Tori Amos - Muhammad My Friend Lyrics

Muhammad my friend
It's time to tell the world
We both know it was a girl back in Bethlehem
And on that fateful day
When she was crucified
She wore Shiseido Red an dwe drank tea
By her side

Sweet sweet
Used to be so sweet to me

Muhammad my friend
I'm getting very scared
Teach me how to love my brothers
Who don't know the law
And what aobut the deal on the flying
Trapeze got a peanut butter hand
But honey do drop in at the
Dew Drop Inn

Sweet sweet
Between the boys and the bees

And Moses I know
I know you've seen fire
But you've never seen fire
Until you've seen Pele blow
And I've never seen light
But I sure have seen gold
And Gladys save the place for me
On your grapevine
Till I get my own TV Show

Ashre ashre ashre ashre
And if I lose my Cracker Jacks at the
Tidal wave I got a place
In the Pope's rubber robe
Muhammad my friend
It's time to tell the world
We both know it was a girl
Back in Bethlehem

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Tori Amos Muhammad My Friend Comments
  1. /olgaa_xd_55/

    Kto z polski?

  2. Damocles54

    Lol i once had a friend drive 4 hours to go see tori with me. Which is fine... but i called her at like i think noon the day of the show. "Hey, plans in the next 2 days? No? Good. Pack a bag and get your ass down here by 5. Trust me, it'll be worth it"


  3. Sarah P

    Omg I love this so much!!! Everytime I watch it I get goosebumps. Tori and Tool are two of my absolute favorites.

  4. The Chad

    Its actually called " the dew drop inn "

  5. Steve Scherf

    Tori: sing to me?? ;(

    Maynard:... alrighty, then... Picture this if you will ...

    Rafael Rivera


  6. livin' in chains

    Milow is doing a really good job here right beside tori

  7. Miss G

    Them big ole brown eyes..

  8. Jean-François UNG

    Tori Amos...huum

  9. Daniel Kunzmann

    oh god. This was just bad. I didnt understand this duet. Sucks alot!

  10. Cat Earth Shill Confirmed

    Muhammad my friend,
    I'm getting very scared,
    Teach me how to *STAY SOBER!!*

  11. MilwaukeeMisfit909

    Anybody hear this on rockline?

  12. Holly Roxy

    What year was this?

  13. Ryan Scarola

    Best song of 1996.

  14. King Shlogg

    Truly, one of the best songs ever captured

  15. Mahmood42978

    Creeping Shariah

  16. hokuto29

    i love maynards voice.

  17. mark lillard

    Except all we ever wanted was to fall in love with you.

  18. maengun 20

    And for our second selection: " Hooker with a Penis"

  19. #8472 CubeBuster


  20. Don Smith

    Damn screeching harpies.... 🤫🤫🤫 your “Woos don’t add to the song.😤😤😤

  21. Sean Matz

    Why does Maynard seem to be cuckold here? Ha at the end he says we don’t know it was a girl back in Bethlehem

  22. paranoidandroid

    Such great control of her bass hand. Also both voices are excellent 👍.

  23. Ethan Rathbun

    When the wolf and sheep trade spots

  24. Lucian's Thresh

    I love how Maynard rocks to the tempo. Its like he's possessed by the music. He does it all the time, it must be his "tool" to keep the beat. See what I did there?

  25. PersephoneRising333

    EPIC .... two of my all time favorites.. RESPECT

  26. j sae

    they were totally fucking at that point in time and it shows!

  27. Julie DiPietro

    more! love it

  28. Matthew Beyer

    Yeah so that happened.........

  29. GregZ123

    Every tool fan knows that intense Maynard stare at :52.

  30. Jerrod Bokma

    Oh my god he kissed her. Im so jealous

  31. Jerrod Bokma

    Wow two of my favorites together . Just more proof , their is a God.

  32. shantanu dhiman

    This song feels more like "Maynard my friend"

  33. ducatixclutch

    Lol shows Maynard's self control let her play her pretty song, with out him blowing her out of the water oldie but goodie

  34. Matthew Beyer

    Fuck this bullshit!!!

  35. M Chris

    Why if Jesus Christ isn't real do the most powerful music people in the world sing about the Bible? The answer because the Bible is real. Satan knows it better than anyone else. If you sell your soul you are a "tool" of Satan. He uses you to deceive. Not to mention it works very well. How can Society be so blind when it is so blatant.

  36. FoxHill the SkyWatcher

    Since when is Maynard Muslim? Pretty sure he’s a Freemason and a satanist.

  37. Justin W

    She was so unbelievably hot back in her natural days.

  38. Robert Lockwood

    Is and always will be one of my favorite videos of all time.

  39. chamryfox

    Do you know how badly I wish I could have been there? Maynard and tori together? fUuuckckk

  40. Janessa Villalba

    Thank you, Wally’s mom. ❤️

  41. Cedar Who

    All the ears with feet offering flowers. I love you my brothers and sisters...

  42. ryanhenry21

    She is so fucking random.

  43. Bianca Souza

    my favorite alien with my favorite singer

  44. Leianne Lazarus

    I LOVE you!!

  45. TeamVariety iiReaperz

    She is terrible

  46. toe jam

    We just waited for maynard

  47. Tony Sproule

    Decadence here.. They were so in sync on this performance, natural selection at it's best.

  48. Your Eschatology‡

    Count the bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums

  49. adub4ever

    Two amazingly talented artists.

  50. jason canady

    They're lovers

  51. wojciech strzelecki

    You live for that 1:54 ...

  52. Mikael Söderström

    This was performed at RAINN benefit concert (RAINN being Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). Both Tori and Maynard were abused as children. Love them both.

    Lucian's Thresh

    That was a strange sentence to follow with "love them both."

  53. Andrew Dohrmann

    hahaha still does the "Tool Weave"

  54. Michael ODell

    This would have been awesome with a good piano player and let James sing

  55. Emzy Saphire

    Ive been trying to find this song all week! Used to have it on my ipod years ago but lost it & forgot what she & the song was called, so at work today I heard a song that sounded like this singer, so I shazamed it & it was tori amos - spark. So I typed tori Amos & Maynard in YouTube and boom.. there it is! Awesome

  56. Will Edstrom

    It’s one of those times where the crowd needs to shut up during the song. Would have been nice to hear Maynard sing except every time he did it was a chorus of screaming women.

  57. Lawrence Elgrin

    It still blows my mind that they are friends. Tori is pretty gangsta. Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails said, The girl made a turkey in the Manson house that he converted to a studio. She cooked it for hours and it never cooked. The cool thing is she hung out with a friend for hours. Most of my friends, the time is like they are on a clock. The girl is pretty legit, she is a friend. Like I think Maynard was happy to do this spot. I have no doubt that he considers Tori as a true friend, almost family.

  58. no witch burns again

    he barely sang and he could have taken over the show

  59. Tiffany Baby

    Cuteness Maynard i love u. Penut butter hands sh stained red dress autism heehee starts crying meow moew

  60. Chizhowski

    It's not Tool, it;s not a perfect circle, its Maynard and my youth

  61. singingtuna

    this is the most beautiful thing

  62. Anas Suhaimi

    Problem is, Muhammad didn't/doesn't recognize that the Bethlehem child is God. Plus Muhammad believe God is genderless and more than that it is unlike anything creature.

  63. Peter Jacob

    Hi Maia ^ _ ^ '''

  64. stitched YT

    My two favorite people in the world

  65. TATOOL 46&2


  66. bam barda

    Schaitan acbar

  67. Jess John

    Never thought someone could outclass maynard but hey here you go, you could see maynards like " why am i even up here?" lol she made him look like a " tool " lol

  68. Kerem Sağlam

    audience screams are just like a justin bieber concert

  69. Haragan 007

    Muhammad myy frieendd!!! (Maynard's part)

  70. Angelofwar 92


  71. xsarchitect

    I don't know who is more of a weirdo, odd


    who.....which one, you know what I mean

  72. Sentient Viscera

    There is little in existence more annoying than screeching teenage girls.

  73. Valon Selimaj

    I love that @1:55 she was like "yep thats all you daddy"

  74. FemBot

    I just love both of these artists so much!

  75. M L

    crazy combo but it worked

  76. Random Ness

    As a fan of tool.. this was horrible sounding.

  77. MrBlueBrains

    This is great and a bit cringe worthy too.. Lol

  78. Ben

    Mics could've been better balanced, her voice naturally cuts through the air too powerfully. Amazing voice, but I was hoping to hear perfect mix between them, she could've been more welcoming and toned it down a bit, she has plenty of control. One tiny little moment where she does it at 3:30, tones it down and sings WITH him instead of over him. Maybe it's just the recording, could've been perfect live

  79. Indoor Orchids and Tropicals

    "I call him up when I'm feeling terrible and he sings me lullabies." I had a friend like that, but instead if singing, he'd drive two hours and come over.

  80. Amanda Cookie

    Did they shag?

  81. Nick

    I know he's like "will these 12 year old girls stop screaming while im trying to sing.."

  82. Abby Normal

    this is beautiful

  83. Chris Richnak

    These two never age, they have the Prince genes,

  84. Superdutchess

    At 3:25 Amos truly looks like Pennywise from IT

  85. Bendu Nemesis

    Ooof, have to listen to Tori more.
    Her voice is like honey and bees

  86. Killmatic5000

    did he smash tho?

  87. Johnny B

    this makes me think of a cat food or some sad bloated stomach 3rd world country charity commercial. there needs to to be diseased leaky eyed kittens on the piano.

  88. Derkatron Johnson

    garbage, what a waste of talent

  89. Me Too

    I nostalgia'd so hard. These two were my adolescence.

  90. tomitstube

    jesus was a girl?

  91. whitecookie

    Great quality! Thanks for the upload <3

  92. ndwarren1

    I wish these two would produce a child. That would be cool.

  93. Banished From The Dwarf Planet

    Maynard had to read the words.

  94. MichaelBJacob

    This is amazing, because Maynard was still at a point where he had stage-fright, performing was hard for him and he was still distancing himself from the crowd (search for Tool shows from that time- he's performing in the shadows or facing sideways.)

    I think she wanted to give him an empowering experience, and she felt satisfied when the crowd cheered for him in his solo part.

  95. nick nax

    He’s got a look that suggests “I don’t know the fucking words!!”

  96. Jeffrey Lamar

    Separated at birth.

  97. ARBIZA power trio

    the 15 year old yelling girls audience is insuferable... it´s like a beatles old video... r they that nuts over tory amos? wow...