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Toots And The Maytals Louie Louie Comments
  1. gregorio molin

    Toots...the incredible roots master

  2. mel grant

    Awesome xxxxx

  3. HANDO *

    Def. Got to get this band on Vinyl!!

  4. Marissa butta

    I Love This 100% Yessssssss!

  5. Tundra Runner

    by Black Flag:

  6. Ivan Karamazov

    This Is England

    Tundra Runner


  7. King Toomany Kings

    The best version of this I think... better than the original.

  8. siouxie t

    i love louie

  9. aminadaze

    make it funky now

  10. Pascal Duchene

    Mods and skinheads rude boys

  11. Dean Webb

    385 people were feeling too good to hit the "like" button.

  12. Stan Mann

    Simple awesome ingredients plus skill. My French press. Grinder. Peet's beans. Hot water.

    Stan Mann

    Don't use crap water. We should scream we want a water upgrade to the water infrastructure. Why am i buying water?

  13. Stylem Bonkers

    Very topical the shots of ganja, for was it not on a ship of hempen rope that the original Louie Louie - who was of sweets-pie status - crossed the briny seas in JUST SUCH A SHIP AS THAT? It was begob.

  14. Raf De Raedt

    Links loui

  15. Raf De Raedt

    Loui loui kink

  16. flimbambo

    Excellent version of the somg

  17. titch

    Beautiful texture to this old session

  18. EastOfBourne

    5 million thumbs ups.

  19. Gordon Stoton

    Classic |Ska roots Fuck the racsist shit thats happening now!

  20. Gerard Galan

    Nice groove


    This is how you own a cover

  22. Keith Weaver

    Fantastic. Amazing. Best Louie if you've got to cover Louie.

  23. reuireuiop0

    The real fun is, the first rock version of Louie was played by the Wailers, but no Bob Marley in sight.

    (No Jamaica either, as them Wailers stemmed from Tacoma, Washington :)


    But the narrator (for lack of a better term) was always (Berry, Roberts, Wailers, Raiders, et cetera) intended as Jamaican. Full circle.

  24. Christian dunkley-clark

    WOW new favourite version.

  25. St0PmoAning PleS

    This is England anyone ?

  26. Lewie895

    the best version

  27. E46EMTHR33

    When was this song released ?

  28. George Vickers

    Proper bitta SKA❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇯🇲

  29. Patrick

    omg she is so incredible - awesome artist

  30. Ellen Diane


  31. PUMBA YT

    This is england?

    Joel Springman

    No, man, it's Idaho.

  32. Martijn Vaassen

    Awesome backing vocals all throughout this track

  33. Peter Bircham


  34. April Gerrard

    Awesome voice love it

  35. Carl Berg

    there are 318 people who dont know what great music is

  36. V. V.

    Aren't you glad to not like those "rappers" with tattoos on their faces and 4.99$ beats on the app store ?

  37. Alan Walker

    Im jamming to this like a mofo Freeking outstanding

  38. gloverelaxis

    this recording is an absolute fucking powerhouse performance from everyone the band. absolutely incredible musicianship and vibe from everyone. the time feel, my god! ooffff

  39. Audio Pervert

    Sweating Tracks

  40. Seattle Flyboard

    Its crazy that I've been a music freak for three decades before I ever realized what a genius toots is!!!! this ought to be a mandatory class in sixth grade!

  41. Elspeth s

    My son is named after this song 🤩

  42. KoiNadi

    Yasssssss 2019!!!!!

  43. Joanna

    Amy hitehouse reggae

  44. t100base

    white theives

  45. tomas ramirez


  46. Jan Holik

    you could at least write this is not the original version just like pressure drop '72

  47. d b

    This is like sweet things to my ears ....,

  48. Kate

    Head phones in put this on full love it 😁👍

  49. Mandy O'Callaghan

    Well that's just had me dancing round the kitchen like a loon! Tune

  50. Remie Kisoor


  51. DJ Crystal

    I'm blessed man. Thank you daddy...….. Love you all


    Who is your dad?

  52. Paul Fitzpatrick

    If u don't a like this yo mus be dead

  53. TawdryTempest


  54. lovemycornyrex

    these guys arent bad


    ...actually, pretty good

  55. Robert Dixon

    Quality music putting racism on the back foot since the beginning of time.

  56. Oldbiker Hartmut

    One of the best!!!

  57. Joanne Isaac


  58. Kieth Moon

    Great from Dublin lreland TROJAN 💃💃💃👣👣💃💃👣💃💚MoD💚S .

  59. The Man From Volantis

    This = Joy

  60. Nick Riviera

    Louie louie louie babyyyy

  61. flimbambo


  62. Machinen Kanone

    Best cover

  63. I Troll Idiots

    HOW TF you gonna downvote this? Must have been mistakes

  64. Eager Beaver

    Sing it Toots...

  65. Fat Tony

    The best version of Louie Louie.

  66. James Heyworth

    Now this, ladies and gentlemen is MUSIC..........

  67. MC Simpson

    As a skin i saw Toots do this at the FreeTrade Hall Manchester England early 70s,he threw his purple cap out into the crowd & i caught it,, gave it my girl.. Heptones were the warm up band,, great days.

  68. Peter Bircham

    skin from 68 boss sound

  69. Bradley Tiiboss

    I like this guy

  70. Thad Davis

    Was huge fan of rag-gay back in the day, saw Toots and Peter Tosh at separate concerts, both great shows. Not much in the way of pop music gets to me anymore, but I be gettin' up age, duh.

  71. yulian loaiza

    What genre is this??

  72. Jorge Bazantes

    Lowi lowiii

  73. Mafia Moscoloni

    Reguè de/@l bueno.. el que OS dará satisfacción..

  74. Anthony G

    I am jammin on my porch right now..lok 11/2018.

  75. Inside the JamJar

    i would say something cool but speaks 4 itself

  76. oldstyle z

    never heart this version, fantastic

  77. Nathaniel Wurzer

    When was this recorded?

  78. Mafia Moscoloni

    Èso no es mì de un amigo es de Chiqui.. que me pidió que se lo guarde porque sabe que si yo te explico vos vas a entender.. porque tenemos buen dialogo, encambio èl no sabe lo que es confiar en sus padres..

  79. Mafia Moscoloni


  80. jairo micael pereira


  81. Louie Salardino

    Theres nuttin" cooler then to have LOUIE as a first name,belive me. i alway thought Toots knew me when i was a little kid....named LOUIE..from then on i went by Louie Louie.the rest of my life,

  82. Jennifer Salvatore

    My Dads name is Louie. Musical family speaking

  83. Emmanuel Cruz

    Guys im from the future and youre not gona believe this but.... your music is gona be jammed to on a universal connecting cloud.

  84. Aude Condette

    Impossible de trouver un bon "live" de louie louie !!!

  85. Dr Donald Blake

    I remember this being dropped in the Coens' first film *Blood Simple.*

  86. John Diggelmann

    Amazing !!

  87. Annette Weatherman

    Who wrote "Louie Louie" and who made the first recording?

  88. Ernst Crebas

    the hi-hat of things

  89. Aaron Wilkins

    Awesome. So so uplifting

  90. Kgwatle Koloane

    Dedicated to my uncle mzwandile Singata

  91. Matthew Rimmer

    This is good stuff

  92. Capo

    i fuck my girlfriend to this music

  93. MrGuitzu

    C'est une des versions les plus extraordinaires des Toots and the Maytals...ils représentent une part de notre humanité. 💓💓💓

  94. Guy Fawkes

    One drop, scintillating lead guitar (listen), backing vocals, and Toots. What's not to like?

  95. Adolph Oliver Bush

    This breathes new life into this tired old song. LOVE TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS!!!!!!

  96. Gino Hernandez

    'Blood Simple' brought me here. Love this track!