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TOOPOOR Crazy Girls Comments
  1. Sand

    Like it

  2. Hell Boy

    I’m tipsy with a hint of vodka in me and baby high with a lil weed in my system 😝 he said he likes crazy girls but hates when I act crazy 😜 *TooPoor* ❤️

  3. Jockey Rango

    Ля, такой топчик, не знал что тупур бахает свое музло, ну тут Нолан конечно заебумба постарался

  4. Nando

    Cringe emo shit

  5. Lil SaulDrowzy

    wasnt that here do lol and i just took u to see the guy who gave me some adderal

  6. Артемий 55

    тупур сасатб

  7. Kayla lil peep forever

    She’s like the Courtney to peeps Kurt

  8. Plexico Burris

    This so bad. Only here cuz she dated lil peep

  9. XxFlora FluffxX

    Didn’t she tweet his whole dating peep

  10. Pearl Kasano

    2008 flash-back

  11. gucci

    toopoor is my mom

  12. Frogger89 Frog

    This shit is fucking trash get this shit off the radio waves

  13. Lucas Mendes


  14. meus desenhos minhas artes

    1:18 who saw it was the killstation?

  15. Ruby Miaaa

    was here before 100 views now its nearly at 1mil :)

  16. Diego Santillan

    I Hope that u go to the hell. 🖤

  17. Malicious Corpse

    For every person saying this isn't goth, you don't dictate what is or what isn't goth. Gatekeeping isn't cute.

  18. Damian xanorektyk Zalewski

    Hymn alternatywek

  19. Sasha Polyak

    Я нажратый в 3 часа ночи чо блять тут происходит

  20. chloethecrackhead

    she’s actually so beautiful can i just look like her-

  21. Alyssa Cobain

    perfeita fodase, sou apaixonada

  22. KlatenFN

    1:39 Yeah like breaking peeps heart

  23. first milk then cereal

    i Love u girl omg this is fucking amazing !

  24. Pedro augusto

    vadia bicth tariu o peep naõ seu ingles

  25. Oscar Sandoval

    Lina morgana??

  26. xLe-Mort-Vivantx

    This is good music. You’re all fucking stupid.

  27. Chelsea Blous

    Pinche infiel

  28. discanse em paz lil peep

    Rest in peace lil peep🙏💜

  29. Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae

    Love this

  30. Bernardo Comassetto

    This has a huge 2006 edgy music vibe lol

  31. Filipe Soares

    Peep 23 years
    i brasilian

  32. Saliha Tariq

    my ears bleeding

  33. Samurai Game Play

    Peep die

  34. Alyssa Perkins

    ppl are so negative in the comments. not everyone has the same music taste as you. some people love this song, some people think it’s tolerable, some people don’t like it, some people think it’s the worst song ever. get over it. if someone likes it, let them like it.

  35. vigilantes

    i actually like it

  36. niki fix

    too poor 🦷🖤🌙👻👀💀😘🖤

  37. crybaby Melanie Martínez tailor swift


    F x peep

  38. nothing

    vc fodeu com o peep ;-;

  39. Lizmary Sucks

    I love peep as much as anyone else does but don’t bring hate to her, don’t bandwagon it etc. I’m sure peep wouldn’t want y’all hating on someone like this.. even though she cheated and made a mistake I’m sure most of y’all have cheated on someone before. (I’m not saying it’s okay) but still :/


    Lizmary Sucks PSA I never cheated on him. Let him rest. And spread love. Thanks for ur positivity

  40. Le gameur Du 77


  41. lil bastard

    b i t c h

  42. •trxshbxby•

    Am I the only one who hears “Daddy likes crazy girls” instead of “He says he likes crazy girls”

    Just me? Okay ;-;

  43. Alyssa Åhr


  44. the big sad.

    She’s not even a goth yet she still calls herself a ”goth girl”


    leni † I’m not goth bitch


    @toopoor what's the difference between goth and emo?

    the big sad.

    lmaoo now i have something to brag about😂😂

  45. Rod Garza

    Wooo cool ;)

  46. -porn

    [🌹]— Goth-. . I like It, duh.

  47. GieryOnline


  48. Bleeding Pain

    Courtney Love

  49. ImRektz


  50. Real Noriega

    Dope off the M cat 🐈

  51. Elena

    makes me wanna do whatever I want

  52. Unreleased / sneekpeaks Upcoming hits

    I hate her she only got clout coz of peep

    Exposing The Truth

    Just like you who leaks other songs...

  53. Stephen Capestany

    just go listen to peep

  54. Cat time 227

    Love this 🖤

  55. Violeta Coutinho

    I'm excited for the new music

  56. Kirrlinne

    loving this!

  57. 黑星

    Aguante lil peep

  58. Nathan Flores

    My babymama💋

  59. MiMi

    She’s fucking gorgeous

  60. Pyro- Prophecy

    Pretty terrible 😖😵

  61. JOEL SAD

    Con razón peep se la cojia, esta buenísima

  62. Covetghosts

    Almost to 1m and I’m so excited

  63. Sander Teder

    Idk i keep hearing “ daddy likes crazy girls”
    But i know the lyrics are “ said he likes crazy girls “

  64. peep

    Still don't see layla in the same way but it's good to see she's doing alright

  65. Dirty Icon Tarot

    These lil peep fans are insane. U guys act like u know the guy.
    No one:

    Yall: pEEP HaTes YoU, YOu BroKe HIM! HE wrOte So mAny SOnGz abt YOU”

  66. Dirty Icon Tarot

    I love this

  67. Charlie Lillys

    i remember her blog way back in 2014 ??

  68. amour

    I be draped in ghostveil

  69. Shauna Marriott


  70. Anthony James

    Wtf?... Again

  71. Christen Stevens

    Courtney Love vibes but I like this.

  72. Maya Carrothers

    I love Layla 💛💛💛

  73. Sub to Dashie Sub

    Wut in hell is this

  74. Larry Olson

    Damn u make Marilyn Manson look like Hannah Montana!

  75. Laura Ann

    m a k e m o r e p l e a s e

  76. stef V.R

    Leavin my mark for later

  77. drunkenkittens17

    Too poor doesn’t even identify as goth she has never once said her shit is goth y’all insane

  78. Black Mamba


  79. Kike Åhr

    Peep is dead, peep forever, peep is love ): ❤️

  80. Joshua Danger Experience

    Actually reminds me of Avril Lavigne if she was in Hole

  81. Chad Marcum

    Ohghh bqbyyyyy

  82. Ashley vampyre

    One of my fave songs on the cool;)

  83. Princess Polybius

    How isn’t this at 1mil yet though lmao

  84. Antonio Nava

    Lil peep es mejor que todos

  85. yungluxca 字幕

    It's so goth lol

  86. marie

    no one:
    comments: tHis Is NOt GoTh MuSiC

  87. Lili Ela

    I always want you to succeed. But when you get famous, don't forget us. :D

  88. La Daian's :v Ag

    Mi nueva canción favorita ♥️

  89. Rayven In Wonderland

    I love the vintage gothic period. Like 1800s. Looks like a ghost. Love it. Im 34 and listen to this song everyday. I got daddy issues and its ok 😘 be well everyone

  90. Yazminh hernandez


  91. Melissa soares

    Divaaaaaa ❤❤❤❤

  92. Trisha Thomas

    SO proud

  93. Trisha Thomas

    love youuuu

  94. AllDopedUp13

    I love this shit. Hey TOOPOOR, what’s ur name mean?
    P.S. Why is the guy in tighty whities rather than boxers? Lol