Toots And The Maytals - Careless Ethiopians Lyrics

So much careless Ethiopians
Have gone astray
So much careless Ethiopians
Have gone away
Hey, hey

They calling up an Antichrist
Each night and day
Pray for a God to come from outer space

So much careless Ethiopians
Have gone astray
So much careless Ethiopians
Have lost their way

Are you coming my way?
Are you coming my way?
I said I wonder what you do
You gotta come my way
Come my way

Is they know not where they're going?
They've gone astray

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Toots And The Maytals Careless Ethiopians Comments
  1. Simka Boems

    Souvenir souvenir👌👌👌👍

  2. Danilo Viveiros

    Well, I'm brazilian from Sant Louis in Maranhão and I love reggae.

  3. Marivaldo Cruz

    Uma pancada

  4. Karen Peneha

    cant wait to see them at One Love 2020

  5. Ruki Tiopira

    Good vibez

  6. rahapa benioni

    I brought this album wen I was in intermediate..still going strong at 45yrs old

  7. Jpaul Goro-atu

    aou sa rappelle des bon souvenir.likmmmm

  8. Taputu& HinaNui

    Yeah This Song 🔥🔥👊 c'la 👌✌✔ Hae !i

  9. o natural

    BAR DO NELSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O MELHOR DO MARANHÃO!!!!

  10. Lawrence Njawe

    Unforgettable track from an eminent master and unshakeable genius of reggae.

    Kenny kaïnda


  11. Elias Lemos

    Clássico da musica jamaicana pedraaaaaa

  12. Junior Pinheiro

    isso sim é pedra do passado

  13. Edie Moitse

    the all times music ahooii, Silassie I the first***

  14. Frederic Villaume


    Fayza 32

    Frederic Villaume ,
    Petit clin d'oeil d'hier soir 🎵👍✌ ( Dara J Family en mode freestyle )
    Peace and love 💙🌎✌🎵

  15. Jardeson Carlos

    Pedraaaaaaaa ... isso eh Reggae... uma viagem

    Klaus Duve

    Ska ***

  16. Treecrow9

    Listen carefully to all those chord changes and note bendings. So beautiful. Then read your Bible and you'll start to understand the lyrics.

  17. Bernadine Puaha

    Bought up on toots always loved there muic :)

  18. Lavinia Pahulu

    when I was 12years old this album was released

    our sounds of the 80s

    wanna be street kid even

    thanks .. these are memorabilia for me

  19. Enfermagem Cest 2015

    0:16 é de arrepiar

  20. Thomas Toma

    love it, all the way back back in my day's  ?

  21. Mandla Austus


  22. Michael J Golda

    Love Him!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  23. Jah Baga I

    Loved this when it came out.... still a kicking tune! hanks for sharing J B I

    Nathan Banda

    great piece of music and full of meaning

    Nathan Banda

    brings good memories

  24. Desmond Wanoa

    Thye calling upon anti crhrist each night and day....  not matter what you do you better come my way you gotta come my way come my way you got to come come come come my way :)

  25. Desmond Wanoa

    some careles gone away have  gone astray they calling uppn anit crhrit from out space have gone astray have lost their way are you coming my way are you coming my way aree there not matter what yolu dpo you got come my way come my way

  26. Jan van

    toute ma jeunesse aux Antilles! yeh

  27. Mandla Mbukwane

    My uncles introduced to this music....

  28. Christopher Mulenga

    RIP uncle boniface,you introduced me to this great MUSIC.

  29. tchuaakaa

    yes toots!!!

  30. zhyarnkatie


    Chris Drew

    I was born in JA, but it was in NZ at Sweetwater that I finally saw TATM back in '82. If you ever have the chance....

  31. Delroy Day

    Classic reggae music from one our eminent musical masters. This song and the relevance thereof will always be valid. Respect for the posting.

  32. Phikay1

    Yes indeed; real reggae roots!! Thanx so much for the upload.

  33. anil kopa

    lovvvvvvve uz

  34. dobrotnik

    @Zemenify couldn't be more...

  35. Chevy Levy

    @hawkzbay01 chur bro

  36. hawkzbay01

    B.P.H.B YOZA

  37. VanRB

    my good collection. love it.

  38. jahpistol1