Tori Amos - Not The Red Baron Lyrics

Not the Red Baron
Not Charlie Brown
Think I got the message figured
Another pilot down
And are their devils with halos
In beautiful capes
Taking them into the flames

Not Judy G
Not Jean Jean with a hallowed
I see that screen go
Down in the flames
With every step with every beautiful heel

Not the Red Baron I'm sure
Not Charlie's wonderful dog
Not anyone I really know
Just another pilot down
Maybe I'll just sing him a last
Little sound many there know some girls
With red ribbons
The prettiest

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Tori Amos Not The Red Baron Comments
  1. Phoebe devries

    Specken cee doich


    Tori has a whole collection of Airplane Tragedy songs... all good. Not The Red Baron, Can't see New York, Spring Haze. These songs are all Master Pieces, that really invoke so much emotion and visuals. What she has brought to music is a True gift, for Music lovers.

  3. Thiccimus Prime

    It’s sad how little attention this has

  4. Day By Day Band

    one of her early opus works.

  5. Cry Baby

    I use this song to help me cope with sadness. Thank you for this

  6. Trampas Graham

    I listened to this song on repeat when my partner passed away--I recently rediscovered it. Thank you for all this healing.

  7. Ketty De Santis

    Ouw . . .


    Such beauty..

  9. Bill Hicks

    Fuck!!!!!! Why is Tori not only the last true leader of the feminist movement but also the leader of whatever weird male movement exists today.

    It's almost like she understood that this entire thing was based on trust and kindness and honesty to move forward. No matter who you are.

  10. journalistethics dotcom

    Tori has been my favorite artist for what, 16 or so years now. Great number Tori babes.

    Phoebe devries

    Since 96 bro

    Phoebe devries

    Almost 25 years

    Phoebe devries

    A quarter century

  11. Empath Caroline

    Love Tori sooo much ♡