Tony Yayo - Tony Yayo Get Down Lyrics

[Chorus: 50 Cent {Superstar Jay}]
I run the show! - No "ifs" ands "or" buts about it. {Tony Yayo, Superstar Jay...} [gun cocks]
Me faaaall off? - Listen homeboy, I doubt it! {"Righteous Kill"!} [11 shots]
Me, I gets down! - I get down! (down, down, down!)
I get dooown? - I get down! (down, down, down!)
I get dooown! - I get down! (down, down, down!)
I get dooown! - I get down! (down, down, down!)

[Tony Yayo:]
In the hood - you rat you die!
In the hood if you rap you die, I'm out the hood, gettin' fat and high!
Private jet, it's time to fly!
Got the Roley with the bezzy gettin' head in Dubai!
And my wolves come out when the moon comes up,
Before we take a hit, we roll that Buddah!
Hydro and hash take me to the moon Alice
I got bad aim but the fiends on the rats. - C'MON!

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
I run the show! - No "ifs", "ands" or "buts" about it.
Me faaaall off? - Listen homeboy, I doubt it!
Me, I gets down! - I get down! (down, down, down!)
I get dooown? - I get down! (down, down, down!)
I get dooown! - I get down! (down, down, down!)
I get dooown! - I get down! (down, down, down!) [beat stops]

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Tony Yayo Tony Yayo Get Down Comments
  1. Junior De La Torre

    Retumbandoooo ventanassss!

  2. CJoQ

    Seriously, where/how can I get this on my iPhone?


    it's off G-Unit Radio Part 22, you can find it on Datpiff.

  3. Tural Jackson

    Very old RaP 👍👍🎶🎧🎧 Always old RaP . Hello 2019🇺🇸👍👌

  4. Illuminati genius

    rich boy version better


    Your crazy

  5. E Gomez

    Sample from TOTO La Momposina “La Verdolaga”


    You the real MVP ... now to learn past basic Spanish to understand the song.

  6. Source LOOPS

    Still lit af 🔥🔥🔥 Yayo so underrated

  7. Moreno12

    This is exactly how you kill a sick beat!! And by kill I mean trash it, fuck it up, bury that bitch 6 feet under. Y'all try the rich boy track instead

  8. djalcide1

    STILL LIT! #2018

  9. Kas Kas


  10. Siya Siyana


  11. Reece Taylor Fuck 69

    My Girls Mwah

  12. javy sto

    Some tell this dj to shut the hell up and let the music play

  13. ensar jusufi

    please man dont do it

  14. André Lima

    ollooocooooo zikkka

  15. Lytnin Stryke Rapper

    get down!!!! g unittttt!!!!!!

  16. Music Lover

    Super song is 50 cent

  17. Sebastiao Grerut i i i

    I love this song g unit is the shit rather its a mix tape or an album

  18. MyCorumlu1


  19. HuN Nic

    Producer anyone?


    You can CLEARLY hear "Whooo KIIIIIIIID" at the beginning


    Polow Da Don produced it. It's Rich Boys "get down"

    Southside 609

    doeboy84 Brian Kidd produced this

  20. 50eathaters

    No bother

  21. Sergio Lemus

    Ok thanks

  22. 50eathaters

    I checked it up, its "What up gangsta" from his album called "Get rich or die trying"

  23. KayMoneyHoney

    He was dissin diddy

  24. Sergio Lemus

    the beginning was something like, g unit (bo) we in here (bo), we can get the drama poppin we don't care (bo,bo,bo) something like that I heard it in a movie and liked it

  25. 50eathaters

    Find the clip and send me it so I can tell you? :) Or give me some of the lyrics and I'd prob know

  26. Sergio Lemus

    Hey man have you seen the ice cube movie named are we there yet do you know the name of the 50 cent song that was playing while they were driving

  27. Ilkin Mamedov

    get get get get get down

  28. Nigel420

    this songs on 50's back mixtape i got it at dattpiff

  29. kyle enno

    miss the gunit radio radios that was when a whoo kid mixtape was fire

  30. lsakazo

    Por el suelo !

  31. soud kamo

    Haftbefehl eova

  32. guillermo guardado3rd


  33. DaPromoTiOnAL

    rich boy and pitbull did this beat too

  34. u-can boz

    wegen haft hier.

  35. riddlerap

    this song is still fire.

  36. Martin Székely

    who's the woman singing in the background, i like her voice, and the very first rapper who i've listened was 50 Cent, so practically i grew the love for hip hop by 50 Cent, i don't care if you think he's fake, you would be stupid to say that his first tracks weren't dope! i agree, i'm not into the ,,money'' thing but i still like and respect 50, so GGGG Unit!

  37. ke PASSA

    haftbefehls lied ist geiler als 50 cent seiner

  38. Anubiz.

    FUCK 50 CENT !! the beat is get to popping by rich boy

  39. SLM

    haftbefehl klaut

  40. Matthew Latchem

    @scarface0123456 Couldnt agree more, been two years since you commented and its just got worse.

  41. SRR1213

    @bigbad1000do7a I think you're talking about 2050: Before The Massacre. It's a great mixtape; go cop it.

  42. Nikola Božničevski

    Add lyrics pls

  43. Sackimaus

    the beat in the background what is this?.. kinda like it, already heard it in a track of pitbull, if u got the song, tell me :)

  44. Слободан Гајић

    does somebody know name of the song that is used for song?

  45. Portboy

    There's no stopping 50, he's always gonna produce great work.

  46. funermix


    Nie wychodzi na Tym ;)

    Taka sama melodia ale wykonawca inny ;)

  47. ChangeOver

    Zgadzaa się. Suuper nuta. Saleta ma gust . KSW 14 . !!!

  48. Łukasz Mazurek

    saleta wchodzil na tym:D KSW :)

  49. Adrian Neacsu


  50. bleach025


  51. Creap0fluigi

    oh so thats why u comment on one of his vids right?

  52. Devin


  53. Creap0fluigi

    Because Curtis was a shit album, and his mixtapes are WAY better than his albums

  54. 50eathaters

    How can u be a 50 fan but dont like his albums......BISD coming soon, get blood in the sand......GGGGGGG-UNIT !!!

  55. Mateusz Walkowiak

    Kojarzy mi się to z dziećmi bez szyi

  56. Creap0fluigi

    lol np ;)

  57. nycricanpapi

    yeah u are right! got it! thanx

  58. Creap0fluigi

    lol i found it on some mixtape once.. xD
    I thought it was on 50 Cent - HipHop Is Dead..
    Not sure

  59. nycricanpapi

    where can I download this song? i been looking for this one but is hard to find.

  60. Famous Amos

    this song should have been on that CURTIS bullshit...except fo I GET MONEY

  61. Hood Suregeon

    it's noton the album its of an old mixtape

  62. LiesMakeBabyJesusCry

    sorry the song is Lucifer by Jay-z and has another beat that 50 has rapped on, it's on G-unit Radio mixtape pt. 5 and is one of the first songs.

  63. LiesMakeBabyJesusCry

    I'm not sure but I think Jay-z has a song called Satan or something with this beat, don't know if it's the original though.

  64. mogana20

    Hold up this is not the real get down. BUt this is hot thought.

  65. mwjstone14

    its called a mixtape, no duh. all rappers use other beats dumb shit.

  66. MattGFX77

    They talk about:

    G-Unit - I Get Down (Produced By Swizz Beatz)
    On Terminate On Sight.

    i think it's this song because they put it on Shoot 2 Kill Mixtape. But it's doesn't look like Swizz Beatz's work...

    We'll See July 1th...


  67. Creap0fluigi

    backthen when i posted it it was new shit lol..
    I'll change it..

  68. Andrew Thomas

    G Unit do it once again

  69. pelicamp

    nice song :)

  70. goose goose

    yea this is pretty old but its niceee

  71. Creap0fluigi

    haha k xD