Tori Amos - China Lyrics

All the way to New York
I can feel the distance getting close
You're right next to me
But I need an airplane
I can feel the distance as you breathe
Sometimes I think you want me to touch you
How can I when you build the great wall around you
In your eyes I saw the future
Together you just look away in the distance

China decorates our table
Funny how the cracks don't seem to show
Pour the wine dear
You say we'll take a holiday
But we never can agree on where to go

Sometimes I think you want me to touch you
How can I when you build the great wall around you
In your eyes I saw the future
Together you just look away in the distance

China all the way to New York
Maybe you got lost in Mexico
You're right next to me
I think that you can hear me
Funny how the distance
Learns to grow

Sometimes I think you want me to touch you
How can I when you build the great wall around you
In your eyes I saw the future
Together you just look away in the distance

I can feel the distance
I can feel the distance
I can feel the distance getting close

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Tori Amos China Comments
  1. YuuMorgiana

    ❤ wunderschön

  2. Tallula Bell-Johnson

    I love the cinematography of this video.

  3. Tatjana Babić

    Magnificant Tori and only!

  4. Elfego Chavez

    I love China!

  5. Jason Sphinx

    Z -○S○- was here☆

  6. Keith Donald

    Beautiful..nothing else to say.

  7. Subspace Firebyrd

    Anyone feels like Taylor Swift’s THE ARCHER took some notes from China? :)

  8. Joseph Dockemeyer

    I can remember when performers didn't have porcelain veneers.

  9. Shellece Keirnes Macdonald

    Thank you China for all you've done for the world.

  10. DawgPound86

    tori is absolutely gorgeous

  11. The Manic Bunny

    I can feel the distance getting close.. powerful line


    The Manic Bunny Very.

  12. Jerry Vera-Reynolds

    she is so , not very pretty...but, she sure can sing!


    Jerry Vera-Reynolds I think Tori is beautiful

    Luis Armando

    you need a mirror!

    Marina Veller

    She is absolutely lovely and beautiful!

  13. Jason Sphinx

    Z○S○ was here☆~

    Jason Sphinx


  14. Susan Fleming

    I'm loving on this song more and more each time I watch this video. So beautiful Tori.

  15. Jerry Vera-Reynolds

    she is not very pretty ...but has a lovely voice

    Marina Veller

    Can sing???? She is a one of the most GREATEST singers on the planet. How old are you? 11??

  16. Bradley Coy

    Such a Virgo

  17. Dermacrosis

    I've said it before and Iwill say it again, I want that dry stone wall piano in my garden.

  18. Titch

    Just discovered her today and I already love her.


    best discovery for life

    Isabel Palomares

    It just happened the same to me this week, only regret is not having heard her sooner!

    Trickery Breton

    ​@Isabel Palomares You're in for a ride :)

  19. joey1127

    This is the Tori Amos that I will forever love!

  20. Lauren

    This is the judge denning song lol

  21. LordRandal1990

    This video reminds me of the fake videos used as backgrounds in Asian karaoke rooms when the original song is not available :D

  22. BAAL Ragnerock

    Am i the only one who loves her teeth?

    Sumblina Amin

    It's all of her fans

    Dennis Kuntz II

    Nope no the only one, it's like a semi vampiric rabbit..


    Probably Tori's best video. Simplicity usually wins out over complexity.

  24. Susan Boyle

    Music beautiful the woman beautiful wow mmm

  25. Suzanne Wey

    I just learned how to play China last night. She came to me..and each time she appeared ...she revealed a little bit more of herself to me..each time. So when i sit down at my's much much bigger than she looks. She has the depth of a concert piano🎹 i found her at a thrift store for 5 dollars...yeah..five bucks..crazy..but..a blessing to me...because she had a crack..which makes her even more beautiful and so..we take care of one another..It's always a different conversation. China very lovely..and delicate..quiet..yet so very quietly profound...and so...China saved my life last night..and for this..i am eternally thankful🌺i love you China✨ always have been ..and forever will be my teacher..the mirror i gaze into back into heart💖 friend❤
    I love you Tori🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  26. Edgar Bikermas

    Where do this white Satanic creature gets off talking about ''México"?

  27. Empath Soul

    Gorgeous xx

  28. Thomas Locke

    It shoud be a crime that this song has so little likes.

    Empath Soul

    Thomas Locke i agree

  29. Davok

    Every time i go to the beach i lift up rocks hoping to find a Tori .. no luck so far :/

    Claire Walmsley

    daveyharsh 😂

    Susan Fleming

    Have you tried any close beach near China? Maybe.....


    daveyharsh Goof 😂

    Qew Pew

    weird loi

    Harry Lupo

    Keep trying

  30. EZ Gao

    Lovely Song! Love from China 👍❤️

    lynn who

    EZ Gao a

  31. 1741clovis

    I still love this song.

  32. Lauren


  33. Sam Toucan

    OUTSTANDING song, quite possibly one of the loveliest ballads ever written.

  34. glynna schmehl

    " Has she gone and moved into a trailer park... "

    Skanda Baby

    wrong song

  35. Army Dreamers

    hope you have a tour to China one day dear tori!

  36. karey lester

    you're right next to me. but i need an aeroplane...

  37. Elisheva Kanto

    breaks my heart every time

    mark paycer

    me too. I miss real relationships

  38. Bill W.

    Music so painfully beautiful.

  39. Steven Mark Abrams

    ty Your music always put me in a better mood.

  40. nwlman

    Verse missing China that decorates our table

  41. You Can Heal

    Everything about this woman is beautiful!

    Rosida Andriyana

    You Can Heal lana del rey

    De klerk Verwoerd

    including her bum

    Charlotte Sometimes

    @Jeremy C Barnhart You know her irl?

  42. Dermacrosis

    A dry stone wall piano. I have got to have that in my garden, then I can pretend I know how to play one. :-)

  43. Doğu Yürür

    Trump brought me here...



    Marilyn Bentley

    Ugh well said "groan"


    Can't stand Trump,but that made me chuckle.

  44. hey lucifer

    This song continues sounds beautiful... Tori.... The best...<3

  45. Bubbacalvin

    This is the first time I've seen this video and it almost ruined the song for me.

  46. shepdog069

    Anyone else notice a very important verse of the song is missing in this version, "China decorates or table, funny how the cracks don't seem to show. Pour the wine dear; you say week take a holiday, but we never can agree on where to go..."

    Kelly Hurt

    Yeah most of the early videos have a radio edit for time. Same in 'Winter' my favorite verse was cut.

    tsering gompo

    ¡lolo! right, table and drinks... xinese r heavy drinkers and love to invite foreigners for drinks, right? om mari pe mehung/.//¿? //pro di onu sos philosophies¿?

    Rosida Andriyana

    tsering gompo chinese eats dogs

    Susan Boyle

    shepdog069 really

  47. YaroSz.

    ...czasem myślę, że chcesz, abym cię dotknęła
    ale jak mam to zrobić, kiedy budujesz wielką ścianę dookoła siebie?

  48. IHeartAtx

    Not good for your heart when your marriage is on the rocks. 💔💧

    shiwang singh

    Know that feels man!Hope springs eternal!

  49. A.J.'s Adventures in Asia

    I just moved to China to teach English...but I listened to this song for many years...even more powerful now. love you Tori

    Rosida Andriyana

    A.J.'s Adventures in Asia do you live in Yulin?

  50. Cornholio

    she looks strangely older in this vid

    Phoenix Force

    She looks like Scarlet in here..

  51. James Long

    My favorite performance of this tune is from PBS Soundstage circa 2003. Gorgeous. A+

  52. Emily Joles

    ....... I can feel my heartbreaking all over again........ oh awe...

  53. zbyszek stefanowski

    my love 💕

  54. chinaser121

    Considering my last name is China I'll presume this song is about me

  55. Christina medrano

    Tori has always been wonderful and real I really relate on similar situations....

  56. MrHumanracin

    Wow, how have I never seen this before?!

  57. Matthew Long

    This woman's music is supernatural.

    Melodia Rose

    Agreed!! 100%!!

    Susan Fleming

    Yes, it is. Imagine if she never came along, we would miss out on her loveliness songs and piano playing.

    De klerk Verwoerd

    She has abilities some would consider unatural

    Jeremy C Barnhart

    In a bad way

  58. gallorico40

    One of my all time favorite songs ever! So beautiful and full of emotion it makes me cry each time I listen to it!

    Marilyn Bentley

    It makes me cry too. I love Tori and have for years. I just can't seem to get into her new stuff tho

  59. VickyDoll

    2:36 Incredible! she even plays the piano with the rocks :D

  60. Rusty Z

    Words cannot express the beauty contained in this song.

    Rusty Z

    +Francisco Partida That's what a song is. Words and music. The videos just ruin the experience. There was a time when people would purchase something called a "Hi Fi system" and just sit and listen to music. It was magic, and it's all but gone now in today's world. Sad.

    Holly Parker

    +Rusty Z I cannot put it any better.

    Kate Gilliland

    Rusty Z not tonight Josephine torri. Amos

  61. Shamus St Claire

    I miss my wife

    Rusty Z

    +Shamus St Claire Me too. Mine split over a year ago. Life hasn't been right since.

    Joe Smith

    I miss Tori's old face.

    Rosida Andriyana

    Joe Smith why?

    De klerk Verwoerd

    @Rusty Z Sorry to hear that man

    Jeremy C Barnhart

    Same here.

  62. olive frisbie

    I almost forgot how beautiful this video was.

  63. Marc Moingeon

    It used to be my top favourite song by Tori Amos back in 1992 and later on... Well, maybe it is still this one.... It made me dream so much for so long... I've always loved John Philip Shenale's string orchestrations too. A real pity she didn't worked with him on her latest (and great) album. He would have enhanced most of those splendid songs.

  64. Taurus Felis

    What out of this world creativity! Gorgeous Tori, playing a stone piano. So elegant! I wish more of today's modern videos could take a lesson and incorporate calm, still beauty in its images, illuminating spaces within the human soul... Much more than relying on flash and choppy editing.

  65. Queen Leo

    <3 Beautiful <3

  66. Ignazio Aglieri

    It reminds me of the nice time spent between London and Cheltenham some years ago. In my dearest grandmother's land! England I <3 U

  67. Jay Sharp

    I was an emotional mess when she played this in NYC the other night. Reminds me of my difficult High School years...

  68. Starry&Bohemian

    a true peace of heart

  69. insidespiral8

    I didn't know there was a video for this song

  70. Kent Mains


  71. Static Underground

    she sure is one sea creature you'd like to run into 

  72. yap

    i have that exact camouflage rocks spandex bodysuit

    Sioux Mercer

    @yap The print looks more like the broken pieces......

    Splendid Beaked Man

    +yap lol

    Rosida Andriyana

    yap that looks ugly on your body

    Jeremy C Barnhart

    Dont we all

  73. Сергей Яковец

    Хороший голос

  74. Claudio Rodriguez

    i like her voice.