Tori Amos - God Lyrics

God sometimes you just don't come through
God sometimes you just don't come through
Do you need a woman to look after you
God sometimes you just don't come through

You make pretty daisies pretty daisies
Love I gotta find what you're doing about things
Here a few witches burning
Gets a little toasty here
I gotta find why you always go when the wind blows
Tell me you're crazy maybe then I'll understand
You got your 9 ironin the back seat
Just in case
Heard you're gone south well
Babe you love your new 4 wheel
I gotta find why you always go when the wind blows

Will you even tell her if you decide to make the sky fall
Will you even tell her if you decide to make the sky

God sometimes you just odn't come through
God sometimes you just don't come through
Do you need a woman to look after you
God sometimes you just don't come through
Do you need a woman to look after you
God sometimes you just don't come through

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Tori Amos God Comments
  1. Simon Randall

    I need a woman to look after me.........

  2. Ray Vorontsoff

    Quite stupid lyrics. Looks like she is a satanist.

    Michael Furtado

    I honestly believe that Tori Amos truly is a worshiper of Satan, the devil, who is, of course, the worst enemy of humanity. She blasphemes God in her songs all the time. She truly must be a truly terrible, horrible person to seemingly hate God as much as she quite apparently does. Don't let her flatteries, blasphemies and lies fool you!

  3. Benjamin Grimes

    God is Love. ✌❤

  4. Bubblegum 1

    I'm going to need psychotherapy for the rest of my life and for all of eternity.

  5. 3 Suns Moon

    Gets a little toasty here too !

  6. Leisa Vaughn

    Busted. God is a family God is reliable and God doesn't help people who choose death.

  7. chellebelle914

    Rats were such a 90s pet🤣🤣 even I had two

  8. jane myers

    God always comes through, it is humans who sometimes don't come through... Beautiful song and video though, absolutely beautiful!! Thank you Tori Amos, I like thinking perhaps "do you need a woman to look after you"...

  9. Elfego Chavez

    For Craig! Tori I love you

  10. Amy Wimberley

    Doctor sleep!!!

  11. Adrian Aragon

    Love the visuals Tori Amos gives us 20 years later still has a feeling of modernity

  12. mary gomez

    I know that i need a woman to look after me

  13. Joey

    Such a great song!!! I don’t care much for the video. It really should be more severe. I just learned that this drum loop was sampled from “Last bongo in Belgium”.

  14. I am no one neither R you

    I want to smell her butthole

  15. Michael Furtado

    This song is blasphemous against the Lord.

  16. stephanie campbell

    Reiki box: the jar leaf clover; spies like us, in augeration… SC c god how we need you l l l l , l l l , roman and Alexandrian alphabet, trancelvanian maze... reiki beats, lobby magick mead beats... in all Power

  17. wilsard

    after the video, tori bit the heads off all those rats.

    Aaron Curtis

    Hahaha... Tori Osborne

  18. Dee

    Glad I was a teen of the 90s. They don't make 'em like Tori Amos. Amazing talent!! 🤗 🎼🎹

  19. Tom Garcia

    i love you!!!! god never comes through

  20. God: I Am ARMAGEDDON!!!

    God sometime u don't come??? To hell Tori Spori!!! God Bauphamet Gene cook she killed ur daughter Grace Penelope BECAUSE she wanted to leave Tori. God

  21. Last Minute Heroics

    Haven't seen this in 25 years....and yet, still remember rats.

  22. Natasja van Dijk

    Poor lil creature... 'No animal was being abused during the filming of this video', I guess?

  23. Pacert Smith

    Whos listening in 2019

  24. Daniel Dougan

    Take that, Edie Brickell. THAT is how you write a song about religion.

  25. john connolly

    This chick is so talented,Beyonce and whole other nonsense can't hold a candle to this.

  26. Picnicl

    Tori''s first two albums are genius.

  27. Melissandra Huber

    Why you always go when the wind you need a woman to look after you......will you even tell her if you decide to make the sky fall...badass raw courage.

  28. Lori Ger

    Love this song fucked up video lol

  29. Trey Stephens

    This is pretty dark. 🌑

  30. Bunny Cat

    How lucky was I to be a little baby witch when this song first dropped? I was probably like 14 or 15 & I remember feeling VERY SEEN by both Tori Amos & also MTV. Too bad almost 30 years later & now my natural rites are a freaking Pinterest trend that’s appropriated & fetishized 24/7 without even the slightest bit of shame, but whatever. I still got my memories of this incredibly crucial moment in my very real life! Thank you for forever, dearly beloved Tori...

    Bunny Cat

    “A few witches burning gets a little toasty...” ♥️💯‼️

  31. anemic thot

    I live how Tori looks absolutely DELIGHTED to be performing with those cute lil rats and snakes

  32. Guillermo S.

    That guitar is amazing

  33. Yamamanama

    Rats are cool.

  34. Phillip Johnson

    {{{ }}} I'm using your video to demonstrate Spiritual Technology in modern time. Welcome to ZENOPHILE Magazine. May your exemplary work find unknown audiences worldwide. Thank you. We love you.

  35. dee bee



    So much #nostalgia when i hear
    this song. I truly miss the 1990s....

  37. Macronomicus

    So delicious and masterful from beginning to end. Love the whole structure, rhythm, and all, fabulous!

  38. ronald jesser

    Love her!

  39. Ithzella's World Productions

    Oye zebi si esta chida esta canción y el video está bien divertido

  40. Zarkin Frood

    Is she atheist?

    Gary Barnhardt

    Zarkin Frood she doesn't identify with any one religion or spiritual belief. If anything, she follows her Cherokee Grandfather's beliefs and teachings of listening to the land and following the songlines.

    Aaron Curtis

    Minister's daughter. She can say anything she wants if you ask me.

  41. jay Roberge

    Not too witchy,,,,,,, the NWO must just love her. They always said the devil was the best, most beautiful singer n heaven.

  42. Andrew

    lovin' these goosebumps

  43. sayon

    These measure jumps from 9/2 to 7/2 are so fabulous

  44. Jack Merlot Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    *late breaking • film at eleven*

    In it to win it; Tori August 2018. ( sorry I'm late. Was helping Miroslav Doppelbock rotate the tires on his Segway Centaur. )

    *news at eleven • film at eleven*

  45. Bruno Gomez

    sin dudas, Tori Amos una gran artista. amo los 90's.

  46. Charlotte Webster

    Rat at 1:50 "The fuck ...? Oh come on calm down a bit now lads she's putting me on her head... Jesus shit the bed this is nonsense"

  47. Guardian 2nd Ground Div

    That depends on which god you serve. The one true God of the Bible has never let me down. The righteous man has as many afflictions, but God delivers him from every one of them(Psalms 34:19). How quick even the atheist is to curse the name of God, and take the name of our savior Jesus Christ in vein when things go wrong. At least Tori admits she is in disagreement with God rather than in denial of his presence. He has been pretty good to her in my opinion. He certainly has been good to me. Here are some words that may comfort you as you cry out to God in your greatest tragedy or last breaths. Be still and know that I am God (Psalms 46:10). You will be delivered if you take the hand he offers. Salvation is found in no one and no where else, for there is only one name given unto mankind, under heaven by which we must be saved. You need Jesus for God to help you. You need to accept the payment made on your behalf in love from God by his sacrifice that was and is his earned in the blood of his only son. That was acts 3:14 by the way. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life no man can come to my father but by me.” You want help? For life to get better? Jesus said, “Behold, I make all things new.” I used to love this song when I was into witchcraft myself. I liked the music and the voice God gave her,but now the only part I like is the part about the pretty daisies. I had no peace until I made peace with God, and now I have nothing but peace. Fear where is your victory, death where is your sting? You want proof of God Look into bacterial flagellum, but his creation is clearly seen. You know I’m your heart that God is watching. Without that there would be no wrong or right or purpose. Knowing God is watching is the knowledge of good and evil that we have from antiquity. Don’t be willingly ignorant. From the microscope to the telescope the proof of God is there. Don’t die in denial so completely surrounded by evidence that refutes the denial. You think it is all a lie or a fairy tale? How many churches honoring the characters of fiction do you pass on an average outing? Jesus was either the most successful liar ever or exactly who he said he was. A funny thing about the truth is it never changes. It just doesn’t seem to go away no matter how long one denies it.

  48. Andrew Joseph

    Anyone here today 😢

  49. Sensible SId

    A catchy melodic song, I like this one a lot. I think we can all relate to this in our own way.

  50. Darien Chen

    Just watched Ariana's God is a women... and really have to come pay tribute to Tori.... written 25 years ago.... and... anyway, still poignant as hell and thought provoking, like most of her songs... love u tori~~ :)

  51. Phillip Johnson

    {{{ }}} I'm using your video to demonstrate Spiritual Technology in modern time. Welcome to ZENOPHILE Magazine. May your exemplary work find unknown audiences worldwide. Thank you. We love you.

  52. Sangeeta Dass

    The rats seem to love her 😀

  53. gospodin markovic

    She is precious

  54. Hardtechnoboy

    And if she only could, she'd make a deal with God. She'd be running up that hill with no problem


    But Kate's song is not really about God, it's more about what she feels.

    Layne Benofsky

  55. Pleasant_Screams

    Please start making good music like this again!

  56. Jimmy Ray

    when I first was introduced to Tori Amos, I was like what in the hell is this?! However.... the friends I was close to at the time were obsessed with her. I gave in and gave her a chance. NEVER LOOKED BACK AFTERWARDS! Sadly only seen her live once, but it was AMAZING! She was AMAZING! SHE IS AMAZING!!! <3

  57. kate zeller

    I'm watching this video as an adult like "Tori you're shaving all wrong! You're shaving all wrong! Tori shit WTF you're gonna knick yourself... Awww shit look you knicked your leg! Damn WTF. You crazy."

  58. shadowdance4666

    Opium of the masses

  59. Naeem

    God sometimes you just don't come through
    God sometimes you just don't come through
    Do you need a woman to look after you
    God sometimes you just don't come through
    You make pretty daisies pretty daisies love
    I gotta find what you're doing about things here
    A few witches burning gets a little toasty here
    I gotta find why you always go when the wind blows
    Tell me you're crazy maybe then I'll understand
    You got your nine iron in the back seat just in case
    Heard you've gone south well babe you love your new four wheel
    I gotta find why you always go when the wind blows
    Will you even tell her if you decide to make the sky fall
    Will you even tell her if you decide to make the sky
    God sometimes you just don't come through
    God sometimes you just don't come through
    Do you need a woman to look after you
    God sometimes you just don't come through

  60. Sparkle Girl

    Fuk u religion

  61. Drugshond Woef

    Before weekend. Nice song.Good template.

  62. Edie

    I love you Tori!❤️

  63. kanshou

    Why in the hell did she stop working with Cindy Palermo?

  64. Victoria

    what a badass song !

    Jesse Burleson

    Agreed. Tori Amos really hits it out of the park with this song.

  65. Jaime Karasek

    1:09 that face!!! Love her❤️

  66. Tiffany M.

    First time hearing this one. I'm in love ♥♥♥♥

  67. Lainee Lacroix

    i love this genius!

  68. glynna schmehl

    Come, pour the wine. It's easy.

  69. Leo Cardona

    "God sometimes you just don't come through" Well, think about all the times he did come through.

  70. MySerpentine

    I love the image of bringing snakes into church.

  71. Erin Wiley

    Good lord she's gorgeous here!

  72. MAD as a Hatter

    Why is no one Acknowledging Gary Busey's epic performance in this video? ;)

    Jesus Lopez

    MAD as a Hatter lmao
    Is it really him?

  73. spandaumole

    good rats in this video

  74. Jackson Catlett

    the time signature in the beginning is weird as shit but I like it

  75. Christine Dion


  76. Terra Selmek

    she rocks.

  77. nikki downey

    love this

  78. 1111 99900

    she's everything Regina Spektor wishes she could be

  79. ThePrimas

    I forgot how beautiful she was....wait, No I didnt

  80. Esteban Rincon

    The misandry is *strong* with this one.

  81. Brian McLawren

    I really can't understand why people feel the need to sugarcoat the fact that she might actually simply be talking about God. Why do we have to make it about her vision on the patriarchal society? I mean, of course it is, but it's still about an angry woman expressing how she feels about the god she'd been taught to serve and believe in and eventually just didn't "come through".

    Marylyn T.

    Brian McLawren because she is not. She has been quoted many times explaining exactly what she means and it is not about her talking about God. I don't know why people like you don't learn how to read and comprehend and then go do their own research to find out what is really right before spouting your opinion and pretending it is fact.

    Brian McLawren

    "People like me" have also learned that there is an actual difference between what the artist says and what the recipient of that message actually understands – or to put it as eloquently as you did – 'comprehends of it'. If this was actually the way a research is carried out, I'm afraid literary critics would have very little to do. And furthermore, it's not a case I wrote "she MIGHT actually simply be talking about God". Ever heard the expressions "Modulating and edging?" I was presenting my thesis, I don't pretend to assume it is irrefutably true. Just Chill.

    Brian McLawren

    I agree with you. There's both a more literal meaning to the symbol and, of course, an analogical one.


    She is often almost obfuscating and reinterpreting meanings of her songs. Of course this is about (Christian) God. Which is, of course, usually understood as male. Why does he seem absent? She would prefer a female Goddess which would understand women better. And nobody would burn witches then (she's wrong regarding witches, btw).

    Likely a good part of the songs on her first 5 albums are dealing with her relationship with Christianity, as represented by her father.

    pink free

    We can. And most people do assume that. She has spoken out in at least 7 interviews that I saw where she was grappling with sexual shite from her younger years and childhood. My mother and her sisters went through the same with their father. Creep. And my mother and sisters were brought up Presbyterian, then Baptist, because rapist father decided they should switch LOL. Obviously a nightmare living with him. My mother said she believed in God all throughout her childhood and stopped, realizing it did no good because she prayed and begged him to stop hitting and raping them and God did not stop him. Up until she died, she didn't believe in anything she couldn't physically touch. Period. No God up there, down there, only people responsible for their own actions. So yes, Tori could be speaking about God in this way, too, don't you think? That makes perfect sense. Namaste.

  82. Stacey Ayers Official

    Amazing woman.

  83. glynna schmehl

    Trent Reznor is the ugliest jew that ever was born and was totally jealous of me, then he trained you to be jealous of me too like a goddamn dog. Then he left you because you didn't look like a barbie doll stripper. You even had plastic surgery to prove it. Maybe you've been trained like a goddamn dog all your life.

  84. Jolly Infidel

    God never helps

  85. Erin Gutillo

    She is the sweetest person! You should try to meet her...

  86. Brian Dupree

    Martin: " Gina that ain't no damn puppy" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 with all those rats in the video do y'all just love Tori Amos


    Or on adventures in babysitting when she thought the rat was a kitty 😂

    Bubblegum 1

    I'll pass.

  87. SXiPPY Dennison

    This is my current post Election '16 anthem


    Please don't be one of the drooling sheep who thought one politician was better than the other. It's all a lie anyways.


    vickie g what is a judgmental person doing on Tori Amos videos? Oh shit! Music is for everyone of all walks, color, creed and religion or non-religion. Go fuck around with the other sheep who cry about politics.

    D S

    The dimension where Tori Amos is on the same side as Trump supporters is completely f#(ked


    CharlieEst1981 you are correct! Fuck all politicians! They are all scum and will only do something for you if it benefits them


    Funny bc your very comment crossed my mind listening to this song.

  88. John G

    I remember when this came out, my friends and I were so freaking happy that she was going to do rock in a rock band from then on, cause this was so good........ disappointment followed

  89. Nicole Strally

    People who know her music well realize she is trying to come to terms with her sexual assault through it. She has even spoken about it. She turned a horrible, often scarring personal experience into music millions of people love and use to empower themselves. Go Tori!


    ... and to make money with. As much as I love and admire her works since I was a child (so, growing up with it), my thought never disappeared that she was always looking for appreciation in the business and would try to find the personality the crowd could love. I know it's not that simple, but it just bothers me in my ideal of how it should be. Guess, it's not the easiest to be famous - in many ways. But what I always liked about her is that she seemed so natural. This is why the time of her life when she came from "Y Kant Tori Read" and started "Little Earthquakes" looked like a sudden and awkward change to me. Many might say that from that album on she really found herself. Well, I guess that's what life is about...

    C. McKim

    If she didn't reach a certain point in wealth and fame no one would hear her (this was before social media after all) and she's done a LOT of fundraising and such for RAINN. I actually only know that it exists because of her.

    Tony C

    My wife is a victim of sexual assault, when we first started living together if I heard her listening to Toris music I knew she was in her dark places an give her space and she was fine. Ty tori for helping her!

    Leo James

    Yes... but she was already making great music before she was raped

  90. superrok420

    Is she a witch?

    Ashlee Hopper

    superrok420 lol yeah bc theres a candle and a minora ...moron

  91. Circa Aeon

    She references Judaism twice with the Torah scrolls (at 0:57) and a man 'laying tefillin' (at 2:28, 2:32nd 2:44) The guy at 2:41 is using a leather drug tourniquet- it looks similar to a tefillin and the video is purposefully contrasting them. It's worth noting that Judaism believes in something known as 'The Shichinah" which translates as 'The Prescence of God' AND it's totally FEMININE !! It's the FEMININE aspect of God !! So, Tori, "you don't need to look after Him", He is also a She, but thanks for the thought :)

    Circa Aeon

    Well, I think she is talking about God AND gender issues. It's hard to know how to integrate women into the Monotheistic religions. It's possible and people have tried, but it sometimes turns into a whole new religion. Of course, both men and women have a role to play and God wants both voices praying to them. Getting the right gender mix within Religious roles is a delicate thing, though. Judaism favours men and women getting married rather than people becoming monks or nuns. Probably the thing I like best about Judaism is its ethics and mystical side and the fact that Jews don't preach or push their religion onto other people which Christianity and Islam does and that has resulted in so much violence and killing. But figuring out how to include women without it ruining all of the traditions is not always easy. I'm not necessarily against it, but you often just end up creating a whole new religion.

  92. Stacy Godbehere

    "God sometimes u just don't come through did u need a woman to look after you " Tori Amos inspired me throughout the years. Best album undecided. Rock on your a saint sister .sent from Hollywood or wherever. Saints enter my life through there Music. Just as u have to me I'd like your friendship . Tori Amos.

  93. alex fernando Huenten

    india is prety.

  94. patrickbama1234

    It's ironic that her most rememberable song has the least amount of views.


    Isn't ironic, don't you think! *Silent all These Years*, indeed;)