Tool - Reflection Lyrics

I have come curiously close to the end, though
Beneath my self-indulgent pitiful hole,
Defeated, I concede and
Move closer
I may find comfort here
I may find peace within the emptiness
How pitiful
It's calling me (calling me)
It's calling me (calling me)
It's calling me (calling me)
It's calling me...

And in my darkest moment, feeble and weeping
The moon tells me a secret - a confidant
As full and bright as I am
This light is not my own and
A million light reflections pass over me

Its source is bright and endless
She resuscitates the hopeless
Without her, we are lifeless satellites drifting

And as I pull my head out I am without one doubt
Don't wanna be down here soothing my narcissism away.
I must crucify the ego before it's far too late
I pray the light lifts me out
Before I pine away
Before I pine away
Before I pine away (pine away)
Before I pine away...

So crucify the ego, before it's far too late
And leave behind this place so negative and blind and cynical,
And you will come to find that we are all one mind
Capable of all that's imagined and all conceivable.
And let the light touch you
So that the words spill through
And let them pass right through
Bringing out our hope and reason...

Before we pine away (pine away)
Before we pine away (pine away)
Before we pine away (pine away)
Before we pine away.

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Tool Reflection Comments
  1. Stefix

    this is their best album for sure

  2. Tato otas

    7:34 best part


    Is Invincible the sequel to this? Or is there other songs you think might be? It also could be the beginning of Descending because you can hear that water coming in

    Chef Vortivask

    Apparently Disposition, Reflection and Triad are all connected and "one song" in that order, so invincible and descending arent connected

  4. FranklyFranki

    Sittin out back listening to disposition and halfway through the trees start creaking along with the music; theyre still doing it 😲 watch the weather change

  5. Joan M

    Classic. This is in my personal soundtrack. I love you, señor Maynard. Peace from Chile 🇨🇱

  6. Zane Galloway

    This is one of very few videos that I will comment on. You have to find what's worth living for in this life. Consider the path you follow. To you, is it a life worth living? Are you following a path that's worth a lifetime of exploration? Only time will tell.

  7. Jamie Houk

    I ve said it before they are all genius

  8. Marc Patrick Norman

    This track performed live outdoors under a full moon in October 2001 ....
    Magic I will never forget. Also, try holding a plank while listening all the way through if you want an inner body experience. Cheers Tool Army!


    Which drug, LSD or shrooms?

  9. Genevieve Williams

    65 in February and Tool rocks my world almost every day . Can’t be still when I listen to Reflection or Triad. Thinking about taking drum lessons. Cannot get enough

  10. juice controls the media

    It's still unbelievable how talented all 4 members are. Each guy shines their brightest here and that's why I think this is their best track. Only wings for marie is as emotional for me

  11. Anna Bulgariu

    Pink Floyd of our time.

    Bro Odom

    Yes...perfect ...

  12. Zeyuz Rama

    ⚡⚡⚡👁️⚡⚡⚡ ⚡(((((((👤)))))))⚡. 🔈-------👂🔊⚡. ⚡🤲⚡

  13. Colfax the Grim

    *How to listen to Reflection by TOOL*

    *Step 1* : Get stoned.

    *Step 2* : Play the song.

    *Step 3* : Enjoy the most relaxing 11 minutes of your life.

  14. Name your channel

    Fear inccoimn

  15. A. Fel

    Every time i revisit this band I am immersed in a different way. I feel the songs differently with every stage of life: sometimes they're dark and gloomy, other times they're uplifting and awakening. Maybe the way these songs make me feel is a "reflection" ... with that being said, only tool can accomplish this versatility in sound. They have been touched from another dimension. 🙏

  16. OmegaLuma

    Holy atmosphere... I love that industrial synth droning in the background

  17. StoutlandJim

    So crucify the ego
    before it's far too late
    To leave behind this place
    so negative and blind and cynical
    And you will come to find
    that we are all 𝘰𝘯𝘦 mind
    Capable of all that's imagined
    and all conceivable
    Just let the light touch you
    And let the words spill through
    And let them pass right through
    Bringing out our hope and reason.
    Before we pine away...


    The fisherman is here. Thank God.


    @chronic2001n lolwut

  18. andy gamiz serna

    i could listen to this forever

  19. Debra Hurford

    TOOL 2001 this live in the whole arrangements how they played track 10 ,11,12 live on that tour was tools best lived performance period

  20. Caden Hendee

    This song has one of the most captivating guitar notes ever!

  21. Kennel Badilla

    Quiero fumar crack y sentir la conexión con Pachamama

  22. Mike Zavala

    Very similar to fear inoculum

  23. Bryanna F

    Me and my dad have a hypothesis that the lyrics were recorded backwards and then flipped to be forewards

    And it fits with the name too
    Reflections usually make something backwards or opposite

    But also
    This is such a fucking good song

    Zara for universal lord

    Like sang backwards?

    Bryanna F

    @Zara for universal lord yea

    Bryanna F

    @Zara for universal lord not throughout the entire thing but like that first part where it doesnt really sound right

    Zara for universal lord

    @Bryanna F That'd be an awesome tallent, I'll play it backwards in this software I have and see if the vocals sound more human.
    Just did it, it's hard to separate the instrumentals from the vocals but the vocals didn't sound any less bizzare backwards, and some of the jumps seemed even more unnatural than when the playback isn't reversed.

    Bryanna F

    @Zara for universal lord okay cool. Maybe he tried to make it sound like that because it really does aound like it at least in the first bit. It would also make sense with the title, Reflection. Reflections make things backwards. Idk its just a theory and might be totally wrong.

  24. Adam Marquez

    I’m in love a very minimal if you will
    Deep philosophical thought provoking dark psychedelic medley❤️

    Aresthrottle Begins


  25. Guru Prenerf

    Tool is partially responsible for my path on spiritual Awakening. Listening to them for years, made me question everything around me, the institution that we live in, the ills of society. Consciousness, questioning everything in religion, and everything In life in general. I've also had some pretty hard times where life was so fucking hard that i could barely keep going and then "tool" . My love letter to you tool!!! You changed my life.

  26. J power

    Holy shit wtf sounds like Styx mr roboto like 30-40 seconds in when that synthesizer comes in

  27. aalbert78

    Even the fade out is a magnificent riff itself.

  28. Jeremy Wilson

    On repeat

  29. Jared Allred

    strangely one of my favorite tool songs...just picture myself wandering through some dark the guitar rift..but hey that can be said of any tool song right?

    Jared Allred

    agreed, note the paradox...

  30. Michał K.

    I get water in my eyes every time I hear Maynard's gentle sigh at 5:47. Is there something wrong with me?

    Stephen Lee

    Michał K. Honestly most of what he says sets me off lol

  31. Dan Marr

    10:14 can one of you please be a saint and make a 10 hour version of this please

  32. Aaron cadwallader

    When he speaks of crucifyimg the ego it always makes me think of the words of Edgar Cayce.

    Samuel Ramos


  33. T Skraps

    One of the greatest heart opening songs of all time. Thank you for this 💖🙇‍♂️🙏💞

  34. No no

    I think one of the main reasons Tool is able to appear more spiritual and mystical than other bands that try is because Maynard actually is educated on spirituality. Rather than people just using it as a neat gimmick.

    Aaron cadwallader

    All you have to do is observe. Selfless and all encompassing. Individually, we are all very different from one another. Collectively, we are One and the same. This collective realization I believe is the catalyst for the next stage of human evolution.

  35. St alc

    the build up in this song is unreal.

  36. Scarlett EG

    This song deserves much more love!!

  37. Arnulfo Marquez

    What madness conjured this magnum opus.ummo6o6omoomokmokmokmokommokmoomokmokmokmokmokmoomkmokmokm . hmm gd9r0m f2f . okmokmo6kkokmmokmookmkokmokmokmookk6 k mmokmokmoomoomokmokmokmokk6ok6omok6o ok

  38. Tyler Bostick

    Did DMT for the first time to this song and Triad. Fucking incredible

  39. Tyler Bostick

    Did DMT for the first time to this song and Triad. Fucking incredible

  40. Donald Fox

    I smoked DMT to this song.

    Donald Fox

    Well u should be because it was fucking amazing

    James Aaron

    Yyyyeeessss IIII aaammmm!

  41. Ronald Gary

    Whatever beautiful woman I do end up marrying one day I pray she will enjoy Tool with me.

  42. Mr. Steal Your Padawan

    Must crucify the ego, before it’s far too late

  43. Robert Riggs

    Still one of their most underrated masterpieces, in my opinion.


    Your opinion is true

  44. NvikIngsN

    I love Tool. I have to say this song is channeling NIN though. The whole beat for almost the whole song is strait up from the song "The Becoming"

  45. Benjamin Lees

    When you really want to hit that 10 min mark

    jk I love this band

    Bro Odom

    Funny..shoulda took a bike ride instead

    Benjamin Lees

    @Bro Odom or listened to something else😂ppl need to understand humor

  46. FilthyCasualKai

    I'm kind of bummed because I just so badly want to smoke and listen to this on the floor but I will be kicked off the kidney transplant waiting list if I smoke.

    Good news though, I can drink a little of whiskey if I want to!
    No stigma there...

  47. Joseph Mayerchak

    This would fit in perfectly with Fear Inoculum

  48. R. Lynch

    Love this song soo much.

  49. mario butters

    one of my all time favourite TOOL songs. never gets the credit it deserves.

  50. WIllIam Edwards PhotoGraphic

    This song never ceases to massage my soul in just the right way. Tool went into another realm and came back with the gift of this song for all of us. Thank You Tool.

  51. Verge Cryptocurrency

    What a song, so beautiful and haunting and hypnotic

  52. Acid Alien

    Man, TOOL has this way of allowing you to disconnect from the depressing truth of the world and have this inner peace and understanding with’s so incredible. Bless these guys for giving us this escape ❤️ Keep it up guys! You’re appreciated :)

  53. Veritas Man


  54. Anima Enema

    man, i fell in love with Fear Inoculum. But even Lateralus is a can one chose?


    You choose all of them brother

    Anima Enema

    @MrDostoeyevsky sometimes i'm annoyed by the fact that i like them so much.
    Guess that's the magic of art.


    Never choose. Enjoy it all.

    Matt Mcmilion


  55. darkySp

    When you realize that your intro is already 3:44 minutes, so you decide to extend the song to 11:09 minutes

  56. Bilguun Munkhbaatar

    What is the name of the movie that used in the fan made video? (The video got removed)

  57. Lucas Ovelar

    I love de violin, I always thinks whas maynard voice but in the breakdown its obvious

  58. Stonersinap

    Sincaplar gezer palamut okyanuslarının yanan cam yosunlarında

  59. chronic2001n

    One of the most AMAZING songs. I remember listening to this song with my buddy's in our high school parking lot the day it was released. I remember it was the first time I heard them, I was 18, and I was immediately captured.

  60. Rick Bullard

    Sounds like this influenced the intro bass in fear innoculum

  61. Patrick Bateman

    E's A gone air

  62. Meathead615

    I heard this music from a Metal Slug Flash game called, "Urban Slug."

  63. Versace Coffins

    They should have a suicide prevention hotline but when you call they just play this song on repeat

  64. logan keller

    What happened to the video!!! What happened to all the videos!? Talk about a bad acid trip

    Sharon Slaugh

    I know I miss my videos,i should have saved them.The video for Pushit is gone.

  65. dkerris

    I only recently bought Lateralus. I couldn't afford it until recently. I have all but one album now. I don't listen to them a song here and a song there. I've been going through the albums from beginning to end. I find that everything around me has become an annoying distraction from Tool, and that I wish I had a house so I could fill it with this wonderful music. I just can't bring myself to be "that" neighbor and blast my stereo in my apartment.

    But I wish to extend my deep and most profound thanks to Maynard, Danny, Adam, and Justin for all the wonderful music. Thank you gentlemen. Thank you.

  66. Vodkacannon

    Do not use magic mushrooms they are not safe. I repeat, they are not safe. God speed.


    Bad trip huh?


    @Pyschonaut lol


    @Pyschonaut shrooms aren't for everyone. My puny mind couldn't handle them.


    @Pyschonaut i lost control of my body


    @Vodkacannon its ok your ego was just trying fight back into reality and do what ego does, survive. Just let go(kill the ego) and ride the wave and embrace the randomness it provides because it actually teaches you a lesson and give you want you need, not want.

  67. Jon tom

    This song flicks your ass off a huge cliff and catches you all at once.

  68. Saeed Chikhani

    This song has helped me mentally so much...
    "And as I pull my head out, I am without one doubt, don't wanna be down here..."

  69. Adeola Ola

    This song got me thinking about one word. Despair. We can't control the circumstances we find ourselves in. So we tend to wallow in self pity and hold on to our grudges rather than make a conscious effort to come out of the comforting facade we've placed around us.

    Samuel Ramos

    You're wack

  70. Gio

    The outro riff tears at me.

  71. toddbulky


  72. Airbag1010674

    Lateralus will always be their Magnum Opus


    I slightly prefer Ænima but Lateralus is still objectively perfect.

  73. Just a sweaty try hard

    proof Maynard is better then freddie

  74. Pica Weltschmerz

    Am I crazy or are the opening drums here different from the CD? (listens again) holy shit, they are. The first two bars. On my imported CD, the first melodic tom ascension is followed by a little light fill before repeating the pattern, and the second bar features the hard stop on the snare. In this video, however, that is reversed.

    For real, is anyone else noticing this?

    Violet Spookdelaire

    I haven't got the CD, but if I ever get a copy I'll check that out.

  75. Asif Iqbal

    Can't shove my earphones any deeper into my ears goddamnnit

    Ephemeral Memory


    Stefano cousin

    Ephemeral Memory wh-

    Jodie Willoughby

    !!! Goddamnit !!!

    Aresthrottle Begins

    Before I pine away

    Aresthrottle Begins

    @Ephemeral Memory please dont

  76. awildpizzaroll

    Probably just me but this sounds like something that would fit very well in the original 2 Fallout games, particularly the first one. I can imagine it playing in the cathedral or when heading to battle The Master.

  77. Joel46n2


    Nick Groves

    That’s the Best song by tool, but you got the wrong video lol

  78. Bo Shredd

    This helps me. Also it's fun to play on guitar

  79. Brodie Yake

    This is literally one of the greatest albums of all time.


    YUP 100%


    To me personally, the greatest.

    shaking like tremolo

    it's a great album, but lets not jerk off in a circle.

    C.J. Davis



    @shaking like tremolo It's an important album in music industry and history for sure man. It's a pivotal moment in music and art in general.

  80. Julio Rodrigues

    Sounds like the chorus on culling voices

  81. WAAV

    1:36 wow........


  82. Uncle Chopper

    I now feel woke because of this song. Anyone else?
    Smash like if you do.

  83. Limits98


    I have come curiously
    Close to the end,
    Beneath my self-indulgent,
    Pitiful hole
    I concede and
    Move closer
    I may find comfort here
    I may find peace
    Within the emptiness,
    How pitiful

    And it's calling me...
    Calling me
    It's calling me...
    Calling me
    It's calling me...
    Calling me
    It's calling me...

    And in my darkest moment,
    Feeble and weeping
    The moon tells me a secret,
    Her confidant
    As full and bright as I am
    This light is not my own and
    A million light reflections
    Pass over me
    The source is bright and endless
    She resuscitates the hopeless
    Without her we are
    Lifeless satellites drifting
    And as I pull my head out
    I am without one doubt
    Don't wanna be down here
    Soothing my narcissism
    I must crucify the ego
    Before it's far too late
    I pray the light lifts me out

    Before I pine away...
    Pine away
    Before I pine away...
    Pine away
    Before I pine away...
    Pine away
    Before I pine away...

    Crucify the ego,
    Before it's far too late
    And leave behind this place
    Negative and blind
    And cynical
    And you will come to find
    That we are all one mind
    And capable of all that's
    Imagined and unconceivable
    Let the light touch you,
    Let the words spill through
    And let the past break through
    Bringing out our hope and reason

    Before we pine away...
    Pine away
    Before we pine away...
    Pine away
    Before we pine away...
    Pine away
    Before we pine away...

    Samuel Ramos

    Thanks genius

  84. Dustin Cort

    Decending is the same beat as this. Decending is like if they redid this song but better. They're both beautiful peices of art that make my soul leak


    @Julio Rodrigues OMG how did I not notice that!!!


    Reflection, imo, is better than descending. Far more powerful, but I havent properly listened to Descending- maybe ill change my mind idk.

    Brandon Werner

    @nopleease Both in my top 10!

    Nikola Tesla

    I think reflection is way better than descending

    Dustin Cort

    Descending is the best song I've ever heard

  85. Pogn Illat

    Hey it's a song about self actualization and in 8/8!

  86. Daggerfall40

    My favorite Tool song. Lateralus is a perfect album.

  87. Matt Lewis

    Take mushrooms & listen to Disposition Reflection Triad through the come up. Its fantastic but this part is the juiciest


    Mushrooms are bad for you.


    @Vodkacannon wrong

  88. Isilic

    You cannot dislike this song, for its meaning and entire composition just can't. This must be one of their best, at least on my top without any doubt :)

  89. Gravitalez

    El mejor tema de Tool

  90. Andynightsky

    I am enjoying existence listening with you all.

  91. Astute Noodlz

    Thank you!!!

  92. Mr. Pssxd

    Is a 4/4 tool song? Wtf

  93. Misael Valencia Montiel


  94. eclecticmuso

    A shame that whoever played the sarangi on this track isn't credited anywhere afaik. I don't think it's a sample as it's really well performed and doesn't loop frequently enough, and I don't think it's a MIDI sound for the same reason. I'm sure whoever played it would've loved to have been acknowledged.

    Sthaman Sinha

    Adam played it...


    @Sthaman Sinha Are you certain of that? If so that's pretty awesome!

  95. Yôhānān Yugioh

    My favorite from this album

  96. Lysergic SD

    Spiral Out!

  97. itchyvinyl

    Why is there an old phone ringing in the background starting at 9:52?

    andy gamiz serna

    maynard's mom calling to tell him his little fishies are baked

    Solid Saturn03

    I do not hear it

  98. Ignacio Centurion

    This will be the entire last album but I dont fall asleep in the middle of the tracklist and it last 11 minutes

  99. Baz87100

    I wish people would stop going on about Schism, Parabola, Lateralus (song) etc and pay more attention to this. It just seems people listen to the most popular songs (i.e singles and old chart songs) and don't pay attention to the real masterpieces. Not real Tool fans.