Tony Bennett - I'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her Lyrics

I'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her
And I’ll think of her all the time
Lately I spend my day hearing her turn a phrase
Things I find hard to praise
Right now would be sublime
Oh, the truth is: I’ll only miss her when some stranger laughs
‘Cause its still her laugh my heart hears
Maybe in time, I guess
The longing will grow the slightest bit less
And there will be moments, yes
When it disappears
I’ll bet I forget her completely
In about a hundred years

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Tony Bennett I'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her Comments
  1. Randall Sundeen

    This song was introduced on Broadway by Mr. Peter Marshall the show was called SKYSCRAPER and one of the principal investors was a Mr Francis Albert Sinatra Peter Marshall later achieved game as the host of THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES

  2. M.J. Leger

    Love Tony, he does a lovely version of this great old favorite song that Frank Sinatra recorded in 1965 and many artists recorded it thereafter.  Bobby Darin recorded a superb version of this song, as did Nancy Wilson, and Tony, of course, among many others. Just beautiful, Tony!

    Jim Stark

    yeah, this is from 'Skyscraper" with music by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen, so its only fitting Sinatra got first dibs. Introduced on Broadway by none other than Peter Marshall, of "Hollywood Squares" hosting fame. Recommend an excellent 'live' version of this tune by Nancy Wilson that can be found here in the Dec 15, 1965 Bob Hope NBC Special. She nails it.

    M.J. Leger

    I knew it was from "Skyscraper" Jim,  but thanks for the Nancy Wilson site, I searched and could NOT find it and I have a lot of her CDs!  Nancy was only about 28 when she appeared on Bob Hope, and hadn't quite, I think, reached her full potential yet, but wow, did she ever later!  She's retired now, but she's been a favorite of mine for quite a lot of years now.  Enjoyed her singing this great favorite song of mine, thanks so much for giving me the site, Jim, she sings at 22:12!  BTW, I don't think Van Heusen or Cahn ever wrote a bad song, and there were plenty, each separate and when Frank Sinatra introduced them and they continued to write together thereafter, what a team!  As a former musician, I did a lot of their songs.  I never tire of them, OR Nancy or Frank or Tony!!  THANKS AGAIN.

  3. Barry I. Grauman

    From the Broadway musical "Skyscraper". Recorded on September 26, 1965; arranged and conducted by Johnny Mandel. Jimmy Rowles at the piano......