Tony Bennett - Steppin' Out With My Baby Lyrics

Steppin' out with my baby
Can't go wrong 'cause I'm in right
It's for sure, not for maybe
That I'm all dressed up tonight

Steppin' out with my honey
Can't be bad to feel so good
Never felt quite so sunny
And I keep on knockin' wood

There'll be smooth sailin' 'cause I'm trimmin' my sails
In my top hat and my white tie and my tails

Steppin' out with my baby
Can't go wrong 'cause I'm in right
Ask me when will the day be
The big day may be tonight

If I seem to scintillate
It's because I've got a date
A date with a package of
The good things that come with love
You don't have to ask me
I won't waste your time
But if you should ask me
Why I feel sublime


There'll be smooth sailin' 'cause I'm trimmin' my sails
In my top hat and my white tie and my tails

Steppin' out with my baby
Can't go wrong 'cause I'm in right
Ask me when will the day be
The big day may be tonight

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Tony Bennett Steppin' Out With My Baby Comments
  1. Shrarkie

    Louis kids if ur not here you’ve failed the homework smh

  2. Bloombeats

    I’m only here cause I’m playing this in jazz band 🤷🏻‍♂️🚫🧢

  3. Esclarmonde 102

    A far greater talent and better entertainer than any of the singers of this era.

  4. Donny Pearson

    Oh, what a *legend!*

  5. Eddie Coyle

    If you have not seen the "Tony Bennett Show" on SNL, it is very funny sketch.

  6. Cosmic Sheep

    I love the fact that I'm able to enjoy the aesthetics and cool vibes of the past while still getting to live in the present, with my internet and slightly more human rights.

    rafael castillo martinez

    Me gusta,me gusta!!!!!!........

  7. Jackiedion


  8. Persons Of Interest band

    A true inspiration for us.

  9. Google Fan

    I love Fred's version so much more!!

  10. Zane Thind

    What a great song & hes 92 omg

  11. Diuluk PT

    What type of music is this? Dont think this is pure jazz

  12. Hannah Grow

    we’re playing this in my jazz band

  13. vxy357

    I remember seeing video montage of this song on Suddenly Susan. And yes, Tony Bennet was in it. They pretty much did the same thing in the video video except the men were in was in ducktail tuxuedeos and the women were is evening gowns. it was very classy.

  14. vxy357

    One word: CLASS!

    Nick Riggio

    Nick Riggio
    1 second ago
    Hear Tony onFacebook at: Friends of Tony Bennett

  15. Matias Osorio Olivera

    That smooth cat.. At that age. Keep on burning Mr. Bennett

  16. Libby Kay

    Lol the lady in Marilyn dress is my aunt 😂

  17. Zachary Schultz

    Does anyone know where the sheet music for this version specifically is at?

  18. 66 6

    Anyone come to this song because of the movie Ted 2???

  19. Spirtual Gangsta

    I have loved this song since the 90s, when I heard it on an episode of Darma & greg

  20. Thomas Allison

    Stepping out with my baby one of the best Tony Bennett song ever.

  21. skoolco83

    This song is snazzy!

  22. Sandy G.


  23. Juan 1vlogs

    Publicado el 15 may. 2014
    Music video by Tony Bennett performing Steppin' Out With My Baby. (C) 1993 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
    Licencia de YouTube estándar
    "Steppin' Out with My Baby", de Tony Bennett (Google Play • iTunes)

  24. Fitter Happier

    I hope that we have Mr Bennett for years and years♥

  25. Enrique Peña

    thats good music not thw garbage that we hear in our days

  26. MissRT Boo

    I just love Jazz music. I am an old-fashioned millennial.

    lewis kabuga

    Miss RT you and me both .. it's just clean and smooth

    Jack Stormrage

    No one cares.

    james harmon

    Wrong, Jack Stormrage. I care. I care so much.


    Ahh me too!


    @james harmon I do too.

  27. Dorita Yapura Caldez

    Tony...... I love youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. irem

    this is the real music

  29. Leila Mosteika

    my dad is in this music video! He is a professional ballroom dancer... he has a studio in NYC ... fred stair dance studio west side!

    Robin Bat

    Leila M What part is he in?

  30. Jazz

  31. Mymy Kisses

    He is gonna watch SAI perform this and I'm in SAI

  32. That One Marine

    Ted 2 the movie anyone?

    Jonathan Borg


    The Steven Universe Future Fan

    That One Marine me

  33. Dino martini

    The most gayest jazz music video ever. Great music though

    Michael Kylow

    Thats gay: thats why it is so good and beautiful.

    Dino martini

    @Michael Kylow yes

    F Tonia Romano

    That's funny!

  34. Jessi Ilau

    I just love jazz music.. Chillin' with my wine baby 🍸

  35. Big Richard A.K.A Dick

    THIS IS REAL MUSIC! Papa Franku sent me

  36. Xennial Hipster

    The 90s might've been one of the most diverse eras for music. Mr. Bennett's comeback in the heart of the alternative/grunge era seems surprising and unlikely, but it makes sense when you think about it.

    A laid back jazz song like this with just a teeny bit of a (for then) contemporary production fits in with the mid 90s, since there were so many types of music co-existing, and it seems like the very beginning of a time when young people were more open to older/different styles of music.

    Of course, his second comeback doing duets with Lady GaGa is equally impressive.

  37. greta peterman

    Hey Guys thats me at 0:12

    mrJesper a

    +greta peterman naahh really ?

  38. Eric S. Powers

    I had this album. This album is timeless!

    lewis kabuga

    Eric S. Powers what's the name of the album?

    Eric S. Powers

    Steppin' Out

  39. Jaimie Nichols

    It is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!

  40. KentuckyJet

    The BEST of the best making it look easy!

  41. Vicky Sieto

    why this is no one of his greatest hits?

    Jaimie Nichols

    What do you mean?


    Vicky Sieto yes what do you mean??


    There's a ton of them. I bought one on Amazon for $5.

  42. Gaz Dav

    Timeless classic, still sound great in 2015

  43. doc. Mgr. Pavol Brezina, PhD.

    who directed this masterpiece?

    Adine Duron

    Marcus Nispel

  44. rangerdj1 Sinatrafan

    Note that this vocal is much different than the track and take on the actual album. Great.

  45. Kennedy Vieira


  46. Soliman Alakel

    so much gayness in the video. the music is awesome

  47. Juan Carlos LM

    So happy to see nowadays two legends working together, Tony & Gaga ♥

  48. Gülşen Güleç

    I have to tell it that this man is a legend. ♥♥♥ Legendary man ...

  49. Helgi Agustsson

    hellvites  back oppload  shit

  50. María Laura Ferguson

    Siempre gracias Tony Bennett!!!!!

  51. ahmed samir

    old school .  <3

  52. Tako Ese

    Ésta canción tiene esa dulzura y sensualidad del Jazz que pocos saben emitir. Me agrada (:

  53. MCLambert

    August 3rd today =  Tony's birthday !  Happy one Mr Bennett. 88 is a beautiful number ;-)

  54. Angelika Kabata-Crampton

    Tony i love you! x

  55. Alien Bloxitp

    No Entiendo como cantantes tan grandes no tengan muchas reproducciones en sus videos, que estamos haciendo? a la gente le falta escuchar lo que en verdad es BUENA MUSICA :) Saludos desde Colombia Tony ;)

    ElGatoSovieticomunista :v

    Lol gente hablando en español aqui jajaj

    julio rivera

    El jazz es elitista, no a todos les llega.

  56. Dimityr Dimitrov

    I like Tony bennet

  57. Nicole Faiguenblum Nudelman

    I loved this song!!!

  58. Fabio Camarri