth from a friend 3 months later. Powerful, deceitful or secretly honest her tears were.

  11. Anita Lloyd


  12. Picnicl

    I'm not easily given to hyperbole - I love Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, John Lennon, etc etc but if I could choose only 1 song to be the most perfect blend of dynanism, sadness, and even humour, Tear in Your Hand is it. "I don't believe you're leaving because me and Charles Manson like the same ice cream" is actually my favourite line of ANY song. It's so amusing and so bitterly 'are you kidding me?' to the person she's saying it to, followed by the hurt of 'I think it's that girl. And I think they're pieces of me you've never seen. maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen'. It's a perfect verse and Tori must have known it, must know it. I would even arguably rate Little Earthquakes as the best debut album by any artist. I think it's even better than The Kick Inside by Kate Bush. But so it should be as musicians have had time to absorb Kate Bush's progression.

    Alan Morton

    It was her second album. Her first was Y Kant Tori Read

  13. Fwibos

    Maybe if Tori had spent more time with her man instead of the "Dream King" and Neil, her man have seen the missing pieces and not needed to find a new girl.

  14. Wildcliffe

    Tori is my favorite forever💕💕💕 she’s brilliant and so tapped in

  15. Jah Wobble


  16. Torsten Lange

    what a wonderful woman, what a voice !!

  17. Kevin Patrick

    You may have all the power now ... My tears have fueled it for as long as I can imagine ... Not anymore ... I'm hurting now but I can't and won't cry forever ... Goodbye to you ... XOXO KRP ...

  18. Angel Popov

    Neil Gaiman likes this.

  19. m rein

    I always will wonder if the ice cream assassin in another song is the same one referenced in this one.

  20. Marc Robson

    # #musesareheard

  21. FC_CT C

    When I have a daughter she's going to listen to Tori from my childhood, like I listen to Joni Mitchell from my moms youth. Love you always mom. xxx


    FC_CT C My daughter just turned 18 and I found a playlist that she listens to in her car full of all of the songs I introduced her to growing up, Tori included.

  22. marya

    This amazing voice like an angel! And lyrics...❤

  23. Belljargrrrl

    This song always makes me cry. I feel it so deeply. 💔

    sono GolaSS

    it does.

  24. Teth Riel

    Out of touch Toreador? Anyone?

    Nathan V

    That'd be me, yeah.

  25. Jonathan Benally

    It’s Not Only Her Beauty
    But it’s Her Voice
    So seductive ❤️

  26. Iuy Yui

    Sandman anyone, check one two....

  27. Mehwish Owais


  28. Antonio Videla

    Still the Most beautiful song! So greatful for her work❤

  29. J Lansdale


  30. Oliver Twist

    The black of the blackest Ocean

  31. Oliver Twist

    Maybe it's time to say goodbye now, Time to say goodbye

  32. marion wilson

    Does anyone know that feeling?

  33. marion wilson

    Sounds like she got dumped by the entire world.

  34. Sandra Jovic

    U said it all there, babe.

  35. Ismail özay

    actually tear in my eye. one of the best songs of her!

  36. Tim Ostenson

    I think there's pieces of me you've never seen!

  37. Empath Soul

    So frikkin beautiful! !!!

  38. Tasha Schneider

    The slutty photo with her arrogant look is very telling of the kind of person Tori Amos truly is. Her fans are hypnotized by her repetitive piano playing, idiotic lyrics, mangled metaphors and use of sex magick to sell records. She couldn't be more undeserving of the accolades given to her.

    Tasha Schneider

    The proof is in her lyrics, videos, interviews. CHILD EXPLOITATION: Please see "Raspberry Swirl" video. Children are turned into pigs as Tori laughs at them, and sings about oral sex. .... When describing the songwriting process for "Mother", she made the disturbing comment that "little girls can be very sexual". She then tried to sugar coat what she certainly caught herself saying, with mutterings of "no one should take advantage of children" or something along those lines. MISANDRY: Should be quite obvious with her "Boys for Pele" (Pele - volcanic demon goddess who thrives on murder). This is where we see Tori's true colours - a hateful, violent person, she says she liked to "suck the boy blood." Imagine a man talking this way about women, and see if you still think such a man would be worth your attention. ABUSE OF FANS: Several recorded concerts show Tori lashing out at her audience : "Eat my P****!" "SIT DOWN!" Flipping off her audience (which is actually hexing them, as witchcraft-loving Tori would certainly know). Her embrace of all things rebellious and bitter, her practice of witchcraft and hatred/sexualization of Jesus Christ has negatively impacted her fans, as I have unfortunately witnessed.

    Tasha Schneider

    Bless the beautiful blonde, that is a very upsetting story. I don't pretend to understand why men "admire" women who hate/hurt them. She's got songs about how cold/manipulative she is with men ("Baker Baker", "Springtime Voodoo" or whatever.) Don't you realize Tori is your enemy? The witchcraft symbols, the mushrooms shaped like penises, vulgar songs like "Leather".... It's your choice of course, but you're better off without Tori. I also admit that I find this song dreadfully repetitive and I hate her little girly singing ("lie la la la lie lie," yes Tori, I KNOW how you love to lie). Hate the Charles Manson reference. Just hate the whole album, and can't STAND Tori herself. So much beautiful music in the world, you don't need this.

    Michelle Brunelle

    Really a hate bashing comment puke on you tube..obviously, people who enjoy this music come here. You are investing too much anger in bashing her for your beliefs. Yikes calm down go listen to taylor swift. Unless you have more angry plans ..prayers up for us all. Geeze

    Orphan 1912

    You actually look up a tori amos vid to write that

  39. Emily Barker

    Sad and beautiful. Tori is other worldly.

  40. arturo sosa

    Sandman brought me here, Delerium is breaking my heart😢😢


    arturo sosa i'm having trouble picturing this song played during a crazy fetish party, though.

  41. Spunout

    Beautiful, hypnotic, I'm speechless. What a voice and talent. Absolute zen.

    Dean Roddey

    Check the whole Little Earthquakes album if you haven't yet. It's an incredible piece of work.

  42. Alaska

    for neil gaiman 💎

  43. ncsteeltoe

    I love her.

  44. Tina Stanley

    I have a tattoo tear in my hand cuz of this song. I do.



    Justmiss jamey

    I've always heard the skin on the inside of your hand, if its tattooed dont stay long because the dead skin flakes off so much friend has a design on her wrist and had a star on the lower part of her palm and it disappeared completely after 2 it disappeared all weirdly

  45. Laura Screamer Magazine

    One of my favorite songs of hers. Been a fan since 1992. Always was curious about one thing. The part where she says "I don't believe you're leaving cuz me and Charles Manson like the same ice cream" because her now ex Trent Reznor had at one point lived in the house Sharon Tate lived in on Cielo Drive when she was murdered along with 4 others by Manson followers and then after Trent moved he took the door that they had written PIG on. Also, he recorded The Downward Spiral album in that house. Just trying to find a correlation between the two.

    Tasha Schneider

    This was before she nailed Trent, but there's plenty of correlation. Since they are both witches who will do ANYTHING for fame and fortune, it makes perfect sense that Tori and Trent should have hooked up at some point. Trent LOVES witchy women (Tori, Erykah, Seraphim), and they have been his downfall in life. Tori really thought the murder house was cool, make of that what you will. Also, Tori and Trent pretend to be "sensitive" when they are actually a couple of thoroughly insensitive attention whores. Tori is probably a worse person than Trent is, since she has exploited children for profit ("Raspberry Swirl"). But they are both evil people.

    Iuy Yui

    Tasha Schneider Well now the biggest mystery is why are you on a Tori Amos video commenting?

    Edie Bell

    @Tasha Schneider Jeez Tasha, lighten the fuck up !


    You'd think they would have re-painted the door sometime in the 25 years between it being a murder scene and Trent Reznor living there?


    I think that’s the point, that there is no correlation. The reason given for the breakup is some irrelevant trivial thing that isn’t even remotely close to the actual reason for breaking up. Sometimes people don’t want to say why they’re dumping someone, especially if they feel guilty for their reason to break up, so they make up some arbitrary reason. That’s how I’ve always interpreted that line, but it definitely wouldn’t surprise me if it had some other meta meaning that I’m unaware of, because Tori loves to use those personal references such as “Neil and the Dream King” to double up as something else (escapism).

  46. Tina Stanley

    Tori always catches the cosmic sound and honors it thru her Tori interpretation. and her unusually creative way.

  47. Manectric7

    Sandman brought me here

    Nathan V

    Neil says hi, by the way.

  48. ZeroCool


  49. Surreal51

    Say hi to the Dream king for me, tell him I'm in love with his sister

    Vin Vass

    Delerium ...

  50. Cody Murphy

    Maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen.

  51. obeyvirtues

    41 comments and nobody has quoted this, o.k. I'll do it. "there's pieces of me you've never seen... Maybe she's just pieces of me you've never, seen." .... Absolutely brilliant.


    Oh yes!!!❤


    Brilliant line that has resonated with me since the first time I ever heard it.

    Gemini Moon

    Yep.. gut wrenching line

  52. Ooana Trien

    My favorite Tori song of all time. 🌹

    David Schiffman

    Ooana Trien ,yes it is

    David Schiffman

    tori amos, is a musical genius

    Neal Patel

    Excellent taste, Miss Ooana!

    Dean Roddey

    I might have to choose Winter, but this is not at all far behind.

  53. Just King

    I don't believe your miracles, me and Charles manson like the same ice cream

    Just King

    isn't it?

    Tanya B

    I don't believe your leaving bc...

  54. sabrina fitzpatrick

    my favourite tori song, iv actually bought little Earthquake's twice because I listened to it so much the CD scraped lol

    sabrina fitzpatrick

    @theguy man would love to see her live, I was into rave music in my teens and professional widow was one of the highlight songs, I remember buying little earthquakes just for cornflake girl but fell in love with the whole album

    theguy man

    Cornflake Girl is on Under The Pink, but Little Earthquakes is a great album. From the Choirgirl Hotel is really good, too. If you haven't listened to it, I would suggest it.

    Vin Vass

    Same here. I had it on cassette n 1991 and played it in my car. Upgraded to CD later. On my third copy now.

    Matthew Long

    Great album!

  55. ThePolarBearProductions

    My mom got me into Tori in Middle School. I remember I was obsessed with this album. This song brings me back to that confusing yet blissful time in my life.

    zohari30 y

    ThePolarBearProductions same here!!!!

  56. Victorian Dorian

    still gives me chills after 20+ years...

    Eric Pudalov

    You too? I thought I was the only one!

    Vin Vass

    It's all of us. First heard this is 1991. Just got the same feeling playing it today in 2018.

    Dean Roddey

    Same with me. I was in the video store (remember those?) and saw this VHS tape with a striking picture on the front (her at that white piano) and I picked it up and took it home and was blown away. It was a collection of live and video performances. I went out immediately to the music store (remember those?) and bought the CD and absolutely loved it. That album, for whatever reason, is one of those from that time (of a huge mass of amazing music, can someone please invent a freaking time machine?) that just gives me the chills every time.

    I remember I bought another copy of the VHS tape and sent it to some friends on the other side of the country. A few days later they called me, having just watched it, and were saying thank you for sending us that, it was amazing.

    Tarin Zuk

    Totally concur, still breathtaking after all these years xx

  57. Shawn Sweet

    tori Amos moves you weather you want to or not..awesome song...

  58. MadelineJean

    i heard this song for the first time probably in middle school on grooveshark because of the neil gaiman shout out--kind of taken aback by how lush it is what a cool rediscovery

  59. sono GolaSS

    love this one vvvvvv much.

  60. Katie Rebecca Wilson

    its sad and uplifting at the same time

  61. Katie Rebecca Wilson

    i like the name neal, he sounds cool lol


    +Katie Rebecca Wilson She's referencing Neil Gaiman. And he's more than just cool; he's AWESOME!

    huuheeeuheeweeehu huheewweehu

    he wrote the book Coraline

    Iuy Yui

    gargle your toothpaste, dad Also Sandman, where he referenced this song in volume 7

    Nathan V

    Neil, not Neal, and he's married to Amanda.

  62. Katie Rebecca Wilson

    under rated song

  63. JB007 Real James Bond

    An incredibly melancholic and beautifully uplifting song at the same time, thank you for posting this extraordinary video, Ashley Thomas, much appreciated.

    ashley thomas

    +Dominic Bennett my pleasure Dominic. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  64. Splendid Beaked Man

    who the fuck would leave tori
    let me at them

    Vin Vass

    That was the one thing that first bothered me about this song - who was so lucky to be in a relationship with her, and then end it - and because he left her for someone else?  It's too powerful and potent to not be based on real feelings at the time it happened, there was never any doubt about that. By the idea of her getting dumped for "that girl" who he probably thought was "better" is almost inconceivable.

    june bug

    ​@Vin Vass I wouldn't doubt that it was because he felt inferior to her. It's not uncommon for people to sabotage their own relationships because they feel they don't deserve someone and can't possibly compare. or maybe I'm projecting

  65. Matthew Long

    This is the most beautiful song every written.

  66. Steve Niehaus

    This is my favorite Tori song. It's the saddest song I've ever heard. It breaks my heart every time I hear it. She perfectly captures the emotions and thoughts of what it's like to be dumped, the heartache of being replaced

    sono GolaSS

    +Steve Niehaus same here

    Cody Murphy

    Maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen.

    Vin Vass

    You just know she was THERE when she came up with these words, the black of the blackest ocean. How many people hearing this have been able to relate to that at some time? Like how Van Gogh said his medium was light itself, in this kind of song, Tori's medium is emotion itself. Pure art, pure genius.

    WM P

    Great song

    Rachel Mulwee

    @Vin Vass 👏 beautifully said. I haven't heard this song in like twenty years, and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Instant weeping when the song started and all the memories of youth came flooding in so quick.

  67. xiaollyn

    I think it's 'that' girl

    Clovr May

    The most brutal and honest lyric in the song.

  68. xiaollyn

    Yeah, Neil Gaiman - her old friend

  69. Jamila Majesty


    Matthew Long

    +Jamila Majesty ?

    Sioux Mercer

    +Jamila Majesty "Caught a ride with the moon...."

  70. Jennie Williams

    Neil Gaiman. He's an author.

    Turquoise Snowflake

    Didn't she cover Nightengale for the Amazon show too?

    Michelle Maier

    @Turquoise Snowflake They are close friends since ages! Neil Gaiman said several times a lot of his writing is inspired by Tori Amos and Tori Amos said the same about him 😊

    Turquoise Snowflake

    @Michelle Maier honestly, as a fan of both, that explains a lot

    Gina Berry

    Tori mentions Neil in almost every one of her older albums, and Neil based his character Delirium (from the Sandman graphic novels, which are awesome)largely on Tori.

  71. puellamagica

    is this a demo or something? the mix is definitely different from the one on little earthquakes... at least the version I own. I'm pretty sure I just have the normal one though.

    Tom Carron

    If I'm not mistaken, this is the version that was edited on the Tales of a Librarian collection.

  72. Carrie Parsons

    This is a really great video to go with a really great song.

  73. Matthew Sutherland

    Cameo by Ashley Thomas?