Tori Amos - In The Spring Time Of His Voodoo Lyrics

Standin on a corner in Winslow Arizona
And I'm quite sure I'm in the wrong song
2 girls 65 got a piece tied up in the
Back seat
"Honey we're Recovering Christians"

In the Springtime of his voodoo
He was going to show me spring

And right there for a minute
I know you so well

Got an angry snatch
Girls you konw what I mean
When swivelin that hip doesn't do the trick
Me pureed sanitarily Mr. Sulu
Warp speed
Warp speed
Warp speed
In the Springtime of his voodoo

Every road leads back to my door
Ever road I will follow
Every road leads back to my door
Got all your crosses loaded

And I know she's not that
I said I know she's not that
Foxy but
You gotta owe something sometimes
You gotta owe
When you're your momma's sunshine
You've got to give something sometimes
When you're the sweetest cherry
In an apple pie
I need some voodoo on these prunes
In the springtime of his voodoo
He was going to show me spring

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Tori Amos In The Spring Time Of His Voodoo Comments
  1. Jill Ames

    Chugging Jameson. "I knew you so well."

  2. Adam Black

    The song has aged well.......some songs dont

  3. EmpathCaroline M

    In the wrong song! This song is wayyyy underrated. . Xx

  4. Adrienne Orpheus

    This is my fucking jam

  5. Jill Ames

    Sweet merciful christ. Her best song, ever.

    Jeanmarie Moule

    Most beautiful

    Jeanmarie Moule

    Almost raw innocence

  6. Tasha Schneider

    "Girls I've got an angry snatch because I'm a dumb feminist dolly who blames all men for my shallowness, promiscuity and stupidity. Also I judge men based on sex appeal rather than their hearts, and I dated psycho Trent Reznor who writes songs about blanking you like an animal and chopping off fingers - WHAT COULD HAVE GONE WRONG" -Tori in a rare fit of honesty and self-reflection

  7. Tasha Schneider

    More horrible "music" from this horrible woman. A shame that she wastes her piano playing talent on such nonsense. It isn't anyone's fault but HERS that she decided to date the obviously deranged Trent Reznor.

    Jeanmarie Moule

    If u feel that way than u hav no good taste in music

    Jeanmarie Moule

    Ur a fucking idiot an just jealous

    Petunia Supreme

    She never dated Trent...they are very good friends. Re-educate yoyrself.

    Toni green

    Lmao. Tori Amos is a goddess. She didn't date Reznor...he dates courtney what's that say about him...

    Toni green

    Where's the beef? Some folks just hate talent...may be a sign of tone deafness...or ignorance..
    I don't troll on music that I dislike...odd...take your hate and F off lady! Ain't got NOOO candy for ya

  8. Samantha K

    Fantastic album and song.

    Matt Jones

    It took me a while to get into this album, but....when it finally clicked with me, it clicked hard :D

    Samantha K

    Same here!

  9. HendrixColtrane

    That haunting vocal recording, the song structure,from that brokedown ragtime intro to that walking bass line, and, those lyrics... one of my favorites from Tori. I think she really peaked on this album, overall an overlooked masterpiece.


    HendrixColtrane got the words right out of my mind. acurate and brilliant comment! thanks😊

    Davethehat Atkins

    v raunchy too. great dirty walkin b line... just a fantastic tune...

  10. Marin D'Angelo

    No one in their right mind would call this garbage music. She destroyed the music with the garbage she call singing. No surprise she only got 54 likes out of 5,827 views. What is that garbage noise she made in the beginning? What was the point?

    Jeanmarie Moule

    Marin D'Angelo ill fucking rip ur fucking head off u dont know a good thing if u hear it! U jealous?

    Amy Schmidt

    Jeanmarie Moule let's just grieve for the people who can't hear the raw beauty in this music. That's what I do, anyway

    Amy Schmidt

    Wait wait wait... Are you and this Tara Schnieder lady, by any chance... CHRIS-tee-anns? It'ss not a dig, guys, it's one person's lived experience. You're fine! Everything's fine. Calm down lol

    Petunia Supreme

    Wow..I completely disagree. Tori exudes every emotion I have inside me with her voice. She is an obvious Goddess.

    Jeanmarie Moule

    O id like to drop kick u an an beat u w my crutch! Didnt ur mamma teach u if u dont hav anything NICE to say dont say NOTHING at all!! How old r u?

  11. Matt Jones

    Got a request for a Tori Amos song with some lyrics? Let me know, I'll do my best to get it out here!

    Jeanmarie Moule

    Thank u!