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Too $hort Lil' Shorty Comments
  1. Javier platero

    This goes hard too short goes hard

  2. drifttwo

    what is this

  3. Charles Holahta

    $short dog is a legend and goin to always be one don't hate bitckh keep it moven

  4. Darant Shelby

    THAT s tha only ay toes don

  5. Rox Mac

    what up Todddd xoxox

  6. Rox Mac

    wassup todddd xoxox

  7. YoungVeteranTv

    What's my favorite word bitccccccch

  8. 1cyEnt

    @BGambino1215 shut your hatin ass up

  9. wcfinest

    @BGambino1215 gay ass imbred racism ...

  10. Zach Pope

    @BGambino1215 that's about as white an accent as Nukwata Wambosi from the Bourne Identity

  11. Sosa gambino

    @Wucares he sounds like a crack head but download the carter 1 and carter 2 ....the drought...all crazy album...even back in the day when he was in the hot boyz they was doing the damn thang

  12. Sosa gambino

    @Wucares dumbass i know his a legend....but his not lyrical ....him and eazy-e , they was using simple lyrics....they legends....and tooo short sounds like a white boy......i listen from Nas to Big Pun to Lil wayne To Bone Thugs Do Or Die to Ice Cube to Meek Mill to Beanie Sigel..........every thing hip hop i give it a chance ....lil wayne would destroy him in a freestyle battle be honest...

  13. Sosa gambino

    @smoovalee lol you know what im talking aboutt

  14. Ashley Grasmick

    @BGambino1215 learn your accents.

  15. Sosa gambino

    wiz khalifa raps like too short same gay ass white boy accent

  16. elazed

    still banging Too $hort in 2011!!!! thumps up

  17. d1rdyd

    when i met her it was on right away, if I was married I'd leave my wife today..

  18. bloomster

    THI$ $HIT GO!!!!!!

  19. Daniel Gallardo

    yeeeee bringing it back in the day

  20. Nenette Faulkner

    To Short he da truth man for real.

  21. arm garnett

    Too SHORTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. bmguninc

    Short dawg stay doin the damn thang [tru og]

  23. daboss88100

    CLASSIC Too Short!!!!!

  24. beefcurtains420

    bringin back those old school beats classic too shorts

  25. Nubia Blake Williams

    Too Short Still Makin Bangerz And, This Song Is Definately Whats Up!

  26. Ted Phillips

    @smoovalee lil john produces all his shit now

  27. jayblac


  28. Ashley Grasmick

    @jessluvecko lil jon made this beat?

  29. J. King

    ole Skool Too Short Bassline!!! YEE!~

  30. FreedomAtRisk

    TOO SHORT - true rap legacy true pimp bay area represent