Toni Braxton - I Wanna Be (Your Baby) Lyrics

I'm gon' put it out there
Lay it on the line
And even if it breaks my heart
I'm giving it a try

Not waiting for tomorrow
Confessing it today
So baby here it goes
I'm out of time
It's do or die

I wanna be your baby
Won't you be my man?
I wanna be your soldier
When you're too weak to stand
Now I wanna be your baby
Be the end of your day
Forever in your life
Forever by your side
Forever I'll stay

I'm hanging on a thread here
I don't care if I fall
But I ain't gonna fall
Even though I don't know
If you feel me at all (if you feel me at all)

I'm ready to be right or wrong with you
I'm ready for my heart to win or lose
I'm ready to give all I've got to you
Boy, I want you to know

I wanna be your baby
Won't you be my man?
I wanna be your soldier
When you're too weak to stand
Now I wanna be your baby
Be the end of your day
Forever in your life
Forever by your side
Forever I'll stay

So I'm saying I love you
Ain't holding nothing back
And I'm saying I want you
I hope you don't mind that
And I'll wait on you forever
And I promise that
Oh baby
'Cause I love you
Oh I love

I wanna be your baby
Won't you be my man?
I wanna be your soldier
When you're too weak to stand
I wanna be your baby
End of your day
Forever life
Forever side
Forever stay

Let me be yours tonight (yeah)
Let me be yours
(let me be your baby boo tonight)
Let me be yours
(let me be yours)
('cause I got to be your tonight)

Let me be yours tonight
('cause I got to be your tonight)
Let me be yours
Let me be yours tonight
('cause I got to be your tonight)

I wanna be your baby
Won't you be my man?
I wanna be your soldier
Baby baby
Be the end of your day

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Toni Braxton I Wanna Be (Your Baby) Comments
  1. shanix merilyn

    2019 😘

  2. Blessy Mathew

    For some it takes a lifetime for a confession!

  3. Daisy D

    Its a beautiful thing to be transparent with the one you love. To let them see your vulnerability and still trust that they would protect the beauty of your love and the chemistry of the fire between you 2. Love is a deep and mysterious beautiful journey between 2 souls that need and want to connect with each other especially when it is romantic love which is also known as Eros Love. It's a beautiful feeling. I love this song ❤.

  4. Millicent Catherine

    Still listening in 2019🎶❤️

  5. Lonisha S

    Why is this not on iTunes ???

  6. Brí Akílah

    I still want this to be my wedding song 😫❤️

  7. Shunquita Harris

    This album was/is Everything!!!



  9. Trinity Molobi

    My all time favourite 😍😍 my heart melts every time

  10. Tumiso Marebane

    Still in love with this song ... gorgeous!

  11. Mareka Tieho Hlangabeza

    This one reminds me of the Real Love Movement on Metro FM.. Paul Mtirara on the Chill Factor..

  12. neo moyo

    Let me be yours tonight

  13. Charles Thomas

    So I’m saying I love you ain’t holding nothing back and I’m saying I want you I hope you don’t forget that I felt that to my core

  14. azilo duwe

    This song makes me cry touching.reminds me when our love was just starting..

  15. Sean M.

    Still live for this song

  16. Big Doza Mandoza

    In love with this song hoooo

  17. Keneilwe Dube

    It’s 2019 and I’m still inlove with this song like it came out yesterday... music that will stand the test of time indeed 👸🏾

  18. Isaac Zulu

    The ending of this song is soul taking! She may have made mistakes somewhere but not on this song, ishiiiii!

  19. Calvin Sims

    I don't even know what I'd do if a woman said such things to me. Wow, how beautiful.

  20. Dasani605

    I think all Toni fans are on the same accord when I say Libra is indeed one of the best and most cohesive albums in her discography!

  21. Lloyd Madiba

    2019 and we still here ❤️. All the way from South Africa 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Big Doza Mandoza

    Eish toni

  23. Neo Monenyane

    Here 2019. Still a good song

  24. kevin jacobs

    omg..I can wake up to this song every morning!!!!I love it

  25. Jadah Monteram


  26. Victoria Welch

    I wish her and Birdman could've got married to this. A lot of pple don't like him but as a couple, they reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. A cute mix of ying and yang.

  27. clovesilvako silva

    Muito lindas wnna bee😍😍😍diva Toni Braxton

  28. Mosima Phadu

    Who is here with me in 2018?

  29. Corry Lorenzo Stewat

    This Whole Album was the Shit!!! Could listen to it from Start to finish without skipping one song

  30. Sal Cabrera

    Can’t find this song anywhere to download. Not even iTunes. Anyone know the reason???

  31. Nhayah Goode

    Loooove this record💚💚💚

  32. maris a

    When did this song come out? I am a huge Toni Braxton fan. But just heard this song today.

  33. Jacquey Okwirry

    One of my favorite songs from Toni Braxton..

  34. Lion XMC

    Today in a few hours I'm telling my crush that I love them, I hope it works kills me not knowing how they feel so I'm laying my heart on the line...😕♥💯💯💯


    Aaaand?? How'd it go ?

  35. Trea H

    One of those iconic songs that truly represents love and heartfelt love for another person

  36. Win S

    Love it love it. She is one of my favorite artists of all time. Love Toni B.

  37. Lakyesha Lockings

    I still love this song!!!! 2018

  38. Nwabisa Songqushwa

    I wanna be your soldier when you too weak to stand
    #I wanna be your baby
    #Hello 2018
    Whose still rocking it :-0

  39. Nthabi Ngomane

    I'll walk down the aisle to this song

  40. Sonny Maharero

    2018 Still going

  41. Sara Franco

    Such a pretty song I don't think it was officially released though

  42. Nthabi Ngomane

    I'm gonna walk down the aile to this beautiful song. I used to listen to this as a kid & now that I'm 27 it makes so much sense. I want be he's baby for life. through all the hardships, challenge's and good time's. I deserve him, I deserve this! I've been through a lot

  43. Christine Terry

    putting it out there confessing it today ..want to be your baby!!!! forever in your life💙💙💙

    Sam Lopez

    Okay I'm in ! 🤣

  44. Dwaine Ray

    Love It

  45. Lauren Robinson

    I luv this song

  46. Iconic vxbes

    my mom loves this song so much

  47. Edith Jewel

    Well I tried being his baby but now it's not working. U win some and lose some 🙌👏👊👌

    John Gaines

    Edith Jewel Let It Flow.. great song too!

  48. nonhle ngubane

    Toni Braxton is the best singer in the world

  49. Alexandra Ben

    😍😘😘😘😘😘 luv u Toni

  50. Khensani Mashego

    Besides the golden oldies (60's and 70's) hits and R.kelly hits..every note and words on this song, will send shivers down your spine in a good way..I AM lucky to have experienced such talent in my lifetime.

  51. Michael Place

    My favorite Toni Braxton song and my future wedding song! If my partner is against it, we simply just aren't getting married. Yes its that serious! LMAO! <3

    arthur workman

    Michael Place - so I guess you plan on being not only single but alone for quite a many many more years if not decades huh bruh -LoL. You know how some women are too possessive with their men. And many feel you're cheating even if it's just a female singer. LOL


    I hope all is well

    Winnie Dlomo1711

    That's exactly how my deep love is...😘 love this song so much

    Virjivia Britt

    My man is a to play this


    Michael Place couldn’t agree more! This song is what marriage is about, at the end of the day I want to your baby for levee in your life forever by your side forever I’ll stay

  52. Nozipho Mdluli

    Such a classic❤

  53. Christle Green soldier.

  54. Lucia Boissa

    I love it it's so great and I found all and other songs I love

  55. Tori Cage

    I want to be your baby. Be the end of your day. Forever in your eyes!

  56. Edith Jewel

    I want 2 b loved just like these words 👏👍💜💋

  57. Daizeydaye

    Toni Braxton always been my baby. I love this woman. Her music is Amazing. Grew up listening to her, my mother was a huge fan lol.

  58. Kareem Thompson

    2017 and still my Fav

  59. Edith Jewel

    This man knows I care, he's wrong I love him and I'm going 2 play this song 4 him after I let him know just how grateful I am 2 b loved by him only 💜💜

  60. Edith Jewel

    I just fell in love and these words is how he treats me

  61. Edith Jewel

    I just met a real sweet man and this is exactly what I want 2 tell him 💜

  62. Edith Jewel

    Toni Hit A New Time High, Thank U Luv

  63. Edith Jewel

    This song is sssssoooo beautiful, the second time I heard it I cried. Toni Right On Luv 💕

  64. Miriam Prevost

    💖AMOR forever by your side forever in your life I always want to be your lady Mi💞AMOR Bello 💖💕💕 I 💖LOV<😘E U UU Daddy lov<💘💘💘 eeeee💋💞💞💞💞

  65. Miriam Prevost

    I want to be your baby and you Always being my💞 man💖AMOR Bello 😘 Mio💖💖💖💖💕

  66. Choq Bella

    Cody Nixon and Jessica Graf theme song from Big Brother 19. Love this song.


    Was it?

  67. Lebo Maphoto

    This song reminds me of a once so beautiful love I had. Unfortunately things didn't work, but I'll forever cherish the memories. This song sums it all up.

  68. Richard Ngcanga

    I'm so in tune with this song

  69. SunKissNicole

    NEVER knew about this song but I have fallen in love with it.

  70. Billy Larkin


  71. Prince Youlou

    My wedding day song!!!

  72. Spice Shabalala

    Drop me at 02:29, turn the volume at full blast and close the door

  73. portia dladla

    wow this song revive the mood and the sex mood become much best "let me be yours tonight "

  74. Fred Robinson

    very amazing voice

  75. Rose Nformi

    This song!!!!! one of my fav songs.

  76. Qta

    Amazing! <3

  77. Dark Knight

    highschool days 2006

  78. Godfrey Odey

    amazing Toni
    love ya

  79. Davion Mullings

    aka Tamica would have his back in the of duty.

  80. kegomoditswe noko

    I love you Toni, your music has a way of me something good and yet soo special, this song takes me to a place I have never been to before

  81. Keisha Lighter

    I really love this song!!!!! Sends a message to that special someone

  82. Teboho zama

    this women

  83. Teboho zama

    this bless me with her music , I can listen to Toni any day everryday

  84. B. Natural

    Toni B....

  85. Thandazile Thanda


  86. Thandazile Thanda


  87. Marrisa Alexander

    love this song from the first day I saw u I couldn't stop dreaming about u by my side now I got it and I never want it to end

  88. Charito Pantoja

    All her song's is very memorable and meaningful to me.Amazing Toni. ❤😀

  89. Naidy Tshabalala

    Toni Toni Braxton....this song though

  90. Elle Dawson

    I Love song, I love Toni Braxton!

  91. Spice Shabalala

    My heavens open up at 2:34 onwards...

  92. Elisa Baltazar

    I want to tell him this..

  93. Rootson Nortey Shaibu

    My favourite hehehe.

  94. Neo Neoza

    love her voice