Tony Yayo - Tony Yayo Talk Bout It Lyrics

Yea it feels good to see people up on it
Use to be broke now I floss it and flaunt it
They'll never buy ya album word to mother
Not even the bootleg with the blurry cover
Burn rubber in the benz mclaren
Chains glaring, dames staring
I'm hot so stop preparing
Yo it's T-O-N-Y I cook like a chemist
The 6 be the color of spinach
On the wo wo supenis
Stashbox holding the tech
So I can cook a nigga brain like hannible lect
I got the money, the power and a big set of balls
Nigga slow your role I put your face on the wall
I get birds for dirt cheap, I get that dough
And put pieces on your strip the size of your big toe
I'm out in atl smoking grandaddy
On them rubberband tires on the brand new caddy

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Tony Yayo Tony Yayo Talk Bout It Comments
  1. Dabman007

    11 years old and still shits on the new shit

  2. Jeremy Cheng

    Free Young Buck 2019

    Psycho Legendas

    Free Buck

  3. Jeremy Shelton

    "I jus buy mo whips when they talk about me"

  4. Dramahawk Promotions

    I love when these three do joints together.

  5. Dramahawk Promotions

    True Story Buck they love u when u Broke. Hate it when youre RIch!

  6. Leather Face

    "i just stack my chips when they talk about me"

  7. Progressive

    Jew Unit the way the money stacks

  8. Buckz11

    "I just flip more bricks when they talk about me"

  9. 9 MM

    Young buck with 50 bos

  10. chko flow

    Fans will start to hear this now that G-unit is back

  11. Wolf Heltor

    buck killed it

  12. Ponti2007

    I just rape replay button

  13. Manu abate

    gggggg uniit


    i need this instrumental

  15. Sugar Jay

    lol at all these comments

  16. ballinbrett2424

    banger wit some anger