Tony Bennett - One For My Baby Lyrics

It's quarter to three, there's no one in the place
Except you and me
So set 'em' up Joe, I got a little story
I think you should know
We're drinking my friend, to the end
Of a brief episode
Make it one for my baby
And one more for the road
I know the routine, put another nickel
In the machine
I feel kind of bad, can't you make the music
Easy and sad
I could tell you a lot, but it's not
In a gentleman's code
Make it one for my baby
And one more for the road
You'd never know it, but buddy I'm a kind of poet
And I've got a lot of things I'd like to say
And if I'm gloomy, please listen to me
Till it's talked away
Well that's how it goes, and Joe I know your gettin'
Anxious to close
Thanks for the cheer
I hope you didn't mind
My bending your ear
But this torch that I found, It's gotta be drowned
Or it's gonna explode
Make it one for my baby
And one more for the road

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Tony Bennett One For My Baby Comments
  1. Onur Akyurtlaklı

    O M F G....

  2. Luca Besana

    What is the name of this genre of music?

  3. Wamuyu Kiragu

    John Mayer 💕

  4. Lisa Verbosky

    How am I only just now finding this? Is there anything John Mayer does not excel at?

  5. Eric González

    Love this music

  6. David Cameron

    Tony Bennet.
    Class! May he live forever!

  7. Tabo Two Ex

    I'm 7 years late in finding this. What a treasure.

  8. matthew Lindsey

    Yes sir.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😂❤️😇🙄🤔

  9. Citra Pos

    oohh john.. that smile

  10. cuteblackberry1

    From London, Brixton. Mr Bennett is pure class. Loving

  11. Tito Akbar

    It’s 7 years ago already? Time really flies dude...

  12. Svend Lundby

    1:00 is so damn good!

  13. Sydney S.

    I didn't know I needed as jazz album from Joh Mayer until now.

  14. Caro G.

    Son las dos y cuarenta y cinco, 
    no hay nadie en el lugar. 
    Sólo tú y yo. 

    Así que siéntalos Joe, 
    tengo una pequeña historia 
    que tienes que saber. 
    Estamos bebiendo amigo mío 
    al final de un breve episodio. 

    Así que tráeme un trago para mi bebé, 
    y uno más para el camino. 

    Sé la rutina 
    así que pon otro centavo 
    en esa máquina. 
    ¿Harás la música 
    hermosa y triste? 
    Te podría decir mucho, 
    pero tú tienes que ser verdadera a tú código. 

    Así que tráeme un trago para mi bebé, 
    y uno más para el camino. 

    Tú nunca lo sabrías 
    pero amigo, soy un tipo de poeta. 
    Y tengo un montón de cosas que me gustaríadecir. 
    Y sí estoy triste, 
    por favor, escúchame. 

    Hasta que todo se haya ido. 

    Bueno, eso es lo que pasa. 
    Y Joe, lo sé. 
    Te estás poniendo muy ansioso por cerrar. 
    Así que gracias por la alegría. 
    Espero que no te importe, 
    mi curva en tu oído. 

    Esta antorcha que he encontrado 
    tiene que ser ahogada. 
    O pronto explotará. 

    Así que tráeme un trago para mi bebé, 
    y uno más para el camino. 
    Es largo, hombre, es largo. 
    Es un largo camino.

  15. Venice Bitchh

    Love how he tries to be like Sinatra with the jokes.. great duo

  16. Derek Walker

    Love Tony Bennett, but I don't like this version of this song.

  17. Glaucia Leandra

    Divos! 🎷🎺

  18. Mike Di Bene

    “You’d never know it, Butt Buddy” poor editing for the win

  19. Brent Edwards

    Love Tony giving him the thumbs up half way... fab..

  20. Brent Edwards

    I read Mayer was SO nervous.. he is wringing his hands on this video before he started.. he was fantastic..

  21. eric bernardo

    sinatra maybe have the best version but bette midler have the heart and soul version

  22. Ricci Fiorentini

    If John Mayer did this kind of music omg dead

  23. Sutton Knight

    Wow awesome duet by two greats, one young one young at heart, Johnny looks a little in awe, and well he should be!

  24. MR cream

    Tremenda cancion

  25. Jose Laso

    Johns voice fits perfectly with this type of music!!

  26. Olivier Messelink

    John seems a bit nervous tho

    BOB money

    Olivier Messelink hell yeah man, he's singing with Tony fucking Bennett. He's a legend

    Phil Santos

    no guitar in his hands. a soldier without his best weapon. just bare hands. not usual...


    He's out of his element and comfort zone which is always a nerve-wracking place to be. I give him huge kudos for taking the performance on at all and think he did a great job. 👍😊


    Could you blame him for being nervous??? That's Tony Friggin' Bennett!

  27. Chinmay Sati

    Can anybody please tell me the genre for this type of music.

    I Agree With You Vincent

    CHINMAY SATI Jazz or Big Band

  28. Michael B

    John seemed so shy to play along with the conversational vibe Tony was doin haha

  29. Chelsea Cheng

    Love this <3

  30. Teri-Ann Murphy

    These Duets have got to be one of the best kick back with a glass of wine and watch these on a full screen with good company. LOVE IT !!!!

    Chinmay Sati

    Teri-Ann Murphy - You just gave me a dream

    Hairo Padilla

    I can’t agree with you more

  31. James Heim

    Fantastic performance,great song...Happy 90th Tony !!!!! Wishing you many,many more !!!!

  32. Tais Brito


  33. orange circle

    This still always makes me laugh, it's like they are just having a chat through it.

  34. Rafid Ahsan Anan

    This man without a guitar with him is just not usual.

    Benjamin Wells

    so true haha


    hes doing more than fine without his best weapon.


    feels like naked in bed with scarjo but just cudling

  35. Adhitya Wisadha

    i love this duet!!!

  36. AizaJustmint

    John Mayer's voicccee

  37. Fran Do

    yes, yes, yes JUST PERFECT! Love this duet!

  38. Suzanne Poirier

    De toute beauté, je suis vraiment émue....bravo xx

  39. Michelle Whittington

    Musicians that sing. Nobody better to hit those notes.

  40. Jambangan

    wow cool

  41. Brent Edwards

    Fabulous chart, great musicality. Mayer's reading is fantastic.. Tony laid back and let him do his thing..

  42. Tebarok Tebarok

    Frank sinatra version still the best

    Brent Edwards

    its not a duet.. and as a duet with these two, it is fabulous.. Saw Frank do it a few times.. yep, a showstopper


    Sinatra's kind of 1000000 times better for me hahaha

  43. Victoria Canal

    The only time I've ever heard Mayer sing without his guitar. Yep, still in love.

  44. Geraldzinyo Vlogs

    This is way too cool. 

    Mapaseka Setlhodi

    Best video you've ever shared <3

    Geraldzinyo Vlogs

    @Mapaseka Setlhodi Best comment you ever made <3

  45. Tyler Ferrari

    How cool is this..

  46. Christopher Woods

    from a dance "   there was @ that code of a tour  of  "   tour of one  to you from a " team of life                 over  

    Christopher Woods

    from a tour of a Marine   thank you bro ""   from a tour of two boots  on there  ground  "   over   to cool bro  

  47. Hong Koon Lim

    What would a tune like this be called i'm wondering, Big Band? Swing? If someone would clear that up for me, thanks

    Taylor Murley

    Traditional pop/jazz?

    Diego Regalado

    +Hong Koon Lim Jazz. Big band/Swing are just sub-names, it's jazz overall.

    Derek Walker

    The actual classification from back in the day, was pop, believe it or not. Jazz/swing/big band

  48. Jonathan Reyes

    Don't understand how a video like this could only have 98k views while a Justin Bieber has hundreds of millions...

    The East End Band

    +Jonathan Reyes 1% of humans shape the future of humanity.

    dan malic

    +mamabraga best things come in small packages

    Gabriel Gallardo

    Because enthusiasts of music like these are possessive.

    Noe Berengena

    Hate to sound like an elitist, but you cannot expect the majority to know what in the world is going on. Sheep, a clueless mass of nimrods with no personal discernment.

  49. 91freeman

    Smoothest song i`ve heard in decades. Love it!

  50. Aldemar Ortega

    ... And one for the road!

  51. Marie Johnson

    "John I know you're getting very anxious to close..." 
    "You don't know me well, then..." lol


    Alex van der Linden love Mr. Bennett's smile after that, clearly wasn't expecting it!

  52. duncan yourmate

    smooth as , can be ,,

  53. Sergio Hernandez

    Esto si es musica.

  54. Jenny Sanchez Lazaro

    I love John....... 

  55. Emanuela

    john is a really great singer...he sings jazz in a spectacular way!! I'm impressed...

  56. Furrite

    Its actually played by many styles. search for One for my baby by Sammy Davis Junior :) its a more uptempo kind of style back in the 60's

  57. Anjil Dhamala

    * Mr Bennet

  58. Schulstand

    I'm so happy i found this :)

  59. paul thomas martin

    i like it but bette midler singing it to jonny carson is the best ever.

  60. Brian Kane

    He's so awkward.

  61. DAAMÖ

    It is a Jazz Blues... If you want to know more about jazz.. listen to miles davis john coltrane and thos guys... If you want a bit more soul listen to norah jones amy winehouse or gregory porter ;)

  62. Gilceia de Freitas


  63. virginia aguero

    John Mayer quiero que me cantes esta cancion al oido (L

  64. MayerHendrix

    Probably jazz.

  65. Scott

    i hate being naive about music but what type of genre is this i need to check out some more?

  66. Ruth Elias

    Tony's voice, even when he's talking, sends you to another place, another era, in your mind. I absolutely love him and the music he makes. He keeps an older, purer, truer kind of music alive...

  67. Noonkuta Mpaayei

    Mr. John in a suit??this was a him all the way!

  68. Gracia Wuwungan

    It R O C K S!

  69. kaynaonce

    i thought the same ! haha

  70. kaynaonce

    this is so good ! John Mayer you're killing me

  71. Catalina Lopez

    John is such a babe!

  72. RockyMountainRose

    Drummer, upright bass and piano

  73. RockyMountainRose

    Tony Bennett is truly amazing. I saw his show years ago in Vegas on New Years Eve with what seemed like front row seats and not sure since I had the flu. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every minute and will always remember Tony up there with just a few instruments (upright bass, piano and maybe a trumpet) and he sounded absolutely fantastic.

  74. Keng Yang

    Smooth as fuck.

  75. Zire Brahms

    john mayer without a guitar on his hands!! :O

  76. Zaria

    i watched this on pbs and john said he was nervous. ... you can tell .. but that didnt change his lovely performance :) <3

  77. Zaria

    cuz people dont know what good music is ..

  78. virginia aguero

    te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amooooooooooooo John Mayer. #genios

  79. Damingo54

    3 kids. Blowing it...

  80. Jason Tinmar

    3 people have no clue whatsoever what great music is !

  81. alguiencomovos

    what do i do with my hands now!??
    somebody give john a guitar!

  82. davidbmixing

    don't invite JM without his guitar ffs

  83. Sam Montecalvo

    i can't concentrate that much because of the annoying face of nicki minaj. f*ck

  84. Jason Tinmar

    Why does this video only have 33,566 view ? Why only 393 likes ? These 3 dislikes have no taste !

  85. Jason Tinmar

    What a Killer Combination !!! Tony Bennett and John Mayer !!!
    They should be doing a Whole Album together !!!! Never would leave the Number 1 Spot !!!!

  86. borfried

    why, I had goosebumps! Why?

  87. Sandy Heredia

    I'm so inlove with john and this song makes me love him more!!!

  88. Damingo54

    Best thing ive ever heard.

  89. Kevin White

    I don't like how they sped the melody up, it takes away from the theme of the song. Which is a lonely guy at a bar drinking. Still a great song though.

  90. Marcelo Brazão

    get well soon John Mayer...

  91. Keng Yang

    I don't understand how DUDE GAGA has more views. -____-

  92. Tamara Aispuro

    looks like they dont make a lot of takes...awesome :D

  93. theplourde

    Really classy, love it (the song) and John's new look. His new album is going to be very good.

  94. aaron jordan

    like this if it deserves 999,999,999, views!!!!

  95. Keng Yang

    The views on this is outrageous ..