Tori Amos - Talula (The Tornado Mix) Lyrics

Congratulate you
Said you had a double tongue
Balancing cake and bread
Say goodbye to a glitter girl

You don't want to lose her
She must be worth losing
If it is worth something
She's brand new now to you
Wrapped in your papoose
Your little Fig Newton

Say goodbye tot he old world

Ran into the Henchman who severed
Anee Boleyn
He did it right quickly a merciful man
She said 1 + 1 is 2
But Henry said that it was 3
So it was
Here I am

You don't want to lose her
She must be worth losing
If it is worth something
She's brand new now to you
Wrapped in your papoose
Your little Fig Newton

And Jamaica
Do you know what I ahve done
Mary M weaving on said
What you wnat is in the blood Senators
I got a Big Bird on the fishing line
With a bit of a shout a bit of a shout
A bit of an angry shout
He's my favourite hooker of the whole bunch
And I know about his only Bride
And how the Russians die on the ice
I got my rpae hat on
Honey but I always could accessorise
And I never cared too much for the money
But I know right now
That it's in God's hands
But I don't know who the Fahter is

You don't want to lose her
She must be worth losing
If it is worth something
She's brand new now to you
Wrapped in your papoose
Your little Fig Newton

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Tori Amos Talula (The Tornado Mix) Comments
  1. Ithzella Vintage

    What a freedom is in her clothes on her voice on her music it is clear example of your spirit and you have inside is what really matters

  2. Sionnach MacBradaigh

    What an incredible song and what a magnetic performer Tori is! I think "Boys for Pele" was her strongest album.

  3. Lorena Ribeiro

    Sim, filha do sol.

  4. Derek Roberts

    She was my crush in the 90s. The only female artist I was ever seriously into. (Before Tori there was a small Debbie Gibson period that quickly vanished but the was 3 and a half years before “Little Earthquakes” album.. Debbie was a little teen girl, Tori was/is a woman.

  5. Le Anh Quoc

    Damn amazing song.

  6. jack mayhoffer

    The most jumpable bunch of bones I ever saw. And I mean that in the most respectful way.

  7. DavidCaines100

    great song

  8. stephanie campbell

    Reiki box: only burnt flowers, four

  9. Wykydtronx4055x

    Can a voice pierce a soul. Yes it can. That is just how it works.

  10. Hannah Bryant

    I named my daughter Tallula ❤
    "It must be worth losing if it is worth some thing." Amazing version of an amazing song.

  11. Henry Oviedo

    Tori using the torch is so bad ass.
    this is strictly 'professional widow'?
    She's amazing, that is all!

  12. Zzz Zimmers

    I don’t think the opening was breathy enough

  13. TechnicJunglist

    Eternal fairy queen

  14. Carrie Ann Moon

    I wish i was you, Tori. <3

  15. Tasha Schneider

    Nowhere has this woman's lack of talent been more obvious than in this atrocious "song". Her inept harpsichord arrangements are insulting to that beautiful instrument, the lyrics are a laughable disaster. I have to go listen to Scarlatti now so I can hear competent harpsichord playing. That man had more talent in his thumb than Tori does in her entire body, and he wasn't a child abuser like she is, either!



    Eduardo Razo

    Are you angry?

    Mellisa Seabolt

    you are oblivious to what true art and talent are. you, little girl, are clueless and should really rethink your negative comments. you are naked with your words....which tells me you are a miserable soul. oh, and you don't know shit about real musical art. i feel the need to semi-repeat myself since you must be one of those boring pathetic cornflake girls, yet, too ignorant to realize. YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE, NOR, DO YOU DESERVE TO BE. TAKE YOUR ADOLESCENT StUPIDITY TO THE "POPULAR" MUSIC. that was me kindly telling you to FUCK OFF. TORI AMOS IS INTELLIGENT, CREATIVE,KIND, FUNNY AND BELOVED BY MILLIONS ....AMONG THE MANY ARE SOME OF THE GREATEST VOCALISTS< BANDS EVER.

    Mr. Emerald The Green

    Tasha Schneider
    Man, you’re so insignificant. Get over yourself! YOU’RE JUST NOT IMPORTANT!!!

    Tasha Schneider

    @Mellisa Seabolt Tori Amos is a satanist, child abuser ("Raspberry Swirl" music video) and sexual pervert who has cheated on/abused all of her ex- boyfriends. Her lyrics are among the most ludicrous ever written (especially "Marianne"), and she is the worst harpsichordist every to be recorded. JS Bach, Carl Philipp Emmanuel and Domenico Scarlatti are turning over in their graves (yes, she's very jealous of them, please see "Tori BFP EPK"). The fact that her daughter Natashya is now frying her brain on drugs (and Tori laughs about this) is a testament to her rotten parenting, and I only just found that out the other day. This whole thing is actually heartbreaking, and a strong testament to what women get away with in our society.

  16. glassstatue

    She was in her own zenith. Her talent is in a stratosphere above everyone else's.

    Tasha Schneider

    @graffitiwomen "...Acting..." is your defense? Do you have any idea what happens to child actors, and the sexual exploitation they are subjected to?! Singing about oral sex in front of children and laughing at them is nothing less than child abuse. I shouldn't have to point that out, but such is life. Now do yourself a favour and listen to Domenico Scarlatti KING OF HARPSICHORDS. You'll feel embarrassed for Tori after listening to him.


    @Tasha Schneider I feel like you must live in an alternate reality or something. You do know.... you know what, it's not my job or responsibility to explain the world to you. Have a nice whatever...

    Tasha Schneider

    @graffitiwomen You aren't in any position to "explain" anything to anyone. You fail to recognize child abuse when you see it. Celebrities giving to "charity" and championing "causes" is merely a cover for their own abusive behaviour.


    @Tasha Schneider ok, so you're one of those people. Got it. Bye.

    Mårten Smeds

    @Tasha Schneider give slakk coz it is nothing serious! You said yourself adults do not understand tho they see it right there THEN YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS CHILDREN DO NOT GET IT !! and even if they would they do not give a fukk literally. I remember when i was 9 years old and a boy at school showed laughing to me a porn-magazine and it did not affect me in any way i did not laugh and i was not shokked i just thought it is adults idea of play and i was not interested and actually still am not coz i am totally only into chik binding my arms incapable of moving with one long chain and after that i likk the chik between her toes coz she wants me to only that tho i would love to likk her ass but so far she has only wanted me to likk her between her toes and i mean toe not cameltoe which she does not even have coz i have seen her labia which i will never get even close to but i love my life it feels good to go to sleep after having likked between her toes til she falls asleep which typically takes less than an hour i am so good and if she wakes in the night i pretend to sleep so i do not need to likk again she typically tests my sleep by pulling my testicles and see how i react but i have learned to expect it and how to act like i sleep so even tho she pulls my testicles i seem sleeping so she just tries to sleep again and in the morning when she really wakes up and rises from bed she goes to bathroom then i know it is time to stop acting and be awake so she will release my arms from the chain when she comes from her morning bathroom

  17. zyrtec3

    The funny part is - I do not need the visuals. Totally. They actually distract me from enjoying the Rich Meal of Tori's message.

    Mårten Smeds

    Wtf? When Tori rises from the chair loox PARALYSING HOT i would be unable to move if i was in same cube

  18. G g


  19. Pamela Neisworth-Devers

    I named my daughter Tallula ❤

    Foxy Mulder

    I planned to also...but i had boys! Lol

  20. Suzanne Lindstrom

    ❤❤❤can't help but love this woman!

  21. Jay

    I remember when I was just a little kid, 9 years old or something and I was glued to the tv every time when this video came up. She's a gift sent from a different plain of existence, still gives me goosebumps whenever I see this.

  22. danielnikolic

    this is a song from Boys for Pele, where many songs reference other songs. This one references "My name is Tallulah" from Bugsy Malone (look for it) and that song is kind of about Tori (Tallulah "had her training in North Carolina", and additionally, Jodie Foster, who plays Tallulah, of the same age as Tori).

    I believe this is a song about what Tori remembers from her early teens, when she started playing in gay bars in DC. The video is likely symbolic, as Tori has broken out from her bubble by playing in public.

  23. blowingupyourmind

    her best song

  24. David Rosenberg

    Tori channels Dave Mustaine at 2:28

  25. Empath Caroline

    Love this tune!

  26. lendallpitts

    "It must be worth losing if it is worth some thing." Amazing version of an amazing song.

  27. kanshou

    Tori using the torch is so bad ass.

  28. Jason b

    Sooooo Cooool!

  29. Theodore Hyczko

    How does 2+2=5  In Algabra X can be any number because it's a symbol but if you make 2 as a symbol you can turn into 2.5+2.5=5  2+2=5

  30. yeah, right

    this is strictly 'professional widow'?
    She's amazing, that is all!

  31. Graham Hicks

    Sick and ahead of its time!

  32. This Charming LoveHound

    This was on the "Twister" soundtrack haha. Cool movie.

  33. glynna schmehl

    Send a car.

  34. RandomMusicBox

    I hate how under-rated she is. She can appeal to many different people. I have always loved her. One song plays and now I will be stuck on her all day now.

    Tasha Schneider

    @zyrtec3 Only difference is, Bach was talented, Tori is not talented and is OVERRATED.


    @Tasha Schneider Always good to hear what the experts have to say.

    Tasha Schneider

    @dyrtey The experts are all dead. Their brilliant music lives on, however - and we will sorely need it after listening to this harpsichord butchering.

    JO 7Z

    tori amos underrated? seriously dude? She is recognize as one of the greatest with kate bush...Open a dictionnary to read the definition of "underrated"... ;)

    JO 7Z

    ​@Tasha Schneider so thats why you put so much negative post on this song...poor little troll...You should try to like some artists, instead hating other...Dumbass. These "classic music" and "jazz extremists" always make me laught...
    But we forget you, you are a good taste person, with your cow ring in your nose...When we see your face and ugly pinterest photos, we can understand why you hate tori so much :D Jealous ugly girl

  35. Mari

    I'm only here cause I was watching Naruto on crunchyroll and this is one of their commercials

  36. Leobel Colona

    now I understand why Neil Gaiman said she and Delirium steal shamelessly from each other. god, took me 14 years.




    Neil Gaiman is the author of _Sandman_ , and there's a character in it, Delirium/Delight, who was based on Tori Amos.


    Curse my eyes, I didn't get it either.
    I suffer not delirium.

  37. MrArcadia2009

    Some of you may find this hard to believe, but I;ve studied Severe Storms and Tornadoes for some time now, I;ve spent time with actual storm chasers, they come up with some surprisingly effective ways to learn about tornadoes, I tell ya. I wish I knew what they're up to now...

    El Nińo

    Ha, somebody else here because of tornadoes. The movie turned me on to Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Rusted Root and Tori Amos. Got to love this song, Tori Amos was sure a beautiful and alluring woman in 1996, so intelligent and so powerful. . and amazing choice for the Twister soundtrack. I'll probably be chasing tornadoes in Oklahoma next spring so Tori Amos will definitely be joining me on the drive.

  38. MrArcadia2009

    I was just watching Twister recently, and I had to hear this awesome song again. Every so often during my lifetime, I listen to this. GREAT SONG, GREAT Singer, VERY Talented!

  39. Selin Jezkova

    she's such a badass

  40. Giuseppe Leone

    Happy birthday to Talula! She turns 20 today :)

  41. Amy Chee

    honey but I always could accessorize

  42. blake laramie

    What abortion?

  43. Mauricio Martinez

    Extraño a ésta Tori Amos.


    Mauricio Martinez Sus primeros 3 Discos son muy buenos, pero creo que como todo Artista le gusta experimentar con otros Estilos, y me gusta como ha ido evolucionando. Para mi sigue siendo una gran Cantante

  44. Filiz Ilhan

    Still my Favourite Song of Tori. ... there is lots of Talulas around the World. ... 😊

  45. Aliyah Burnette

    She's a really good singer.

    Xfiles Foxisdead

    Aliyah Burnette wrong. Shes a good Singer and bloody good songwriter


    Floor Jansen! 💓

    Le Anh Quoc

    Hell ye, for sure, one of the most expressive voices I've ever heard

  46. Bridge Tiessa

    That girl would barf if she looked in my ear right now.

  47. blake laramie

    I have never understood Talula. It is my favorite song!

    V J Forsythe

    +blake laramie It's about her abortion, I think.


    She said Talula is about letting go and getting the dance as said by Tori. Here are a few paragraphs of Tori talking about Talula

    “It keeps moving into the dance of Talula, and her desperately trying to dance, desperately trying to figure out the whole idea of loss: it must be worth losing if it’s worth something. So if I feel like I am losing something, at lease I valued something enough to lose it in the first place… it’s going back into that train of thought. Talula is very much a riddle. The sense of loss is such a tricky one, because we always feel like our worth can grow with things we are willing to lose. So there’s a real letting go. Talula is about letting go and getting the dance. I don't want to lose him… The loss of Eric in my life was…it felt like half of me walked out the door. And Talula came as a nursery rhyme, my little dance that I would do when things we're so sad. Because I started thinking but ‘God, I have these feelings, which means…’ we shared so many moments that I value, I really valued that, so what a gift that I can feel this loss, that I am not so numb, that I haven’t cut myself off so much, and once I could feel the loss then I started to feel free. I want to dance and go ‘yeah, I want to be with Talula.’ I want to be able to dance through the people that come in and go out of your life. I want to learn how to dance with the gifts when they come and the gifts when they need to take a different route.” [B-Side – May/June 1996]

    fuck you


    jenn s.

    @fuck you it's not about her experience with miscarriage. Spark is the song about that.

    fuck you

    @jenn s. so is cruel