Tony Bennett - I'll Be Seeing You Lyrics

I'll be seeing you;
In all the old, familiar places;
That this heart of mine embraces;
All day through.

In that small cafe;
The park across the way;
The children's carousel;
The chestnut tree;
The wishing well.

I'll be seeing you;
In every lovely, summer's day;
And everything that's bright and gay;
I'll always think of you that way;
I'll find you in the morning sun;
And when the night is new;
I'll be looking at the moon;
But I'll be seeing you.

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Tony Bennett I'll Be Seeing You Comments
  1. Carla Rollins

    It’s your birthday mama...but I just remember happy times and how smart ass ways you were...I actually got that from you ha ha you were one of a kind...I miss you...but you gave me so much life values and I thank ♥️♥️

  2. Dojocho

    Its so true when you break up and go about see your former love's shadow cross your path.....

  3. Kurt Johnson

    Not familiar with that intro.. ?

  4. nils nilsson

    no wonder that the heart brakes when love fades away, My love, I still love you; will we ever meet again? Go in peace my love!

  5. Nick Riggio

    Tony is on Facebook at: Friends of Tony Bennett

  6. William Diep

    His wife or girlfriend?

  7. William Diep

    Who is that beautiful blonde lady?

  8. Takeda Shingen

    Nobody did it like Tony.

  9. Kodey Woodlands


  10. Nick Riggio

    On Facebook its: Friends of Tony Bennett

  11. beachdog67

    Damn, but Uncle Tony sure can sell a song!

  12. wutdafeezy

    This is the best one for me. Makes me cry everytime.


    It's fixin to make ME cry as I listen to it. ❤️

  13. Skarni

    THAT is my favourite version.....

  14. Javier Vivanco

    Este tema está sacado de la 3ra sinfonía de mahler

  15. Thies

    Yes... "I 'll be seeing you". And thanks for your contributions to my fat account, built on your sentiments. While your Mum was "Rosie, the Riveter" and your Dad was slugging it out in the mud, he and his mates, me and me mates were sitting here, seeing you toughing it out, while we were cashing in on the war effort. And still do.
    Your music producer.
    Ah, don't grumble... I donated 1% of my wealth to your local veterans' club.
    Correct this.
    I am not to sure, it could be even 0.1%. Just a dot in the wrong place. Ooops... (sorry)

  16. Peteypooooo

    This songs belongs to female vocals sorry Mr B


    robert broad this song was written during WW2- oh I didn’t realise women were on the front line then?? 😂 you’ve missed the mark here big time


    I disagree. I believe both male and female artists have done it justice over the years. And Tony is definitely one of them. This blows me away


    tall32guy I disagree.


    Peteypooooo that's fine. You're allowed to :)


    tall32guy indeed

  17. Wim D.

    great interpretation of this famous song by Tony !