Tori Amos - Doughnut Song Lyrics

Had me a trick and a kick and your message
Well you'll never gain weight from a doughnut hole
Then thought that I could decipher your message
There's no one here dear
No one at all

And if I'm wasting all your time
This time
Maybe you never learned to take
And if I'm hanging on to your shade
I guess I'm way beyond the pale

And souther men can grow gold
Can grow pretty
Blood can be pertty
Like a delicate man
Copper to steel to a hinge that is faltered
That let's you in let's you in let's you in
Somethings's just keeping you numb

You told me last night
You were a sun now with your very own

Devoted satellite
Happy for you
And I am sure that I hate you
Two sons too many too many able fires

And if I'm wasting all you time
This time
I think you never learned to take
And if I'm haning on to your shade
I guess I'm way beyond the pale

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Tori Amos Doughnut Song Comments
  1. Melissa Dana

    It's so hard - almost impossible - to pick a favorite Tori song, but this one just may be it for me. This, and Winter, I could not live without. (edited to add: cannot give up Yes, Anastasia either.)

    Taylor Jacobs

    Boys For Pele is probably the second greatest breakup album ever. (Nothing will top Rumors.)

  2. Tony Graham

    Memories of my prom night right here

  3. Ridiculous Thoughts

    This song saved my life in was like a magic healing spell.

  4. Briarrose29

    Brilliant lyrics about what it's like to love a narcissist

  5. Léo Tavares

    Loving this since 2000.

  6. J. Clay

    This song saved me so many times throughout the years..and here I am again.

  7. Brandy Ledbetter

    Been listening to this CD since the it is 2019

    Cam Bar

    And me too! This song reminds me of summer 96. And how lonely and heartbroken I was. Looking back it feels as if that were someone else entirely.

  8. Kevin Patrick

    Such a hauntingly brilliant song ... Ms Amos never fails ...

  9. EmpathCaroline M

    Beautiful xx

  10. js art

    boys for pele. ❤ 👌

  11. Louis Martinez Jr

    love this song

    Mindy Jones

    Louis Martinez me too. Me too. Makes me so nostalgic. It's just so lovely...

  12. Temperent Bendu

    I am really admiring the remaster, especially on the CD's. Just comparing this song, the main vocals are crystal clear and you can hear every crackle of warmth from the microphone. They panned the mix just so slightly and gave excellent soundscape without distorting the feel of the original recordings. mmmm I could go on about this remaster


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