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Too Close To Touch Casket Comments
  1. dirtbikesarelife 4

    Didn't give a damn when you had it

  2. chuckster !

    🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥

  3. Sol Shi

    when is tour dates????

  4. Liam Barrett

    I miss the emotion in your screams. Especially in sympathy

  5. jck 1794

    disappointing tbh

  6. YurixRuz

    80s' vibes

  7. Travis Larson

    What happened to these cats? where's the emotion! terrible teenage lazy lyrics.. yikes.

  8. Talk Siick


  9. Hanzilla

    Burn was the last decent song by Too Close to Touch. I thought you guys were gonna be awesome.

  10. Zac Zaring

    I agree with a lot of the comments this is not quite like the usual too close to touch but I really like this album I don't think they'll abandon their style I think they're just trying new things

  11. Yusuke Sasaki


  12. Aaron O Rourke

    I’m in love with this song

  13. Tfaaay

    bummer man, kind of disappointed in the direction they are taking their sound, I m hoping that the rest of the album will step up

  14. Quan Rogers

    Another Good Band following the same old bmth era sempiternal/that's the spirit sound to get more mainstream
    what a shame

  15. Miguel Guirola

    Why is there only three songs on the album

    fat jesus

    Cause it's an EP not a full length album

  16. This Weird World

    This enitre EP is so catchy. It has grown on me so much.

  17. チョコレートマシュマロタチアナ

    Such an awsome song xD

  18. Justin Moore

    Hands down
    Great fucking band!

  19. x972iwhiteboy

    The intro to this song goes hard. I just wish the chorus turned it up a bit and brought some of those metalcore vibes with some of keatons key screams. Pls remix!

  20. olothehydraolo

    I seriously hope their next album doesn’t have stuff like this. This isn’t TCTT. This is half assed pop shit with no emotion. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt knowing it’s an ep but this band will fade away if they put this crap on the next album. I’ve seen this too many times to know the end result

  21. Dante Buycks

    Took me a while to get used to this, but damn it's so good. I can't wait for the next album.

  22. Shawn Kurtis

    Blah blah to people's negative opinions. I'm all about this. 🔥❤

  23. C A S S Y

    I love this band so much! ❤

  24. Ali Aulia Rahman

    Best song of this band so far

  25. Spencer Whiteout

    This is so weak compared to their last album wow

  26. bby.

    I definitely love their other songs because of their unique sound but this is also great but I definitely prefer it before.

  27. Seven Ai

    His voice is something 💜

  28. Luis Josué

    Where Metalcore goes?

  29. Derk Ender

    Is this The Chain Gang Of 1974 ?

  30. purple priestess

    Another good band that's gone soft.....🙄

    cold nights in the desert

    it's an EP... get over yourself

    purple priestess

    @cold nights in the desert poor sweets, did the truth hurt your tender denial....? 🙄

    cold nights in the desert

    purple priestess lol what truth? You’re basing them going soft off of one EP 😂😂 says more about you than anything

  31. Dharma-Jo Levasseur


  32. Aylê Roqueiro

    <3 <3 <3 *---------* \m/

  33. Duo Tang

    This is like the first time I've heard of them. AND ITS SO GOOD!!!!

    Lexi Kareen

    Oh, yasss. There past albums are fire , youll be stoked discovering all their songs, cant go wrong

  34. Arip Bastards

    Great song, epic 😎

  35. Hella Mark

    [Verse 1]
    This room feels strange with the lights turned on
    There's traces of jealousy left over memories built on the floor
    It's hard to breathe when the smoke won't clear
    We made the same mess and we'd do it so recklessly
    Each day in every year

    You don't get the right to call when you like
    You gave that away
    Just another lie, you push it to the side
    Yeah, you sealed your fate

    You put this love in a casket
    Now there’s no time to lie
    No way to change my mind
    Didn't give a damn when you had it
    Don't turn the ashes now
    'Cause this fire is long burned out
    You put this love in a casket

    [Verse 2]
    It's only blame in the bed you left
    Well, I'm getting sick of this
    Trying to fix all the things that you wrecked
    You were sure you wouldn't be replaced
    Your love is dead to me
    She's lying next to me
    Filling your space

    You put this love in a casket
    Now there’s no time to lie
    No way to change my mind
    Didn't give a damn when you had it
    Don't turn the ashes now
    'Cause this fire is long burned out
    You put this love in a casket

    You don't get the right to call when you like
    You gave that away
    Just another lie, you push it to the side
    Yeah, you sealed your fate

    You put this love in a casket
    Now there’s no time to lie
    No way to change my mind
    Didn't give a damn when you had it
    And don't turn the ashes now
    'Cause this fire is long burned out
    You put this love in a casket


    Hella Mark “Each time your here” at the end of verse one instead of “each and every year” 👍

  36. Barry McNicholl

    Emo suck balls music.

  37. Jo Bow

    I'm not disappointed with this album, in fact it's great. It's just that Too Close To Touch's past two albums were so unique in the fact that Keaton's voice was great, but his screams are what made them stand out. They were like nothing I've ever heard before and I LOVED it!! I know that the band is trying new things and I respect that, I just hope they don't stray away from what they used to be.

    Jo Bow

    @TheAlexanderUchihaI like the songs, they are just different than what they usually put out. I know it's not the full album, but it's volume one

    Jo Bow

    @TheAlexanderUchiha Honestly there isn't a single song from them I don't like. Their first album is titled "Nerve Endings" and their second is titled "Haven't been myself". They have a song titled nerve endings as well, that one shows a good range of Keaton's range.

    cold nights in the desert

    @TheAlexanderUchiha look up the songs Pretty Little Thing and Perfect World, they are fantastic!


    @TheAlexanderUchiha sympathy and what I wish I could forget are my favorite songs off their last album . Nerve endings was the song that originally caught my attention but really they haven't put out any bad songs

    Ben Flap

    To be honest, I feel disappointed about the 3 new songs I've heard so far. It sounds too poppy to me and I miss the contrast the previous 2 albums had. This really made them stand out and especially the emotional part of both the music and voice I miss right now.

  38. Jose Angel

    ''You put this love in a casket'' Perfection

  39. Kenny Schafer

    That chorus 😍

  40. whimsicalowls

    I got chvrches vibes from this song and the I'm hard to love, but so are you.

  41. mistermarkman

    This and bring me the horizon sound way different but I still like both

  42. WoeisEuTu [&]

    This one is more pop but It’s fucking dopeee! Great EP guys! Keep the good work ;)

  43. Antonio Duskchaser

    The Rasmus 2.0

    Lone Lee

    Exactly my thought!

  44. fat jesus

    I will forever love Keaton's voice

  45. Brandon Ponce Gonzalez

    The sounds of the Guitar 👌

  46. ur mom

    this is so soft compared to their older stuff, post hardcore worked so well for this band I'm so let down:( please don't go full on pop

    Burning Bridges

    kmc carrasquillo hell to pay / eiley are two great examples.

    Jingy Riceball

    They said they arent abandoning posthardcore. Also this is just an EP..

    Cherry S.

    I agree the production could've been better


    Collapse, the chase, modern love affair, nerve endings, sympathy or literally any one of their songs off their two albums.

  47. sebas L.M


  48. Pilow-Caze Inc

    About damn time

  49. Tristen Smith

    I love this fucking band but where’s the guitar.

    Phillip McLeod

    It's there. Use your ears if you have them.

    Phillip McLeod

    @Tristen Smith smh are you fucking stupid? I play guitar. Just because it isn't heavy doesn't mean the guitars are gone. 1:05 you can hear guitar clearly.

    Sekoyah Band

    Tristen Smith the lead guitar player quit, so I believe they just have a rhythm in there. It’s so quite though

    Josh Sanger

    In your heart <3

  50. Allan Lima

    Too close to pop 🤔


    I hear this argument all the time and people like you continue to be wrong. The scene died because bands started “making music that they want to make”. At what point do you accept this as fact? These bands throw away their roots to “reach a larger audience” but end up fading. TCTT didn’t win best underground band for shit like this.


    @olothehydraolo nothing is wrong with changing your sound. They don't owe you anything. I've actually talked to Keaton myself on this matter and he wants to be able to experiment with different sounds.


    @Adam J Excellent point


    That’s fine but it sucks ass to me. It’s almost as if people have different tastes. Weird


    @olothehydraolo It's okay to have different taste but he respectful. Just because it isn't the genre you want doesn't make it bad music. There is amazing pop and trash pop. There is great metal and shit metal.

  51. What is Nurture


  52. KoaAbyss

    I like it more than hard to love, has a really nice pop feel to it

  53. Damon Reed

    Here before 100 views,!!!! I love you guys!!!!

  54. Dancy

    So fucking good holy

  55. Hell Boy

    We have been blessed with some Too Close To Touch👼💜

  56. Frances Lorenzo

    You don’t get the right to call when you like you gave that away - Love that lyric!❤️


    You were sure you couldn't be replaced. Your love is dead to me she's lying next to me filling your space.

  57. Protogen Solus

    This is also a great song and it provides a lot of appreciated contrast to the discography

  58. Danny Smith

    Fuck with me! Got you.

  59. Danny Smith

    Got your re mix ready to go!

    Ignacio Sanchez

    Danny Smith lemme peep it!

    Danny Smith

    Send me a mix . I would love to hit a verse! This shit is hot!

    Danny Smith

    I will do it free!

    Danny Smith

    Give the free open space after casket, an you come back in

    Danny Smith

    Ignacio Sanchez hit me on Instagram. Mr.danny_smith