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Too $hort Dope Fiend Beat Comments
  1. Jack Lyons

    Alot of people took his style and messed it up 😍😍😍😍

  2. nik Renoface

    Shit go crazy town biness!! Showt dawg

  3. jr ento

    Saint Louis Bertrand 5th grade 1987

  4. Kenmolin

    This shit still clappin

  5. Matt McEwan

    Get back bitch we'll never kiss

  6. Xoch Naungayan

    This is my favorite rap album. Too Short raps the whole album, almost without repeating a line. Just a long ass rap kinda reminds me of Pink Floyds "Dark side of the Moon". Every other song blends into another song.

  7. Alphonzo Coleman

    Banggin this down lake shore drive in 2020 still

  8. jumoğr farron

    net lol

  9. Cesar Cipres

    My dad use to bang this album in the dodge 50. low mini truck, 18 switches

  10. DelVita Ahmed

    OMG!!! Used to listen to this when I was like 16 and 17 years old. LOL STILL listening. hahaha And it's still the shit.

  11. Ant s

    The summer of 87" I was 11 years old and I don't remember where i got this tape from but i was at my grandmomma's house on a quiet sunny Sunday morning and I was outside on the front porch with my little Gpx boombox and I was playin this song lol mannn my grandmomma musta heard this shit playin from inside the house lol I almost got my ass whooped when she came out there like Boi if you don't turn that mess off. You better. Now remember this was a time when too short was the only rapper who cursed like this in his songs.

  12. Antone Johnson

    2020 Still Bumping AYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!! '89 CLASSIC!!!!

  13. Jay Marshall

    January 2020? Mane fuck mumble rap too short forever

  14. 79Primetyme

    I remember my cousin two door 87 Nissan Sentra with two 15s, 4 by 9s across the deck beating this shit back in 90 now flip the strip I'm beating the trunk off my Magnum playing the same shit

  15. Fabian Avalos

    I just dropped a few line then called her a Biiiitch

  16. Keilana Powell


  17. Rodney Walker

    Old school jam I love this jam Home stead TX. Baby

  18. marcus. williams

    kang sh!t 👑

  19. Edson Luciano

    I love bicth

  20. Brian Oliver


  21. D Armstrong

    Ronald Reagan came up to me and said, do you have the answer?  To the U S economy and a cure for cancer!  I said what are you doing in the White House if you're not selling cocaine?  Ask yo wife Nancy I know she'll spit that game.  Like one night she came to my house and gave me a...…….  #grabumbytheP

  22. Mondesi dodgers

    Rolling down skyline BLVD!!

  23. gjfletc

    This song made Tupac want his vocals stacked

  24. daddad sr

    ...dope beat true fans will understand....

  25. Mike Rossi

    Short is hard to stop.

  26. idrisdadgocrazy

    Westlake Junior High 87 Oakland California

  27. Kitchywac

    I’ll never forget this older cat from the Bay Area (Oakland... can’t remember his name) staying in the hood for the summer of 87’ or 88’ & putting us up on Too Short. Instant attraction!! So MUCH LUV to Cuzz that brought it down to The East Side Of Long Beach Cali! Bay love

  28. sonya griffy

    I remember moving from Alaska to California at 16yrs old and this was what was playing. Lol! Parents had no idea.



  30. ShaWn Romero

    This the shit and always will b biiiiitch

  31. LuckG Lucio

    I remember in 1993 I stole this cassette from Target . Little did I know they only had the clean version. I'm 41 now .I said biatch!!!!!!

  32. Angel Sim

    Me too!! Im all in!

  33. Blitz _Gaming

    Proper tune

  34. Tauvaga Poialii

    I hit this shit when I was playing freshman football 😝In Seattle I was just a little bit to fast that time 😁4 for this 1 to the 5 to stay alive 😤 Bayview aKa Home 😝H.P. aKa Hungry People's👌

  35. Tye Adams

    Nappy head niggas like myself
    Get a bald head & say go to hell
    But u a snake u a worm
    U bald-head bitch u need a perm


    Damn shit head bitch...305

  37. Mr LSU jackson


  38. Big Khan

    Slapper!!!! Goin 2 the show in Sac in December

  39. Rudy Hernandez

    Remember this from the 90's

  40. sparkytdg

    10-4-19, awesome show in Cincinnati. Short is the Mack. He is touring with the legends group, and when he came on the place exploded.

  41. bobbyboxesboston

    🎵She's a bee-atch to tha dope fiend beat.. I know you're fine..but you look like Lassie..beeeatch!!🎼

  42. Ronnie Thomas

    The 🥶 Era in rap
    2nd wave

  43. Ms TeaKnee


    Bobby Johnson


    Kenneth Harris

    Good morning. Like you


    I met this girl ...named Ms Tea... all she wanted was to freak on me


    Realest rap record ever!!!!

  45. Felicia For Real

    She's a biiitch to the dope fiend beat 😂😂😂

  46. Erik Davis


  47. Adrian Lemos

    1987 - I still want a Le Coq Sportif track suit.



  48. Mart Winston

    Man! This shit is fire!!!

  49. anthony brookes

    I remember when this song was the anthem of the summer I had a Bonniville alpine system man high school days in the city of Chi .... Do Or Die I remember hearing this Hot Wheels roller rink or I would wait til I pull up to my corner and start this song and my set would turn out ....... the good ole days.

  50. Memphis All day Memphis errday

    Still bumping August 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. nojusticenopeace17

    Stamped Concrete

  52. Kasmela Raines

    Back. In. The days

  53. Ro Lee

    Biiiitch! Rollin" with my nigga Kang Rich fuckin with those Cleveland hoes. Those were the days!

  54. Tj Detroit They say the Truth hurts

    August 2019 This was slappen when it first dropped & still ice COLD to this day!!!

  55. annie golden

    Soon as I cum all in her mouth I smooth get dressed and roll out!!!

  56. bobbyboxesboston

    I listen to this everyday for motivation before I go out w/a pocket full of stones to bust juugs, serve fiends, slang pieces, jumz, cooked, rocks, cookies.. beeeeahhttchhh..,,

  57. Broc Truth

    But over all Too Short got more and better albums than Juvenile and Birdman put together.

  58. Broc Truth

    Mr.Jules209 come on now this came out in 1987 you should be able to make it sound better with all the better equipment also Too Short was the only rapper on the song you can’t judge it’s not the same.

  59. Felicia For Real

    Listening to this for my bday today 😁


    Free game to him

  60. Bernando Turner

    Toooo Short Music had Came out in this era? His Net worth could had Easily quadruple!!😅😅😅

  61. Lorenzo Juarez

    Yak towns finest ,sportin home made tattoos

  62. ROBLOX Gamergurl19

    Northern Kali. Had a white Eldo back then

  63. Have A Nice Day

    In 1987 I was bumpin this with eight 8" woofers in tha trunk.
    Still love it.

    Anthony McClelland

    Or some ole 6 by 9's lmao!....trebled out like a mfka

  64. Sean John

    All you junkies just ride.....

  65. sparkytdg

    Dog needs to re-cut these and update this album... It would sound unreal.
    Bought this from him in the Tower Records lot one day. Unreal story for a white basketball player from Ohio to bring home.

    Laurence Walker

    U hella stupid...,,lol

  66. Jack Lyons

    Timeless 😍😍😍😍😍😍 oakland for life 😍😍😍😍

  67. NICK The QUICK

    My first cussing song I was 8



  68. Cedric Smith

    Got Damn

  69. Starbird 11

    Cruised to dis shit till da wheel fell off. WS PHX 80s

  70. Red Pill Vegan

    Too Short is a fucking boss.

  71. Adventure Fishing

    Birdman, i sure hope this music makes a comeback

  72. Marquis Greer

    The Ultimate

  73. Lejohn Leone

    '88 rocket ship park Hayward CA 20 patnas standing around homies yellow Nova bumping this on kpoo!!! I was 9yrs old

  74. the boss


  75. bigWill brooks

    This song still hits

  76. Sykes BDS

    Bust a left and right nut in her jaw# now I'm saying BITCH suck better💨💨💨💨💨💨💥💥💫📈

  77. Kurves Cakez

    Certified Town Vet!

  78. Lavon Cooper

    I want a blowjob and im not kiddin working in your 👄 till your head starts spinning

  79. Darla Pfenninger

    I Pull up in date Jag 240 on da dash.

  80. lostfound34

    "Biiiiiiiiitch"! "What are smoking"? A big fat dick in the old east Oakland!

  81. manyo bridges

    Juve did the song better than short


    Slap ur self homie with a big fat dick

    Amen Knowtech

    @manyo bridges cause you a fuck boy.

    D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX

    manyo bridges you fuck a bitch with aids ho


    Beech you's da fool,.lmaooooo.....
    #North Memphis 10 rank it

    Keilana Powell

    Don't think so😤😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬

  82. Ian Hutton

    Damn I was 4 years old When I heard this and also release in 89 thanks to my uncle getting me on this at early age I'm 33 now 😆

    Abel Oviedo

    That's right.


    Bro, my aunt put me on to Short in the 80's and she's 79 now. Thanks, aunt Barb.

  83. ice909

    So many quotes or samples in this song that other bay rappers used.. from husalah to Mac Dre

  84. THECH0SEN0NE82

    bun b - who need a

    way harder than that juvenile track

  85. cheeze good

    Noff West Atlanta preciate true game

  86. cheeze good

    they need to have too shawt and master p as examples for our youth,cause no one believed in them but they beat odds like with faith ,confidence ,and will power,and with The Creator blessings of course

  87. Topnotch Sir-c

    That's where the famous Bitch came from

  88. BigOGXL 100

    Check it out, freak nasty.. I know you fine but you look like Lassie, BIIITCHH!!!


    Put my boots on off the block. JET-I/H.V.P. 💯

  90. Kawi Mason

    I'm here after Juvenile & Birdman "JAG Just Another Gangster" video

    Cadillac Seville


    Gusto B

    Too short hit heavy in Louisana and Texas

    Nikia Malan

    That's just too bad smh I know the whole song eff a jag

    Anthony McClelland

    @Gusto B illinois too


    @Jason Rideaux this one

  91. Tobias Garrett

    Peace Too Short #1 Greatest from Tobey 415 Sanfrancisco

  92. Jose Villa

    You better ask somebody!

  93. D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX

    219 dislikes must mean they dope fiends themselves...

    A1 Blanco

    they mamas is dope fiends & they crack babies

    D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX

    A1 Blanco xanie babies too😂😂😂😂😂

    Luke Loeffelbein

    Ich woundering onnthat Same Thing... Whats wrong, with dat fuckers?!

  94. Tobias Garrett

    Peace. 415 Tobey from Sanfrancisco

  95. ERIC F

    That 808 beat!! Can’t fuck with that!!😎