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Too $hort Get It Comments
  1. Sophia Marie

  2. Kevin

    Dope track

  3. Marylou Gonzales

    That's right Short"!😎👍👌💯💣

  4. The Nexus

    This should have have waaaaay more likes💯💯🔥🔥💃💃💃💃💃💜

  5. Barnabas Collins


  6. Robert R

    Great song great message still slaps in 2020 yeeeeeee

  7. New Era

    "Think positive...everything else is old"

  8. Fabrizio Lodeserto

    Album n.10 was his best, no doubt, and this track is pure dope. I love Short Dog slow beat and fat bass

  9. mas mony

    oh my good is so cool....

  10. B dubb

    this will always be a town classic short was spitting real game and the beat go crazy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Carlos Machaca

    Man this hits me in the soul

  12. Jerry

    2019 gettin it

  13. Carolmel ATL Productions


  14. Mike Johnson

    Sick beat anyone who grew up in the bay Area and is from Oaktown what's up from your Bavarian Nordic homie. Too Short was one of the more underrated rappers I think and Gettin' it is a classic. Who is still listening in 2019?

  15. Leonard Green

    Too Short wasn't as skilled of a rapper as some in the game. But he made his style work for him. He put out classics songs that old school listeners like myself still enjoy.

  16. Lee Farrar

    The Bay area’s finest!

  17. Tommy Dyer

    To the 717 that hated go reset your hated cause this dude is the Foundation to the Bay

  18. Stephen Wilson

    The bay

  19. Matthew Bird

    Why will nobody mentor lyrically like this now in Rap. The real Dog. This was released in HS and was good ass brain food

  20. Nonen Ja

    To Short oldest rapper who made it till today so the best

  21. michel araujo

    The message of this song is both inspirational and positive , I liked very much.

  22. Luis Segura

    I'm from the south, but it shocks me when people say PAC is greatest rapper when many of these jewels go unrecognized

  23. Detroit DerbyBlu

    Too Short , showed he can rap about , something other than petty pleasures , and cemented his legacy as a artist / a philosopher / a humanitarian !

  24. Rene Hernandez

    Congrats to the new pappi

  25. Саня 9


  26. Terrence Juanz

    This is a lesson to all lesson to kids so they can get an high school deploma and graduate so they are successful!

  27. Terrence Juanz

    Gettin' it - Gettin High School Deploma

  28. Camailria Wingo

    Todd Anthony Shaw, Ant Banks, Earl Stevens, Oaktown Lengends

  29. Thomas Minarchick Jr.

    I knew that was Belita Woods’ voice. R.I.P.

  30. Nick Parker

    Too Short baby!!!!!

  31. Strongarm Rebel

    My fav short song

  32. Simple Logic 101

    Still gettin it in 2019!

  33. LaChele

    Ain't nothin' like some old school $hort. And it's still all good.



  35. Baby Boy 80

    Real talk real music, none other than 2 short real dude

  36. koolpop jones

    428 folks tried to be like Calvin

  37. michael barrow


  38. Henrique Silva

    15/06/2019 🇧🇷

  39. prince RaH

    2019 and I’m still getting it .. 🔥🔥

  40. Brandy Stanback

    Saw him in concert last month great show and yes he still got it and he looks really good

  41. Işık Parlar

    Oldschool for life baby

  42. Anti Harkis


  43. Dawud Yelton

    wow, see def jef in there (1:21& a some other scenes), this was a great album(all were, but this one for me was special)

  44. Negão Negritude

    Som pesado das antigas, quem e das antigas tá ligado.

  45. Addplus Madevu

    berner gettin it ft fresh

  46. Julie Dray

    ‘You see I got all my game from the streets of California
    Young millionaire with no high school diploma’🔥🔥🔥
    💯 ❤️619❤️

  47. Beenie 273 unity

    Spit dis game 🔥bend ur ear for a minute 🔥🔥too short murder dis track 💯🔥🔥🔥

  48. Elijah Gonzalez

    Still getting it. 2019 b****

  49. edison gonzalez

    2019 ♪♫♪♫ ....

  50. Dilamar Vilela

    Um dos grandes nomes no mundo da black music

  51. BroskyWhoDatedHoski

    Aight bet, Aight Bet !

  52. Keith Witcher

    Too Short and Parliament's Gettin It song and music video is a classic. Too Short's lyrics are funny LOL. I like music rappers Ice T and Coolio who are in the music video. Too Short's Gettin It album is terrible LOL. I like the album pictures. I love Too Short.

  53. Joao Felipe

    3:35 goddamit what a song

  54. KosmicGirl

    I'm here cause of the show Unsolved..

  55. Dani Happy Farms Louisiana

    Think positive, Work hard never stop hustlin. 90$ rap is OG. The only rap I rap! #madeinthe80s

  56. Janko

    boar in 2019

  57. Juliet Cortes

    Listen in 2019

  58. Davina Yoon

    2019 whos here

  59. Neo Senatle

    Get a diploma.

  60. Neo Senatle

    Tru! Tru!

  61. Dimitri Mavromatis

    Do you see that one girl and her diapers that's hilarious

  62. Exploring Ireland

    300 haters disliked this video...

  63. Tony Snow

    had this song on repeat the entire summer of '96

  64. Andrea Mulisano

    Anyone still listening in 2018 December

  65. Vitor Garcia


  66. GLjunior

    This was 22 years ago and this was Short's RETIREMENT album. But yet he's still making hits in 2018. Craziness


    Yes my dude,straight facts


    Hes still touring in cali

  67. On 2Wheels

    When the females were height to weight proportionate in the good places. No fake ass booty shots and back fat like the new THOTS they have on videos in this millennium.

  68. Lerenzo Roberts

    A certified classic pimp an mac music ...oh yeah

  69. Dee Dee G.

    The lady’s voice is my fav part of the song... when she says.. “GEETTIN IT!” 😂

    Brian Gosik

    That's parliament funkadelic

  70. Ragner Lothbrok

    When Hip Hop Was Dope

    TaRoya Hollis

    Very much

  71. Sacha Frias Edmiston

    Great Song.

  72. Dimitri Mavromatis

    Parliament up in there that's hilarious love to hear the story behind this one

  73. Dimitri Mavromatis

    Str8 Wet Coast byych

  74. Adub nostalicking

    That was a great album

  75. Adub nostalicking


  76. MoneyBo360

    Oaktown in the house mayne ✊

  77. Yab Sunov

    One of my fav song

  78. Elliott Thompson

    just had to watch this

  79. Rob

    Every time I hear this intro to the "final" outro I smile :)

  80. George Pena

    July 2004??

  81. George Pena

    This song reminds me of this summer 😛

  82. Mz. LouiV.


  83. H_ G.B.

    Short Dog might talk about the pimp shit but he always has that song that inspires and this is an example. I wasn't a fan of the hyphy movement but I love that Oakland Funk. One of the greats in hip hop no matter where you're from.


    Yeah, Short always had a good message, inspirational song back in the day that gets slept on. Getting It, The Ghetto (well, not really slept on), Money In The Ghetto, I Wanna Be Free, So, You Wanna Be A Gangster.

    Dimitri Mavromatis

    No.doubt Playboy I grew up.2dis ryt here

  84. A couple of tacos

    Be bumpin' this shit in 2064!!

    A couple of tacos

    @Malik Belton Not sure what happened to Rap.... Actually, music in general. It's turned into plastic, regurgitated, rehashed garbage. I miss the old days man... I wish they would come back. I know people still have good stories to tell. People can't be willing to accept the trash we get today. Know what I mean?

    Malik Belton

    Yes i understand exactly what you saying brother. Nothing has meaning anymore and thats just hiphop, all music in general. But thanks to the internet we can always go back and find those songs to bring back those memories

    A couple of tacos

    @Malik Belton You damn right! We got decades of good stuff. And I also know that every generation tends to think their music was better, but for real, today's is trash. It's all about production over substance. But you right, glad we got what we got. Have a good one bro

    Volma Overton III

    Im in 2088 lovin it!

  85. Maui

    Beat kinda sound like rather be with you boosty collins

    chris edwards

    Maui it samples it plus Hollywood squares

    Jaye Daniels

    That *is* the sample. Good ear, fam.

  86. dixirkt

    I thought this video was gone forever

    Big Sonny

    Me too! Classic! Before Marcus Chong was blacklisted.

  87. Miguel Perez

    Love it😍🤑

  88. Jackie Hiner

    Chemical brothers

  89. Jackie Hiner

    Too $hort call me your at 26albums now

  90. Ignat Intellect

    I fucking love this song

  91. jesus mesquita

    Twenties On Top And The Fifties On Bottom

  92. TREY MOODY Jr saying this the truth.

  93. RossBayCult

    Gettin’ while the gettin’ is good.

  94. Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell

    God sent

  95. Cesar Rodiguez


    jesus mesquita


  96. Rib Ak'

    Eto prosto axueno.

  97. Apocalypse 2009

    Isso sim é estilo

  98. whitehorsejason

    Ugly little man.