Tony Bennett - Georgia Rose Lyrics

Georgia Rose
Georgia Rose
You’re the most precious rose Dixie grows
Now some folks don’t think its right
‘Cause your skins dark as night
You know you’ve a heart lily white

To the good Lord up above
We all look just the same
Don’t hang your head down in shame

Georgia Rose
Georgia Rose
Don’t be blue ‘cause you’re black
Georgia Rose

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Tony Bennett Georgia Rose Comments
  1. Jacqueline Hill

    I had this album back in the late 60s and lost it unfortunately. A friend tracked it down for me and now I can listen to it any time I like. My favourite song ever. Thanks Tony.

  2. barbara brown

    I am so happy I found it! I heard this song by Tony Bennett as a girl on the radio. I had been searching for this song but could not find and I knew Tony Bennett had sung the song and I was not crazy! At last, I found it. Thank you so very much for posting it and Thank God for Youtube!

  3. Reginald Hill

    i first heard this when i was very young in the 1960s and just loved it, still love it...

  4. Dawn Luzzi

    I met Tony and told him how much this song moved me and how great his career was and still is. He's a Calabrian Italian just like me. Such a nice and super decent man, I felt like I kind of knew him, a real class act, God Bless Tony. Richard Luzzi

  5. Sue Wildman

    I could say that there is no other artist alive like Tony Bennett..and the love songs he sings capture my heart like no other. He is a living legend indeed.

    Nick Riggio

    Please join my page for Tony on Facebook: The Amazing Tony Bennett