Tori Amos - Mother Lyrics

Go go go go now
Out of the nest
It's time
Go go go now
Circus girl without a safety net
Here here now
Don't cry
You raised your hand for the assignment
Tuck those ribbons under your helmet
Be a good soldier
First my left foot
Then my right behind the other
Running in the cold

Mother the car is here
Somebody leave the light on
Black Chariot for the redhead
Dancing dancing girl And when I dance for him
Somebody leave the light on just in case
I like the dancing
I can remember where I come from

I walked into your dream
And now I've forgotten how to dream my own dream
You are the clever one aren't you
Brides in veils for you
We told you all of our secrets
All but one
So don't you even try
The phone has been disconnected
Dripping with blood
And with time
And with your advice
Poison me against the moon

Mother the car is here
Somebody leave the light on
Black Chariot for the redhead
Dancing dancing girl And when I dance for him
Somebody leave the light on just in case
I like the dancing
I can remember where I come from

I escape into your escape
Into our very favorite fearscape
It's across the the sky
And across my heart
And I cross my legs
Oh my God
First my left foot
Then my right behind the other
Breadcrumbs lost under the snow
Mother the car is here
Somebody leave the light on
Somebody leave the light on just in case
I like the dancing

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Tori Amos Mother Comments
  1. lynn Flynn

    this song touches me in all sorts of places!

  2. Tony Sproule

    One of her most powerful tracks...Part Charlie Brown, Mother the car is here, still gets me after all these years..

  3. Haus Of Gaga

    This song makes me cry omfggggg ahhhh its too good 💕

  4. Carisa Moore

    Tori Amos

  5. Justin Elkins

    I'm a writer and many of my characters are female. Tori helps put me ever closer to that side of me so that I can find their strength and weaknesses alike. She's an amazing emotionalist acrobat!

  6. Danielle LeClerc

    This song makes me think about young women forced into marriages without consent. Happens every day around the world. "Mother" brings that reality into brutal relief. "Go go now out of the nest" "it's time" "be a good soldier." The fear. "Maybe he'll leave a light on..." The loss of identity. When you're a girl in many countries, including China where I currently live, marriage means leaving your family and joining your husband's.. "He's gonna change my name," "I can remember where I come from," "breadcrumbs lost under the snow." Girls leaving their mothers and sisters, not being able to find their way home, all over the world. Right now. It's so brave for Tori to take on a topic like that in such a raw way, and also it's dumb something so obviously important seems "brave." I'm producing an all-female version of Romeo & Juliet, and this song just feels so Juliet. Forced into marriage with Paris and forbidden to choose her husband for herself. Crushing.

  7. Danielle LeClerc

    Great song, and thanks very much for the lyrics! So poignant and heartbreaking. The line: "...and I cross my legs oh my God", I've always heard it as, "Across the sky, and across my heart, and I cross my legs o're my c*nt." Any idea which one is more accurate? (I encourage y'all to use the full version of c*nt in respectful ways, just don't want to get flagged!)

  8. ThePolarBearProductions

    Memories of listening to this with my mom 10 years ago. She loves this album and got me into it. I would listen to this on my iPod Nano all the time and this and Winter and Little Earthquakes was one of my favorites.

    Years will go by, but I will still come back to this album and this song.

  9. John Callahan

    I love you

  10. teagan blackburn

    Spring of 8th grade - got the cassette tape home after listening to the first side in the car with my parents on the way home from the mall. It was the first and the only song I cried to during the very first listen. I knew this was going to be a special song for me for the rest of my life. I'm an only child and I could only imagine how much like mourning it would be when I became an adult and the day of leaving would arrive. It came. Then time whipped forward, my mother got sick with Parkinson's and is still here but in many ways long gone. The breadcrumbs are lost indeed, my whole past life in another state is long over and gone, now I am in this new life. I still have my parents but I rue the day when I must say goodbye.

  11. Robert Holmes

    thankyou for uploading this song and writing the lyrics.

    needed to hear this song. peace. Rob

  12. Jill Ames

    Me walking around in 1994 listening to this like, finally someone who understands.

  13. Gina Berry

    I saw her in '96 and when she played this song I wept the whole time. I was in the 6th row and she looked over and gave me a little nod. It was a moment and a performance I will treasure for the rest of my life

    Matt Jones

    I'm not at all jealous. Nope. Not one bit.
    * jealous*


    Gina Berry I saw her in San Antonio in 2004 for her Scarlet's Walk album. I saved all my wages as a 16 y/o working min wage at Domino's and this is one of my favorite songs. I could only afford the back seats, didn't have glasses, so right before this song I crept down the aisle toward the front. She looked at me when she sang "you are the clever one aren't you"
    won't forget that. what treasured memories we have :3

    Melissa B

    That's awesome. She is amazing live. She's a phenom, esp. live. I'm glad you got that nod. I've seen her many times live, once with a broken leg. lol

    Sarah Pedro

    I saw her in sioux city in 2002. She saved my life. I literally wanted to die from the time I was 10. Tori gave me the strength to tell the world to get fucked.

  14. Steve Niehaus

    father Lucifer

    Matt Jones

    Steve Niehaus

    Matt Jones thank you

  15. supernewf21

    Holy glory but this song makes me think of "Obasan" by Joy Kogawa for some reason.

  16. CrucifyRobinHood

    In 2005 I listened to this in my headgear while snorkeling Forsythe Creek in Norcal, counting tiny salmon and steelhead. Surreal.

    Matt Jones

    oh wow :)

  17. brendahaus

    i don't know why this song struck a chord with me just now, i've listened to it a million times before. but those lyrics!

    Matt Jones

    Yes :D The power of lyrics... especially some of Tori's :)

  18. Sarah Pedro

    i love u forever tori

    Made Of Stone

    Sarah Pedro I saw her in 1991 at The Barbican in York, a small intimate theatre and I was in the front row almost close enough to touch her. My mum had died in 1987 and it reminded me of all the wonderful memories I had of her. I started to fall apart and the tears began to fall and she suddenly stared at me and after a few moments realised I was crying. She smiled and nodded at me, it still remains the most special moment of my life. She released a live CD of that performance and I've treasured it ever since.

  19. FireStarters

    i want to beat the shit out of those keys like when i was young

    Matt Jones

    What's stopping you? :)

  20. Kate Suková

    Lana Parrilla told me about this song <3

    Jasper van Beveren

    She did? That's so cool. How did that happen?
    She seems like a very nice lady. Love her on "Once.."

  21. LaniMedea

    this is such a relatable song. i can perfectly infer my abusive relationship with my narcissistic psychopathic ex into it. i was still living at my parent's place, severele depressed and pretty much on self-destruct mode - years later i realized that much of it had to do with my mothers absence in terms of guidance she tragically couldn't possibly give because she is so starkly different from me. during that time i basically ran home from my boyfriends and back to my boyfriend from home.
    my parents didn't realize what he was and how he treated me until i realized it myself and told it to them, mostly because i was so good at lying to myself and thus to them during the time.
    The most happiness i felt during that time was the anticipation of getting to escape one place and romanticizing the other. the song focuses much onto the moments in between - the arrival of the car, as well as the request for someone to leave the light on at home.
    The asshat basically reprogrammed my brain all charismatic narcissistic cult leader style, until i lost myself, any emotion, motivation or energy.
    these lyrics just fit so perfectly.

    Helena Angelina

    LaniMedea 😭 yeah, now I'm crying... Relatable.

  22. itisthefear

    i walked into your dream and now I've forgotten how to dream my own dream

    Matt Jones

    You are the clever one, aren't you?

  23. 22darian

    Love <3

    Matt Jones

    +22darian Me too :)

  24. JoyLynn S

    Beautiful, thank you for making it!!!!

    Matt Jones

    @Pandora de Malvrier You are very welcome :)

  25. Matt Jones

    Got a song (Tori Amos, or otherwise) you'd like to see a lyric video for? Lemme know! :)

    The Bees' Prozzie

    Matt Jones can you please create a lyric video for tori Amos' "gun"? thank you!!! I love this song!