Tool - Parabol Lyrics

So familiar and overwhelmingly warm
This one, this form I hold now.
Embracing you, this reality here,
This one, this form I hold now, so
Wide eyed and hopeful.
Wide eyed and hopefully wild.

We barely remember what came before this precious moment,
Choosing to be here right now. Hold on, stay inside...
This body holding me, reminding me that I am not alone in
This body makes me feel eternal. All this pain is an illusion.

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Tool Parabol Comments
  1. saumagen

    9:36 woke

  2. meta man

    This helps me with my depression

  3. __Phox__ __Trot1__

    T R I C K Y !!!!

  4. Daine DeClercq


  5. SL Francisco Drums

    reminds me so much about that one south park episode

  6. Joe Thoman

    It’s been a privilege to have been listening to them for almost 30 years.

  7. F1Slunk

    When he cuts the apple open, the seed cluster changes into sacred geometry, subtly. Danny and the boys are into such things, ya know....

  8. robert grace

    Just another board meeting at Google......

  9. Francesca Marchini

    I'm the 19000 thumb up! :-O

  10. Дэн Токарев

    почему такой странный наркоманский клип

    Мадара Мюллер lilexplorerofficial

    Это Tool, что ты ожидал?)

  11. DuHsty Munkey

    No need to say anything else, those that are here know exactly what I mean.

  12. redwood boy

    The fact that there's 300 dislikes disgusts me.

  13. Sandra Munoz

    Rest in Peace my dear friend and soulmate, Jon Freeman.. :( I miss you

  14. Matt Snow

    I hate that part of this video became a stiped meme, anyone with me on this shit

  15. 1423 171

    Can you Imagine how trippy this vid would have been watching it back in 2001

  16. tritondriver1

    Tool is so HEAVY

  17. Peter Johnson

    Time for some y^2=2px amiritebois?

  18. stupid_sleazoid 2

    I reeeeallly should stop watching these newfound tool's videos before bed.

  19. Califlower \,

    I love tool so much

  20. Curtis Miller

    I have suffered from depression my whole life (almost 36 now). My teenage years to young adulthood was the worst but I still deal with it off and on today. It still shows up for no reason at all. This song has always been my rock to calm it down when it gets overwhelming. Thank you tool for always being there for me. This song will take me through many levels of emotion but when it's over I'm calm. Also thank you for after a 13 year wait you created the biggest masterpiece of all time.

  21. Jablan

    15.12.2019. Rip to my uncle, this song will always remind me of you

  22. Jacob 166

    Can a die hard tool fan please tell me if this song is or isn’t about a dmt breakthrough?

  23. paul John


  24. Daniel Juno

    Tool is one of the best bands of all time. Their music videos are trippy and amazing.

  25. Watermelonslam T

    I don’t think anyone could make it through a Tool created horror movie using their own characters & music...

  26. Seth Collazo

    that little guy is kinda cute tbh

  27. crazymelomanka

    They have the weirdest and most mind blowing videos. That is so fascinating

  28. Revol. Nona

    Hi 👋

  29. XCjrobx

    Vengo desde memedroid jaja salu2

  30. Alonsinwhat Quiroga

    Yooo, nice meme

  31. DMT Infinity


    The best planking video online.

  32. citrus succ

    Friendly reminder that if you play parabol/parabola at exactly 11:56:55 on the last day of December, the drop will hit on new years.
    Start the year off right, and spiral out.

  33. StoutlandJim

    Love that Mantra is a part of this.

  34. Ethan Ramsden

    Im gonna be having some weird dreams tonight

  35. churandy martina

    5:34 best moment of musical history

  36. Nick

    When kids don't get this, they'll say " ok boomer". That's when you know the fascists have prevailed.


    what the hell are you on about? this is why maynard hates his fans

  37. Yeetus Fetus

    Me when I learn how to read the minecraft enchantments:

  38. Toby Klase

    This so deep I had an out body experience for 10 minutes and 8 seconds. I cant even words right now!

    Henry Sylvester

    Tool brings you to a whole new reality of spiritualism

  39. MrJakeJimmy

    This song and video is on another level, amazing.

  40. J R S Blake

    I love discovering these guest appearances like Tricky and Henry Rollins on the first album, makes me realise how Tool intersects with a lot of great artists

    Henry Sylvester

    Also, Maynard was featured in other artists tracks like Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine.

  41. sambru

    You hear that Buddha kinda whispering sound at 2:52
    Now, watch this awesome trip from Rick and Morty:
    Ha ha ha the whispering transmuted into a nice burping sound. Anyway, I didn't know Rick and Morty's creators were Tool fans.

  42. Kevin Law

    Did the animator ever stop and just say "what the FUCK"?

    Henry Sylvester

    Damn is that a Rage Against the Machine profile picture? If so, respect ✊

  43. Carlos Flores

    5:33 that moment, that goddamn MOMENT

  44. Pedro José Antonio

    I tattooed "alive and breathing" on my forearm. This song has a beautiful message.

  45. Daine DeClercq

    Is this why Gen X gets passed over?

  46. Joe York

    makes dumb people so madddd

  47. Joe York

    eat sum

  48. Joe York

    angry people........shhhhhhhhh

  49. Jack fox _ official

    A 10 minute long song?

    What is this, Tool?

  50. DeepFriedSalt

    Yeah, this is big brain time.

  51. Cat Swag

    That hit when Parabola starts gets me every time.

  52. vmdilaverr

    281 dislikes from people who are not living eternal. pain is not an illusion to them.

    beforeTHEthought ofPERCEPTION we WERE not HUMANS

    Its true

  53. attera26

    Lo mejor es un ser maravilloso un maestre 33 lo seguiré hasta la oscuridad para renacer en su música lo q me salvará de perder el camino luz y fuerza en perfecto balance

  54. Epic Math Time

    "What's your favorite happy ending?"


  55. hermitm

    Upload date equals "999".

  56. Spuck1983

    The end...that's the true jedi =)

  57. Spuck1983

    We remember...we choose to be here...

  58. Evil Santa

    that thumbnail shows what a man is going to be when he has done the no nut november

  59. Xavier Loubet-Malet

    and Tricky everywhere in everything cool in the late 90's

  60. Mason French

    If you play a to be continued meme right as the last guitar chord is played, both are in perfect key sync.

  61. The Tito TV Show

    {({ "][" {()} {()} }]_,, })}

  62. NecrodevilEvilous

    It's really cool that Tool finally uploaded all videos to their channel! But it's bad that they deleted all previous videos (I mean, at least they had a lot of interesting comments).
    And the main question is: why ALL video are just 480p, not HD? I have Tool DVDs with all videos, but I really want to see Tool's HD video on YouTube... It's really sad :(

  63. Lindy Latham

    Oh my god..ths is tool

  64. Justin Kline

    Holy shit! I never watched this video to the end (I know, punk rock has shortened my musical attention span). But my God those transforming images were epic.

  65. TheDeadChannel

    Parabol (a)

  66. JHaz

    Joe Rogan: Hey Tool, ever done DMT?

  67. Matty Matty

    IMO Parabol/Parabola is the best song that I have ever heard in my entire life. It is perfectly written.

  68. The Terrible Puddle

    My yoga instructor put Parabol and Mantra on during a session. I like him

  69. Scott Hildebrand

    I saw Tool twice accidentally. They opened for the Ramones in 1991 and were basically booed off the stage. Their set ended when the guitarist was accidentally hit in the head with the base of the singer's mic stand. The second time was Lallapalooza 1993.

  70. The knitting committee The knitting committee

    spooooky ,, thank you

  71. Orxan Aliyev

    aagh it reminds me the cold silence and loneleness like grave

  72. Livia Lautenschlager

    Innoculate my fear.

    Tool : hold my beer.

  73. Timothy Kozdemba

    I am still not exactly sure why I love this band so much. Before I discovered them (strange time in my life) I worshiped other bands prior, namely 80s Metallica and Pink Floyd. To this day TOOL is still my favorite. After seeing them live three times and witnessing Fear Inoculum on stage, I just don't have any more words. I cannot think of another band that takes so much patience, meticulousness, and psychedelic beauty which makes us think...why are we even here?

    End rant, long live TOOL.

  74. blendernoob64

    Tool is by no means a top 10 band for me, but this song Parabola, means a lot to me. I know the guys in Tool don’t believe in any gods, or religion, but do have a fascination with spirituality. As a Christian, I found this song to be so empowering and almost reads like a prayer. No matter what happens to me, I know there is another life outside this one and God is watching over me as a helping hand. Life is beautiful, and I thank him every day for it.

    That may not be the intended message Maynard and the gang want to put out there, but that’s what I get out of it. The song also sounds otherworldly and awesome on top of that. One of my favorite songs ever.

  75. Barry Mcockiner

    Me and the boys discussing poop and pee 3:35

  76. Psychonoid 00

    I never understood the meaning of this video.
    Could someone help with a reference?

  77. Brian

    every tool video has some comment about dead people lmao

  78. Morpho εiз

    Eyebrows be on fleeeeeeek

  79. Multi7on

    whining singer

  80. Dustin Miller

    Interactive Tool high contrast geometry planet earth Lateralus !!!

  81. Persomelize Goo-gull Cervesaz

    But maynard, how do you know history would not change given the chance to replay the tapes?

  82. Moanika Lowinski

    9:20 How people feel when they say "Where are her organs?"

  83. Nahual Fuego

    El dolor es solo una ilusión ✨

  84. K SE

    Nobody builds a story like Tool. Brilliant Always.

  85. Alex Pedregon

    I'm a late comer to Tool and can't believe it took me so long to appreciate the absolute genius of their work.

  86. Marcus hardcore

    WOW! Thats a great video.

  87. Kwacker Man

    Everything about tool,has always attracted me to their musical perfection,beliefs and ethics and the fantastic videos

  88. AL spezial

    id really like to know if the art at the end represents what you witnes while beeing on dmt

    (i know that it shows the 7 main chakras by the way)


    something like it yes

  89. William Dorer

    Saw this Live Monday. Today is Thanksgiving........ Still Blown Away!

  90. Hank Igoe

    kick out the jam 4:07

  91. X__ Ace __X

    I may not be the smartest but I can at least appreciate this is a fucking masterpiece

  92. Trey Charles

    The structure of this song along with many others is a staple of Tool, and with their latest album that structure was not replicated at all. The overall musicianship was blatantly poor.

  93. Golden_ _ADOBE

    Ok **what?**

  94. Toa Gatanuva

    to become one with the universe

  95. Simon Keel

    It sounds cliche but Danny Carey is the greatest drummer to come out of the 90's, he is a powerhouse.