Tony Bennett - Touch The Earth Lyrics

Lean down, touch the Earth
Reach up and touch the sky
Reach out, touch the hearts of strangers passing by
You’ll find as long as you live
All you can hold to is what you can give
So lean down and touch a child
Reach out, touch the sea
You’ll find there’s love to share
Wherever you may be
For nothing can match
The beauty of touching the Earth with love

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Tony Bennett Touch The Earth Comments
  1. poetgb

    This is a really beautiful song in it's music and especially the lyrics. Tony Bennett's rendition of it is fabulous. He sounds so smooth and controlled in his phrasing of the lyric. He sang the song the way it was meant to be sung.

  2. Ed Pyle

    Hundreds of Tony Bennett tracks in my library. This, because I love the lyrics, is my favorite.