Toni Braxton - The Heat Lyrics

Where's the sand, I'm set
My body, thumping going pitty pat
Gettin' tan and wet
And When I feel the beat
I lose control of it
Ooh baby, I'm feelin' you
I must admit
Looking tight and fit
And I imagine you and I in

Summer bodies, shake it to the
Music's going through ya
Can you feel the heat, the heat
The heat is movin throguh your body
Temperature is rising
Can you feel the heat, the heat

Sleeping in 'til noon
Be naughty, put bubbles in the swimming pool
Skinny dip for two
And as you feel the rhythm taking hold of you
Ooh papi, I love it when you ooh eeh ooh
And I'm hooked it's true
I imagine you and I in


Summer's almost over so you better hurry
Andale! Andale!
Starting right now let's dance and party
Ole! Ole! Ole!
Give Me a reason to love you through, through the
No need to hesitate, come on let's get it on
Let's celebrate 'cause it's


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Toni Braxton The Heat Comments
  1. ENG3G3 Capetown

    2020 here we come 🥳😂😭🥳😂😭

  2. Natasha Paradza

    2019 anyone

  3. Amari B

    This was my shit❣️ Thanks 😃👌💯

  4. Christina Gentry

    Remix ft Christina Aguilera a be fire

  5. Natasha Paradza

    2019 anyone???

  6. ShannonWay

    2019-2020 still listening

  7. Vivi Marsh

    Love this

  8. Yes_I_Am_Ms. Jackson

    Can you feel the the heat??!! ..........

  9. Trey Dale

    Anybody want some ice cream.. Still laughing 😂😂 great song Toni

  10. Char'Kita Hood

    I love this song on a warm summer's day. Still a bop all these years later.

  11. Richard Yancy

    Should have been a single🎼❤️

  12. Tiffany Brown

    This used to be my song . I was like 13 😂😂😂

  13. RichGirl

    Just discovered this and loving it!

  14. Megami lloyd

    listening during the summer heatwave in London 2019... this track is still fire

  15. mwla mmbi

    Been here before but Lupe’s post on instagram brought me back. 2019

  16. Ariana Grippo

    This my shittttttt 😫🙏🏼

  17. Charisma Mitchell

    I remember this album the summer after I came into high school. In 2000 I think...

  18. Sharon Thomas


  19. Rashaan Woodson

    2019 I'm still listening are you 😁😁

  20. Haris Baig


  21. Deahra Shelton

    My girl

  22. Sunny staneke

    still listening 2019 who else ? Peace!!!

  23. hahadarrie

    Hey baby you want some icecream?
    I was today years old when i realised i was saying it wrong

  24. Getrude Shayo

    2019 still my best song 💥

  25. Pat Kasere

    This song gives me life 😉

  26. Erinn Washington

    2k19 where you at

  27. Rising Phoenix


  28. consistency 14

    Songs SO sexy man! Great memories of the summer this was out. She used to have such a sweet girly voice...gotta love that shit man!

  29. lisa dutiro

    Still🔥... 2019 ❤

  30. Ashley Chanel

    I can hear her sisters wow, especially Tamar

  31. Trey Dale

    This one makes you wonna get on the highway blasting this with the wind in your face while your singing this to the top of lungs on a summer day lol sorry for the rant

  32. Twylyght Storm

    the first time I heard this song I was attached to it till is today ...

  33. Lauren Stallenberg


  34. Shakia Frasier

    In ready for spring and summer 2019😝

  35. Dena Williams

    2019 come thru

  36. Africangyal

    Classy. Effortless. Sensual. Toni.

  37. Montana Fooks

    quality music....yes gal

  38. Sandi Mguni

    Who is listening to this track in 2019?

  39. Mutale Mulenga

    Timeless classic even in 2019!!!

  40. Victor kudzai Nyangoni

    this song reminds me of my high school years in gweru ,Zimbabwe, beautiful piece of art ,love you my toni

  41. leroy tapfuma

    2019 anyone?

  42. Pat Kasere

    Can't wait for summer ...😋

  43. Chronograph

    nice song

  44. Teneale Bender

    Christmas 2018.

  45. UK Business

    Christmas eve London 2018 💕💕💕

  46. Detra Edwards

    toni is one of the best singers ever....still oh so awesome! she def takes me to another place with her's a beautiful ride.

  47. Ayesha Islam


  48. Yolanda Frühwirth

    *Anyone listening in 2018?*

  49. Bisola Ayetigbo

    Sounds So Brand New!! In 2018!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


    It's not contemporary R&B for nothing. The production values started to sync with today's pop-R&B sound around this time (late 90s-early 00s), that's why it doesn't sound too dated.

  50. andiedaddiekris

    2018&this song still fire👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿🤩🤩

  51. machinegunkte

    Is it just me or is that Trina on background vocals?

  52. Talifhani Phaswana

    Any1 listening to the heat 2018-2019

    Obrien Obahi

    Aug, 2019.

    sylus o

    The heat is moving through your body, temperature is rising, can you feel the heat, the heat 🔥......

    Obrien Obahi

    Hi @Lydia Williams !
    What a lovely name!

    Keorapetse Thagane

    Quiet sexy... i should say... and her really have to feel the heat..."anybody want some ice cream..."

  53. wellington waithaka

    good old days whenn music made sense..2018 and i still fuxs with toni braxton

  54. Bisola Ayetigbo

    Listening in September 2018❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. Nicholas Alonzo

    I remembered that when I bought this cd in the local mall, I had money to purchase only one cd. After searching through dozens of cds, I saw my girl Ms Toni braxton "the heat ", never regretted buying it to this day. Still have it in my original cd collection. Beautiful voice. thank you. from Trinidad and Tobago.

  56. Tamara Pagan

    Summer Anthem.....crusin with a droptop caddie

  57. Lajoy Braxton

    Toni Braxton is my blood relative .I wish I had the chance to meet her.

  58. moozbally

    Hell yeah!

  59. ron blessed


  60. Femme Fatale

    2018!!! SUCH a classic...

  61. Taylor Alliease

    Just something bout this song. It never gets old 🙂

  62. Ghostninja X

    Best describes how hot it is out here lol

  63. Twylyght Storm

    I love this song my next Hit I'm going to be making a( emotion expression dance to

  64. n eye

    1:23 vocal skills

  65. sperrotta91

    Do people truly know how good this is? Absolutely masterful sensual mid-tempo r&b.

  66. yara tube

    show essa musica minha mãe ama ela kkk

  67. yara tube

    show essa musica minha mãe ama ela kkk

  68. yara tube

    show essa musica minha mãe ama ela kkk

  69. yara tube

    show essa musica minha mãe ama ela kkk

  70. Djeny Phouo


  71. Oratile Makgoba

    Great song✨ Great album🌸

  72. Derrick Lott

    Love this song......

  73. Florence Mukuhi

    all time favorite.....Jeez

  74. Bianca Nyamandu

    I’m here for this sexy song 2018

  75. Bianca Nyamandu

    I’m here for this sexy song 2018

  76. KellyTiree Ngaujake

    Who is listening to this in 2018? Old school music is still a VIBE


    Always, how I miss this kind of R&B in my life!


    This is THE vibe!

  77. Romell Harris

    Janet Vibes 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️

  78. luvin2lrn

    Still here for it in 2018! Grown, sexy woman music rite chere!!!!

  79. Wymesha Johnson

    huge fan

  80. Eric B

    Sexy song, pretty Ms Braxton.

    Thank you for making this

  81. Viwe Makalima

    I bought this album as a cassette then lol just realised I'm old tjooo

  82. Keke Denae

    Living legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾 this whole album was fiyah

  83. Florence Mukuhi

    An all time favourite

  84. MrSer25

    It's 2017 and I can still feel the heat Toni!

  85. TMARIE

    I love this album!!

  86. M 360

    I feel like Whitney could've killed this.


    No need. Toni already did.

  87. Dolton Jacobs

    my favorite toni song..period

  88. Najerea

    #ItsStillAndAlwaysWillBeLIT 💃🔥💃🔥💃🔥

  89. Amber Hi

    10 grade in L.A. #GoodTimes