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Too $hort Married To The Game Comments
  1. Kenyatta Swannigan

    Still jamming this 2020

  2. Lola Lola


  3. Brandon Canady

    Real music

  4. John Cook

    Paperboy n the Diddy

  5. John Cook

    Hey Todd weren't you supposed to meeting up with your bro Keith in the Sutter Buttes weekly?

    John Cook

    He Said phone heem

  6. David L Perez jr

    One of my favorite albums

  7. Gregory Tate

    U wanna live in the burbs with your white wife lol

  8. Todd Blow

    This is my shit right here.
    Man man

  9. 902 biking


  10. Kenyatta Swannigan

    Too Short been that N.I.G.G.A.

  11. Tavunte Marsh

    Still bumping in 2018

  12. Wally Jaik

    lil jon . Jazzy phae produced this whole album

  13. oliverrando

    this album from too short is like wack

    Eminem Vevo

    Stfu cunt


    Corny ass nigguh

  14. fucku payme

    2018 still popping

  15. Angel Vargas

    Got me thru elementary right here ..

  16. Ibrahim Osman

    my favorite song ever... takes me back

  17. Leonard Robinson

    Still BAMMIN this 2018BITCH*#@¢€

  18. TalonNL999

    Yeah, real big baller with 2 half naked chicks.. sorry this is lame

    Devin C

    Eat a fat 1 bruh

  19. Eweezy8004

    I'm surprised he's not dead of AIDS

    uzo ihem

    He is a dealer/pimp turned entrepreneur and lyricist not a simp .

  20. Jack Boi

    I love this track here brings back alot of memories...

  21. lilg welder

    another great song

  22. Ferris Jones

    Still listening to in 2018 oh I replace that last 2016 comment shout out to 2016 last comment✌️

  23. Martín Antonio Canales fuentes


  24. Osiah Shakur

    My favorite song by Short Dogg

  25. Kenneth Ingram


  26. Danny Boy D-Boy Lil D labrada

    Jammim dis in Oak Cliff, T.X 2017

  27. Kenyatta Swannigan


  28. CDEE Thaone

    That classic shit...

  29. Justin Gajewski

    thanks Lil Jon

  30. Osiah Shakur


  31. Mehdi El Gharbi

    , ,cvhgx 3la zéébiii lag3aaaaad :D

  32. Shark Attack

    Love it 😈

  33. Haven Weber

    Short dog never gets old. Pattaya,Thailand 2016

    Ferris Jones

    Trevor Phillips u go hard I know u do lol


    Ayo m coming to pattaya could you get sum hoes 4 me ?

  34. thefatalveli1

    my favorite too short track !

    Javier Platero

    thefatalveli1 mins 2

    902 biking


    John Cook

    Beats rack but lyrics sound cool

  35. Kenny Batton

    love this beat

    Justin Gajewski

    Kenny Batton produced by lil jon.


    he'll yea too short

  37. themighty pika09 plays

    classic right here kids dont know

    Dennis Nelson





    this shit was hard as fuck when it came out

  38. Tony Montana

    this shit reminds me when my mom would slap this cd of mines

  39. Mac Nifty

    For me? I prefer the lows pushing from this track. Slow ride straight, quick skit 'round the curb with no lookin' back! Thump! Tha Thummmp! Crack! ...Thump! .......Crack!

    William Aukeman Guy

    Hits HARD!!!

  40. Melissa Wike

    shvj as cjdcdchhh OK gbmcxjx

  41. wtfthisannoy13

    this was my shi'.. diggin' tha' chorus

  42. Melissa Wike

    owtiv j as cvh fees dbjn ex j BBC

  43. Melissa Wike

    hf as inwhi vs lb tfi GED Ms Ventura I see bjdvjg

  44. Melissa Wike


  45. Melissa Wike


  46. Casey Garcia

    366 24/7

  47. pee wee

    all day...

  48. Nestor Chabolla

    This shit will always nock.

    Justin Gajewski

    Nestor Chabolla amen.

  49. Derrick Anderson

    This was my shit in 03 fresh out of camp munz in L.A. county '03

  50. H_U_S_H_7_0_2

    whos that female on the hook?


    Oobie..she was also on Play No Games with Trick Daddy & Lil Jon

  51. Ric Flair

    Lil Jon is a fuckin Legend

    Dude Ghost

    @Ric Flair too short made lil Jon.

    Justin Gajewski

    Ric Flair amen & #Amen!!!

  52. meow'mya myau

    The beat to this is impossible to gauge

  53. Cassandra Wilson

    Someone needs to put this whole album on here!!!!

  54. cvhgx

    Thanks,Man !

  55. aldo402

    u gotta live it 2 feel it

  56. Carol C

    Loved this album, loved this song, Got me thru a lot of Hustlin times, kept it pushing!

  57. stuntin onmyx

    got me thru the 12th grad e

  58. Ernesto Ochoa

    u used to have a million now u aint got 2 cents

  59. Caesar Young

    Real shit

  60. Fish

    lober thiz song wassup perro get at me G wat it doooO...DO!
    cAliStyLes fucc da rest bYtch...6 to da 1 NINE.......pUnk...WaHHHHH! foooo

  61. Melissa Smith

    I love this album, still playing it!!

  62. Justin Talizan

    this shiii slapp

  63. Joslyn James

    my fav too short album.... it got me thru my divorce

  64. Ruth Less

    Love this whole album but this song bangs!