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Too $hort Mack Attack Comments
  1. Jeanine Beverly

    Too Short is Legendary..

    Kim Sanders

    Yes he is 🔥

  2. Kavajione Hawthorne

    2019!!!!! Cause I'm Macking

  3. R Cobian

    Klassic shit

  4. Aaron Ybarra

    The best pure rapper in HISTORY HANDS DOWN NO ONE EVEN CLOSE!!!!!

  5. Wayne Bryant

    "yeah baby that's it,,,,,
    do the split,,,,,. freak nasty all on my "tip".
    Classic Too Short.

  6. TuMuch Infomation

    2019 beeeeeyatch

  7. tochiRTA

    my favorite Too Short song after "Blow The Whistle"


    You heard “Burn Rubber”? I’d say that’s my go-to Too $hort song.

  8. Jerome Davis

    I know that it's a significant amount of maggot mouth ass bitches out talking shit you know what you hoes look like the Dead skin on Freddy Kruger funky ass b up

  9. Christopher Harris

    Classic ,👑 💯🔥🔥

  10. K B

    22 year hip hop fan but this is the first time listening to this album.
    This track and beat is fire !!!!!!!!

    Martin Rooker

    K B you have been missing out! keep listining, you will have more favorites. stay pimp homie!

    Stephen Hosmer

    Have you heard " you know what I mean " ? That beat knocks hard !

    Kim Sanders

    Hella Beats 🔥

  11. Leroy Greer


  12. dEM0NxL0C87 KpTxS0SxYnGSxgANg1X


  13. Ernie Tafoya

    Ol school will always reighn fuck the new school🖕

  14. Jaime Medina

    I like too short man I want to be a pimp like him all the time Pimpin them hoes I'm f****** them b****** and killing them snitches

  15. Goliaths Dad

    should have 1 billion views

  16. Rodney Reaves

    REAL RAP MUSIC!!!!!!!

  17. Stacy Williams


  18. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    89-18 💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥


    born to was out in 87


    Lyrical strong in this one ...he was young thin full of rhymes.then.....slap her in the face with my donkey rope....😲 too gangsta...short dog

  20. phuloc6

    His best album.


    100 percent

    Anthony Apodaca

    I'm gonna have to go with Short Dog's in the house as number 1. The second is Life Is...


    Life is...this is his most underrated song


    @Anthony Apodaca Ain't go lie that's a solid album!. For me it's Born to Mack first Rap album I listened to had the white cassette tape burned out my Sony Walkman.

    John Eberheart

    Those wete the Dayz

  21. 4Million Views

    2018 still sayin beeeeyatch.

  22. BIG D Hernandez

    Too $hort Mack attack this shit is still hella dope!

    Daz Capone

    BIGDAPIMP 505 Hernandez Fosho

  23. Gekkery

    This song is dedicated to Khalil Mack LB for the Oakland Raiders

    Harold Fowler Jr.

    this song and Who's the Mack by Ice cube

    Makaveli Hood

    #RaiderNation #R4L