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  1. Vadrif Draco

    Here for the timestamp memes and God, that's a whole new level

  2. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Obi

    Here from Geddy Lee’s Jam or not a Jam

  3. Robert Pettigrew

    Israel pulled my plug first and showed me what they were doing on the ISS Moloch

  4. Sea Of Madness

    👍 Great Song

  5. فارس

    3:18 what kind of dog is this?

  6. kiminsky

    You took me closer to the great change in motion Thankyou Masters of sound for sharing

  7. Joanna P.

    Still a better love story than Twilight

  8. Alice Vilas Boas


  9. T6 xxo

    ah 480p, how i missed you

  10. Oh yeah Swag

    Girls locker room: agh I hate Gym class, do any of you have extra deodorant?
    Boys locker room: 3:03

  11. Guille. Film

    el apareamiento de unos seres surrealistas-extraterrestres

  12. markfromct2

    Do you know the pieces fit? NOT

  13. Jesus Urbina

    JAJAJAJAJA olv está bien denso

  14. Sanam Dutta

    Prequel to Prometheus 😁😂

  15. Gerardo

    0:46 Best part.
    3:33 EPIC

  16. Tosi Mattia

    Why do I find this funny?

  17. tafari manoken

    This is the best band in thé fucking galaxie

  18. Sneeki Breeki

    12 year old me playing with legos 6:43

  19. Mark Mccormic

    Where does video ever to watch on acid

  20. Kamii1987

    07:07 in 2020 the most detalied photo of the sun...

  21. Bloodletting

    No HIV and no STDs.

  22. Bloodletting

    Meth and this song...

  23. Bloodletting

    Fantastic song

  24. Bruce Rogers

    Exercises to do in the shower before a long hard day at work. Loosen up the old back!

  25. John Hines

    This one in particular is diverse and artistic. This one put them as one of my all time favs bands.

  26. John Hines

    This is one of those songs i will listen to back to back. Sober as well.

  27. Christopher Patterson

    Your God. A Giant ASS.

  28. Christopher Patterson

    Your GOD is a fucking LOSER.

  29. CecilxIndy

    Which scp is this?

  30. Ross Bielema

    "Body Worlds" figures out a way to make a few bucks in the off-season....

  31. Bipad Behera

    My version of the main riff

  32. Alberto Said

    I am drunk

  33. Angel Armas

    Producer: so how to you want the guitar solo in the..
    Tool: shush
    Producer:so then what do you want
    Tool:we need bass!

  34. CobaltKitten007

    Freshman juuling in the bathroom 6:07

  35. McMasterMike

    Why did I think watching old tool videos on shrooms was a good idea


    Tool god a perfect circle judas


    Tool is God 2020 mother fuckrs

  38. Quroy

    When Adam hits that pedal at 4:35, it blows my mind every time I listen.

  39. DerHalbeEuro

    just weird and trying to hard to be different.

  40. Fernando J. González G.

    ¡Sé que las piezas encajan!

  41. carla jones

    Me in stats with my team

  42. Motrhead69

    I understand now.......I'm 50 yrs old and finally

  43. TheMotleyOne

    ‘Cube’ vibes

  44. FormlessHarmony

    Memories of watching Alternative Nation on MTV way past my bedtime. Those were the days.

  45. erin e

    tool is a grossly underrated band

  46. Xion Toshiro

    What the Engineers Race do in their spare time

  47. mike gossner

    The Intro Sounds like a Faith Hill song

  48. lrodriguez56021

    The fist song i listened of Tool. What an experience

  49. Ashley Johnson

    Their videos of are so dark but they're so amazing

  50. Happy NewYear

    Threw me but I didn't tell you that though

  51. Paul Wregg

    Thought, I can find some rhythmic-nerds here: In which time signature is ocean eyes by billie eilish (im actually serious)

    Your Worst Nightmare

    It is Allegro (144BPM or 36 measures/m)

  52. lapieces

    fkk tool

  53. miamimilk

    The after effects of AI on the human race.

  54. LyricMetalMan

    Some hard feet fetish going here...

  55. Aleks Aleks

    I wonder how the baby will look like

  56. Emilio Tolson

    borg queen

  57. Jacob Duncan

    When i see the face i cant help but to think of the robot sister from the avengers lmao.

  58. omen of doom

    As Steve t would say
    What is that, what the hell is that, what is that, what the hell is that

  59. Burin

    Girls with blender: I'll probably make a nice hearth or something

    Boys with blender:

  60. Deir Sampaio

    Ótima banda, bom som, pena serem anti cristãos!!!😭😭😭😭

  61. Oskar Hobbs

    First time ever listening to tool, I have always loved the prog and metal genres and this just sounds awesome

  62. Elite Gamerz

    Litterally THE best band to come out of the 90s ngl

  63. Johnny Gomez

    I was looking for a T-tool

  64. Jenni Niccum

    How it feels to chew 5 gum.

  65. Alpha Mitchell

    billie eilish is better ngl

  66. dynadude27

    I know the penis fits!!!,,,lol

  67. Littleton

    awful band lol

    G I A L L O

    Littleton what’s your address

  68. Ryan Ramos

    Can someone send me the link to these jobs on indeed?

  69. Omerus Mortem

    Shit does not slap.

  70. Riverside Rocks

    Minecraft youtubers when they see water at the bottom of a ravine: 3:03

  71. chris burton

    It is very abstract, the first time I saw it I thought it was a man hallucinating while being hung, I still see it that way sometimes

    chris burton

    Goodbye sleep for tonight

  72. borderline delusion

    Fear inn.. is my favorite tool album

    Tool is the best band , hands down , no questions asked.

    Just finished the book about
    Maynard’s life.
    A perfect union of contrary things

    It is better then the catcher in the rye
    Reminds me of the way of the peaceful warrior.
    It was so sad to read about his mom

    But Maynard is an inspiration for. A lost generation

    Thanks for this video.
    This is the best band hands down.
    I wish my band could sound so amazing
    Words and lead guitars and lead vocals
    Borderline delusion band

    We r trying to raise awareness for suicide prevention..

    I was lucky to work with Derf scratch, the original bass player of FEar.
    Also, Durga mc broom
    The background vocals of Pink Floyd from 1988 until recently.
    Borderline delusion

  73. Curron Gajadhar

    The song is about how we loose ourselves everytime we travel dimensions. We are inaa Russian doll fractal reality and for most when we move up or down a level we forget that we can create life and vessels for our spirits to inhabit (notice how it's implied that those bodies are stiched together some how) and the miniture homoniod was a cell in the body that raised it's conciousness and was birthed into the original Giants reality. When it grows and seeks survival which is very much correlated with fear , out of self preservation it fear it's ancestor because it's young in that new world and doesn't understand what's going on so it's behaviour is purely lower chakra/reptilian. When the Giants first imerge there playing with their bodies and their environment until there can she what they are capable of until they remember that they are gods with amnesia.
    Everytime we travel, unless a soul has become self realised/adept or contacted it's oversoul, we go through the amnesia game everyone we incarnate.

    Improve communication refers to when the Kali yuga enters a phase of enlightenment again where we are realize this truth of ourselves at once, and ascend collectively, instead of competitively (in part).

    Check out Alan watts "The Book"

  74. Al Axel

    Esta canción me relaja un montón.
    This song relax me a lot

  75. Unbound Misfits

    i'd love to learn this on guitar fortunately im a singer and can do this 9.8/10 sober 20/10 exactly like maynard

  76. Ravick Bitencourt

    Hum... This is more or less what Salvador Dali would experience in a LSD trip.

  77. Daniel Ramsey

    Tool: let’s make a deep song with a lot of emotional meaning.

    Video producer: ok so how do you want the video to look like.

    Tool: *nervous laughter* *puts on alien costume* yes

  78. Shadow The Gamer

    Photographer: how weird you want this

  79. Barbara Canova


  80. desertrose129 Kazi

    What shit were they on when they made this video? What a trip! Love this song!!

  81. Yridox

    5:13 has me feeling weird lmao

  82. Backpack BOI

    Me and the Bois helping eachother out on how to do headstand : 1:55

  83. Michael Williams

    Imagine if all musicians to do videos like there's

  84. GorillazGuy 280

    I don’t see a dick, sad:(

  85. Rashid Jurgens

    3:13 when your girlfriend stops at the local glory hole

  86. Rashid Jurgens

    3:40, when your friends mock you for being a bedroom producer

  87. Will Zecchini

    These must've all been reuploaded by the tool channel because I DEFINITELY remember watching these YEARS ago I'm talking pre 2010

  88. jacob martinelli

    Although that might have actually helped me loosen up.

  89. jacob martinelli

    With all that out of the box thinking you'd think that they'd come up with something more than mindgames to get sensitive people to murder themselves out of denied loneliness.

  90. Paul Neilson

    Could they have made the video more weird, answer=not really!! 😉

  91. Charlotte Scott

    Anyone got a 300$ ticket for Atlanta the 28th by any chance? I will pay in advance and pray the Buick will make it! Don't really care if I make it back to NC! My kids mid twenties, they will eventually pick me up off the side of I-26... will pack interstate camp supplies just in pieces fell off when I got my Opiate cassette in '92...

    Charlotte Scott

    Lost all worries then!

  92. James P

    Here after Glendale az Jan 18 2020

  93. Ethan Lewandowski

    When my sleep paralysis demon does yoga,

  94. MobileDecay

    See this wouldn't have happened if she just left those fuckin vains in his neck. 😡

  95. Vlad The Argonian

    I understand now.

  96. Yağız Efe Baştuğ

    My mom: there there my handsome son
    Me 7 yrs old: 6:57

    Rashid Jurgens


  97. EbbOneMint


    When you’ve been heart and laugh reacting posts for the last hour and realize you’ve been on the same person’s profile the entire time.