Too $hort - That's Not Your Bitch Lyrics

That's Not Your Bitch No Lyrics. That's Not Your Bitch If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Too $hort That's Not Your Bitch Comments
  1. Rylexable

    50 cent did a song w this same beat ,anybody remember the name?

    Dee Richardson

    Rylexable I'm trying to figure the title


    styles P too

  2. friendlyonweekends


  3. Diana Montoya

    Thats not yo bitch !

  4. Nyce Patterson

    The shit !!

  5. Bad Man

    man this shits fresh

  6. OutLandish OtherWorldSwank

    Trust No Bitch

  7. cadillactoddd

    2 sheezy

  8. Ra El Sut

    Playboy Too spit that game

  9. sixsixalex

    too short a bad mofo..and i dont have any of his cds...shame on me

  10. Louai