Tony Yayo - Tony Yayo 3 Straps Lyrics

3 straps, 3 straps, 3 straps
In my moms cadillac
We get stopped, we get stopped
We get stopped police gettin shot

This my 3rd felony and I can't get another 1
Po's pull us over I'm a bail make a toaster run
Tony don't jump the gun I wonder if they ran the plates
Just my luck I went to rikers island sweepstakes
Now a botched up robbery is a big ol bid
Now his day gun squad look like retro kids
I don't wander where the petrol is
I got the new engine
You on rabbit ears, I got 2 women
My neck frigit, I stop digit,
The boy in the shorts with the cavalli lizards
Loonies on the visit summer day I bring the ruger out
Youtube gangsters waging war with a computer mouse
Seen ya little hate blogs, my neck is like 8 jaws
My passport stamped up I need more pages
And you can worry bout american money
I'm overseas gettin them euros dummy
Then it's back to ny, you know that I'm holding it
Me without clips is like pits without deoderant
My daughter only 5 and she catch a straight louie
She like dad can I get them hannah montana new louies

[Chorus x4]

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Tony Yayo Tony Yayo 3 Straps Comments

    3straps my ass-my block got plenty/if we open up an blast tha whole spot ah git ah phuckin ghost town-u ever seen ah western when tha hay roll/open up some egg rolls,mustard on his facial,phuck ah nigga say so,only thing we question can we touch his niggas payrolls.

  2. sartx

    its THE UNIT

  3. redtreepython

    best rap song ever