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  1. William Miranda

    I’m sorry, the salival version is far superior to this version. The salival version has a lot more going on musically, with more instrumental variation, going from being slow, haunting, and almost calming, to heavy, heart-pounding and, well, alive in the span of fourteen minutes without you being fully aware of the transition. The first time I listened to that version, the beginning of the song had me in a calming, trance-like state of pure serenity, and by the end of the song, my heart was pounding, my blood was rushing to my head, and my breath was stolen from me with how powerful the instrumental climax was. I was taken to another world. And, I haven’t even touched on the vocals. They are far better in the salival version. They carry so much more sorrow and weight. And, of course, to top it off, the whole song was performed live. That alone could be enough to establish the salival edition as being the undisputed victor of this competition, in my eyes. That being said, this isn’t to say that the album version of Pushit is bad. Not at all actually, in fact, I do enjoy this song, and I wish Maynard incorporated more elements of it in his salival version. Those are my two cents.

  2. What a creep Duh.

    I was 10 listening to them for my first steps into a mother fucking world of rock and metal and greatness. I believe my mom did well on that.

  3. Kane's Crimes

    I can't decide who I like more?...Tool or Maroon-5...

  4. Daniel Thompson

    "The Marianna Pinnacle"
    (the St. Marias' sistership)

  5. Daniel Thompson

    "Living in Superior, Arizona"

  6. Fu Que

    Some song make me close my eyes and take it in, this is one

  7. Omar

    With Tool you need to carefully choose when you listen to their songs. They're long, and you wouldn't want to pause even once. It ruins the flow.

  8. Jeremy Bennett

    I love tools!!!! They are a hot upcoming band. I hope someone big like Billie Eilish gives them a shoutout.

  9. Ken Mcguire

    I saw an unknown band called Tool in a small bar in Florida, near Boca Raton, visiting my little brother in the early '90s. Well, after that I was never the same and I told everyone that would listen, that there is an up and coming megaband called Tool. I got lots of laughs. Then I saw them at a Lalapoloza show in NJ, where they were on the second stage when Primus headlined. I thought Maynard was going to throw an aneurysm because the veins on his neck and forehead looked as though they would explode, calling out the audience to raise hell and mosh it up. Best band around, including all offsets like Puscifer, Perfect circle.

  10. skullboss 56

    Don't hate on me but this is my favorite album of all time

    country collapse

    In 1996 I listened to it until 1997


    Who the hell would hate on you?

  11. Jason Martin

    Pneuma, Descending, 7empest and Invincible are great. Freaking awesome in fact. But this song, this version, is still my number one.

    Jason Martin

    Happy new year!

  12. Theoretical / Practical

    Bieber > Tool

  13. Corey Dallmeyer

    Is this about what I think it is

  14. Eric Wid

    Thank you Tool. Best Christmas music ever!

  15. Bailey Moran

    I was in a situation like this. I can’t, in good faith, call it a relationship, though this person considered it that. He was only a friend and roommate to me, but he had a deep rooted obsession with me. I don’t know how I got so intertwined in his bullshit. I was stuck because of fear.... fear of what would happen to him, and fear of what he could do to me. The lines ‘I am somewhere I don’t want to be’ and ‘there is no love in fear’ both strike me every time I hear this song.

  16. Ryan O'Sullivan

    Greatest album next to Opiate! S/F

  17. therealcouchpotato 95

    I may or may not just eargasmed at the end.

  18. Emma Devlin

    Anybody remember the fan made video that must have got removed???? Really wanna find the movie of those sad mannequins with that little bird again if anyone knows the name of it or the artist I'll love u forever

    Fu Que

    Many user made vids have been purged, I've lost many favs

  19. Carl Johnson

    Fuck off

  20. Spyder 77

    Does anyone else ever hear it as "Put Shit On Me"? Or am I the only one...

  21. Tracey Bygrave

    Rest your trigger on my finger 😢

  22. G Honders

    I’ve always heard “slipping back in the gap again of a love where you are touching me, a love where you are shoving me down” is there some officials lyrics where he’s saying “alive when”?

  23. mikelovestrina

    iiiiiiiii'm slipping back into the gap again
    I'm alive when you're touching me...
    Alive when you're shoving me down, hey
    But I'd trade it all... for just a little... Peace of Miiiiiiind!!

  24. D Clif10

    Thats scream 8:55ish

  25. Patrick Charland


  26. Jay Johnson

    Old School Fanatic.
    Thank You for Years of Great Music for Generations to Enjoy.
    /Bow you are Artists

  27. RacoonMaster

    i listen to this shit when i take a dump


    Ænima is a pretty damn good album

  29. Blanco Barbequez

    This song has gotten me through some rough times

  30. guimeplaying

    "Slipping back into the gap again. I'm alive when you're touching me, alive when you're shoving me down, but I'd trade it all for just a little PIECE OF MIND!". - Man, what a line!

  31. guimeplaying

    "Pushit" deserves millions of views. It's hard to choose one, but this is the best Tool's song.


    Yes it is


    the best fucking album

  33. whereismymind

    4:53 - 5:18 My god...Peace Of Mind

  34. c c

    All major bands are scripted & created by music corporations, & their music is ghostwritten....

    Ben Postle

    And how the fuck would you know that lmfao

  35. TheHoodyBadger

    Amazing sex song.

  36. J Pennington

    You put me somewhere I don't wanna be.

    That line is EXTREMELY relatable.

    We've ALL been there at some point.


  37. Sean K

    But I’d trade it all... for just a little...

  38. Arturo Barhar

    This must be how heaven sounds

    Samuel Ramos

    Or hell...
    Same thing

  39. Caleb-Christopher

    I viewed this track 12:48 am eastern time in Greenville, Rhode Island. Just sayin.

  40. A.R. Riley

    You guys what if this song is written from the perspective of Maynard’s dick

  41. K Lents

    Why does the gas mileage in my '06 Tundra go down so far whenever listen to this song? (esp. beginning at the 6:27 mark)

  42. amyshulk

    love love love this

  43. Pig Ford

    I remember thinking how good Undertow was when it came out & then in 96 when this came out I think it started to dawn on people that there was something truly special happening with this band....they were completely original & obviously very talented,by the time Lateralus came out 5 years later there was very little doubt that this was probably the best band on the planet,you could just feel how different they were in every thing they did,it was like they knew something that the rest of us didn’t...I’ve been a fan since 93 when I was 22 years old,I’m 48 now & still love them as much as I did 25+ years ago

    Fts Ftw

    They are original no other band can touch them best band of all time

  44. Chaff Mack

    it's a little known fact that Tool can eat your bad vibe

  45. villano618

    its the 1st song I listen to when I go to the gym, it sets the mood for the rest of the time there and I just want to give it my all. its an amazing song and the first time I heard it, I was floored. TOOL IS AMAZING!!

  46. unknown skyman

    Ridiculous how good that song is...

  47. DoubleClock

    A 100% must listen to by TOOL.

  48. jake hosey

    Danny Carey always makes tool songs awesome.

  49. Andres J

    Every tool song is amazing, but 3:05 of this song is the single most beautiful tragic and vulnerable moment of all of their songs for me.

  50. NightCrawler775

    7:49 That melody though.

  51. Metalllians86


  52. Pig Ford

    No other bands music can evoke feelings the way Tool’s music does ,it’s hard to put a finger on it but there’s something their music does that no other band can seem to duplicate which is what makes Tool such a special once in a lifetime ( if you’re lucky) band 🤘🏻🖤it’s like they know something that the rest of us don’t 🤨



  53. big Chris

    There was two versions off this right?

    Y Tho

    Well off into string theory,

  54. Mr. White

    Adam Jones stop riffing in my head! The thunder! THE THUNDER!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!😫

    Y Tho

    What you know about dime bag Darrell?

  55. B-Retro Gamer

    I've rediscovered this track. Cant stop listening Sooo deep and sad

  56. Memento Catharsis

    Gotta love MJK. Strips naked and screams before running of stage looking like he's having a panic attack. They are so professional and yet such regular guys. My favorite music since I was 12.

  57. Ernie Gangus

    Definitely in the top 5 for me... (1) Lateralus... 2-5... arrange how you see fit - Forty Six, The Grudge, Pushit, Hooker

  58. Stephen Mckimmie

    This song is a perfect flawless masterpiece

  59. OmegaLuma


  60. evan/odd

    There is a surface level meaning to this song, about a failing relationship between two people that genuinely love each other.

    Then there is a deeper, more personal, meaning behind this song that I interpreted when I first heard it several years ago. It's about someone who is dealing with two differing personalities within them; not necessarily to the extent of borderline personality disorder, but the difference of the self that you conjured for the world to see, and the true self that you simply are.

    We all have this inner gap that we may stretch or close when around certain people or places. We see that gap when we aren't being honest with ourselves, and entering that gap kills who we truly are.

    The song climaxes with the lyrics "If when I say I might fade away like a sigh if I stay, you minimize my movement anyway, one must persuade you another way"

    This part, to me, references the crossing point of those two selves. One must take dominance over the other, no matter how much these two selves might love each orher. "Remember I will always love you, as I claw your fucking throat away. There will be no other way, there will be no other way."

    I've not found any other interpretations of the song like mine, maybe i'm wrong, or maybe thats just how deep Maynard's lyrics truly go.

    Ernie Gangus

    Very insightful... it also piggy backs on the whole "shadow" concept outlined in forty six & 2

  61. chris byrd

    twelve people have no taste

  62. malpeice2

    Here’s another one of Heathers unpopular opinions on a TOOL video: This song is about domestic violence.

    bj meme

    Thank you

  63. John Joe

    This is ............I own all albums just TOOL... and this track is the best IMO by far..

  64. tpietropaolo01

    My fav trk right here.... well one of them at least.

  65. Bubbles

    It will end no other way.

  66. Mike Rotch

    Just listened to the first APC album and it really felt like a step back from where Tool was. I can see why Judith was the only song that got airplay.

    B-Retro Gamer

    Actually there were 3 singles that got airplay. Magdalena, 3 libres and Judith

  67. Tim 2112

    It's all good

  68. Joel Arms

    I love you ALL. But sorry, is light years ahead of the salival cut. Both AMAZING!! But this, chills me every time!!

  69. Breadman



    Things like that are the only thing i miss in fear inoculum, maynards old badass screams.

  70. bren mc

    I just said to my self, 'self, why don't you stick on Tool, Pushit.' I did and listened 3 times. Probably the best half hour I have put in for a long while. Come back to Ireland you fuckers. We need a Tool gig soon.

    Cowboy Dan

    They won’t even come to Minnesota 😔

  71. John Joe

    TOOL is the best

  72. TheHumanScorch

    If you want to introduce someone to TOOL & their “sound”, choose this tune. It’ll suck anyone & everything in.

  73. Atlas

    And I find myself back again. Taking a shower.

  74. Limits98


    Saw that gap again today,
    While you were
    Begging me to stay.
    Take care not to
    Make me enter,
    If I do we
    Both may disappear.
    Know that I will
    Choke until I swallow,
    Choke this infant here
    Before me.
    What is this
    But my reflection?
    Who am I to judge
    Or strike you down?

    But you're
    Pushing and shoving me.
    Pushing and shoving me
    Pushing and shoving me
    Pushing and shoving me
    Pushing and shoving me.
    Pushing and shoving me
    Pushing and shoving me
    Pushing and shoving me

    You still love me,
    Still love me,
    But you didn't need to
    Pushit on me,
    You still love me,
    Still love me,
    But you didn't need to
    Pushit on me,

    Rest your trigger
    On my finger,
    Bang my head
    Upon the fault line.
    You better take care
    Not to make me enter.
    Cause if I do
    We both may disappear.

    But you're
    Pushing and shoving me.
    Pushing and shoving me.
    Pushing and shoving me.
    Pushing and shoving me.

    You still love me,
    Still love me,
    But you didn't need to
    Pushit on me,
    You're pushing and shoving me.
    You're pushing and shoving me.

    I'm slipping back
    Into the gap again.
    I'm alive when
    You're touching me,
    Alive when
    You're shoving me

    I'd trade it all
    For just a little
    Piece of mind.

    Pushit on me.
    Pushit on me.
    Pushit on me.
    Pushit on me.
    Your Pushing
    And shoving
    And scrambling
    To keep my feet
    Flat on the ground

    I am somewhere
    I don't wanna be.
    Push me somewhere
    I don't wanna be.
    Put me somewhere
    I don't wanna be.
    Seeing someplace
    I don't wanna see.
    Never wanna see
    That place again.

    Saw that gap again today
    While you were
    begging me to stay.
    Managed to
    Push myself away,
    And you as well,
    My dear.

    If when I say
    I might fade
    Like a sigh if I stay,
    You minimize my
    Movement anyway,
    I must persuade you
    Another way.

    Pushing me
    There's no love in fear.

    Staring down the hole again.
    Hands are on my back again.
    Survival is my only friend.
    Terrified of what may come.
    Remember I'll will
    Always love you,
    As I claw your
    Fucking throat away.
    It will end no other way
    It will end no other way

  75. B00STed

    Iconic 8:47

  76. TheJudge

    When it comes to TooL songs that complete the journey for new fans, I think for many people, this is the song that does it. This song could appear on any TooL album and remain a stand-out.


    Why tf do people keep having a capitalized "L" in Tool. Neither the logo(s) nor the actual word looks like that

  77. Nick Knee

    7:47 There's them chills again
    Thanks Tool!!!!!

  78. TheWarriorWithin 55

    No more bad quality bois

    TheWarriorWithin 55

    @E ye *boi*

  79. Gerald Houk

    Is Danny a better drummer than Lars?

    Sir CampsAlot

    Does a bear crap in the woods?


    I'm seriously in love with everything Danny. He's amazing, down to earth, deep sweet... I'll even overlook the fact that he's a Lakers fan... No one's perfect... He's pretty close.

  80. Tim 2112

    What do you think this song is about

  81. Tim 2112

    I'm ,25

  82. Tim 2112

    Everything they have done all of their music is kick ass best band of my generation good for a bunch of middle aged men around my age grew up to this

  83. C. L. Hutchindaughter

    3:07 favorite piece of music ever made, and I Am God.

    Andres J

    I completely agree. That line gives me chills every time. They changed that part in the live version from salival and that is the reason I will always love the original version most

    TrustNoOne 622 Of The Village

    @Andres J I love this part. It's my favorite part of this song


    For me it’s 7:54 on...

    Andres J

    malpeice2 It really is a masterpiece with so many moments

    TrustNoOne 622 Of The Village

    @Andres J my favorite song from tool

  84. Christian Marcos

    this is the first song I heard from Tool ... and still majestic and powerful just as I heard it three years ago. such a masterpiece !!

    Joel Arms

    I heard it 23 years ago for the first time. It still amazes me!



    Elaine Morgan

    my first too :D

  85. Jason E.S.

    Push it real good

  86. Forrest Haines

    "if when I say I may fade like a sigh if I stay, you minimize my movement anyway, I must persuade you another way...."


    ''Pushin shovin pushin shovin Pushin me''

    Steven Costa

    My favorite part <3


    There’s no love in fear

  87. Elijah Cantu

    Justin > Paul


    Paul wasn't here for this album it was Justin

    petethedogis cool

    @B00STed Paul was there while the album was being written, you can see the band perform a few songs live before this album came out while he was still in it


    @petethedogis cool I know but he didn't Write everything on the record pretty sure he wasn't on this song but I know he had some stuff with H. Eulogy. Forty six and two and I think Jimmy may be wrong ok to the point. He wasn't touring with the band and wrote the bass line 4 songs out of 9. Idk I just want to go to bed😆

  88. Tom Shull

    Best album by far

  89. joe stewart

    Musicians : the bar was raised 8/30/2019 --------> Tool: higher than giraffe pussy.

  90. Felipe Encalada

    oh men , but salival version its better

  91. Brayden Miller

    One must persuade you another WAYYYYYYYY

  92. Pete Oliva

    I go back and forth with a few others (Reflection, Rosetta Stoned, Lateralus...), but overall I think this is my absolute favorite Tool track. Masterpiece. This is what happens when musicians make art and not just music.

  93. thundarr isaboss

    So much great tool, but this has to be their best tune. Hell, this album is the greatest album ever, imo. (And yes I'm a huge fan of sgt pepper and pet sounds, but they aren't THIS good. )

  94. Isaac spohn

    Someone tell Lars that THIS is how you mix an open snare.

    magic turd

    He encompasses angry little Mr. Ulrich

    Ethan Peterson

    honestly, the eq could've been a little better and it could've been a little quieter

    alex davies

    lars is shite

  95. Ozric42

    Still my favourite Tool song!

  96. Thrashaero

    I once plagiarized the last several lines of lyrics for an english class homework assignment in high school.

    Corey Dallmeyer

    I used to plagiarize marilyn Manson portrait lyrics

    Cheeki Breeki

    I did the same but laturalus.

    Bailey Moran

    I wrote this song on my binder, not fully grasping the content, and I got called into the guidance counselor, and questioned about ‘problems at home.’ I had various metal lyrics written on all my book covers, note books, etc. This one was the one that was a concern, lol. I didn’t figure out that it was about abuse until my own situation, staring at the gap.

    folding plane trapozoid

    I did it with a Tom Petty tune "good to be king"

    folding plane trapozoid

    The whole song's lyrics in middle school...

  97. Tim 2112

    Tool is for all time past and future 😉

  98. Tim 2112

    Laugh on