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Tones And I The Kids Are Coming Comments
  1. สุธิดา ภาโท


  2. Maria Teresa Garcia

    Ok boomer

  3. gibbyrockerhunter

    Holy hell she is an amazazing artist.

  4. Agnes Skolarczyk

    love it

  5. Bowyo Todo

    I love ti 👍🤓

  6. SurrealKeenan

    Holy shit! Was that Yugioh abridged at the end!?!

  7. Chris Vellner

    "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!! I'm making a DIFFERENCE!!! "
    Yay, sure kid! Just make sure you pick up after yourself when the protest is over.

  8. Adel

    This should be the song you're most famous for. I hope your generation can make the changes mine couldn't.

  9. Paula Evellyn

    Tu é linda. Meuuuuuu

  10. Sudiyah Istichomah

    Idk but this song reminds me of Greta Thunberg and her movement for Climate Change around the world. Well, it's a good song btw.

  11. Gen Doukeshi

    God I did not see the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged clip coming. But I did see the kids.

  12. swordbrawler1

    me and the boys being drafted for WWIII


    Lomé true

  13. Mia D

    I thought this video was a sick way to plug merch.

  14. Maria luiza Santos Monteiro

    Amoo ela e amei a música e adoro principalmente dance monkey🤩

  15. ptitloutre

    il la pas vue le trump celle la !

  16. blazuly ponk


  17. †undertaker†

    damn this song is so deep. It should get more attention.

  18. Air/Ria Films

    This would make a great mash up with Greta Thunberg's speech!

  19. Kyle Bajada

    It’s kids and teens and I’m in the kid army

  20. Chris G.

    So in the future we gen z will have a revolution against boomers
    Ah ok

  21. Painting Dreams


  22. DDAENG is my Epiphany in my Hope World

    If I get an assignment about analysis a song I’ll choose this one..

  23. 5D Health


  24. oof McOof

    I'm not a fan, but she's so pretty and has such a unique voice

  25. wildandspicylife

    Ever seen the purge?you can purchase this *kid purge* movie! Just for 2.99 :D

    This just *REMINDS* me of it lmao

  26. Thauany Cristina

    Prima de Bilie Ellish


    Offspring: the kids aren't alright!

  28. Sumpret Jamak

    Agnes mo lewat...

  29. Thomas Marrujo

    the kids can crash the system

  30. Jason Wright

    Children of the corn 😂

  31. Michael Lopez

    Most Adults aren't the same anymore.
    To me about 75 percent think about money, power & screwing other people over. The main thing is that they don't think about the outcome of it all & what it's doing to you, our children.
    It is time the children speak up
    Cause it's your future, that is at stake.
    End the wars & End the violence
    Helping , caring, just being there for each other. Lend a hand & protect the children's of tomorrow's future.
    Let your voices be heard!
    Your the only ones that can bring peace back to the world.
    Just look at where we are now in life, Compared to where we could be.
    If only they would put children first once again, with a well rounded Education & that doesn't force a child to pay just to eat. For adults to stop putting children down & making them feel & look stupid, because no child is.
    Sorry, I am a adult myself. One who can't have children, but I always put them first.
    Like I said children, it up to you now.
    It's your future.
    Let your voices be heard.
    Stay strong out there & be safe ✌😎

  32. Italo Thiago

    Maravilhosa ♥️

  33. Howard McNasty

    She has a great original voice but every time I look at her I can't help but think of Andy Milonakis in drag

  34. daoming si

    ok boomer

  35. mafer- kun

    I love you music

  36. Beezeecade

    Tones And I + Grandson collab, when?

  37. Beezeecade

    PTX needs to do a cover of this, this song already lends itself so well to their abilities

  38. T.Christopher Byrd

    every 5 to 10 years " the kids" are going to show grownups they know better... then they grow up. You dont know what you are talking about. You are being used by others that have agendas related to controlling the masses.

  39. Tsai Jason

    This song should be in the children of the corn!

  40. amarilis jurado


  41. Alice

    I She will get a point across with this song but nevertheless I'm I dont like this one...a bit depressing ☹👎

  42. Egessin - channel of CURIOSITY MYSTERY ACTUALITY

    Che voce particolare che ha questa ragazza, ricorda in parte Elle King nel complesso

  43. DavanieDragon

    Who is watching this after New Years 2020

  44. Pastelz Dammy

    This is so cool! I start being fan of Tones.

  45. Nushnush Ganay

    Gen X got your back, baby. Go!

  46. Nushnush Ganay

    I Stan You. <3

  47. PI GYE

    Play 2:34 in slo mo and you will see the pride flag 😍🏳️‍🌈😍

    PI GYE

    It is in black and white tho...

  48. Nancy Tedrowe

    I do hope the kids have a plan - we need their help. THe oldies like me are tired of trying and the middle age folks do not care. GO KIDS!!

  49. dupont filochar

    Un de mes plus grands regret,ne pas parler anglais...Ce qui pourrait me permettre de chanter ses chansons..

  50. Elias Freitas

    The music is beatifull


    Love you lots

  52. TheInfamousJJ527

    Creepy song without watching the vid... not a chart topper but still a good song I like the message but not the son of that makes any sense

  53. Vinícius Gamer_Kill

    This voice is fantastic

  54. Lukas P

    Perfect Music !! 5 !!!!

  55. Fernando Sor

    I hope the kids are listening to the message here. It’s your crazy world to inherit and a lot of old white rich dudes have left you a mess. Good luck kids. I hope you can change things. Look up from your phones once and a while a see what’s going on.

  56. Ken Motley

    Its about time this Aussie learnt to sing like an adult and not a child,then we might be able to understand her.

  57. MilkiMochi

    This girl is underrated. She should be at 100million subscribers.

  58. Alista Lestari Persia

    Sooo cooolll! Hello Guys, i’m from Indonesia, i cover Dance Monkey with my husband, check on youtube don’t forget like, comment and subscribe.

  59. Julie Oliver

    Don't fall for Socialism and it's use of you youngster's. You have no idea how Socialism is destroying your lives.

  60. Polar Bear Editing

    I welcome our children overlords.

  61. nexus1g

    Literally how every young generation since time immemorial sees itself.

  62. Ryan Hamill

    This song literally blows. No memorable melody, just whispers of “the kids are coming”

    Lafawnduh Dynamite

    Yo mama blows

    Kammie Cotton

    Found the boomer

  63. phil m

    shiteee one hit wonder..... jog on people.

  64. Ayim Sepang

    1:13 cod4 modern warfare..

  65. Crazypjk 1973

    these kids cant even get off the phone long enough to clean their rooms yet their gonna "clean up" the none even want to work ,they want socialism and every thing for free.

  66. mickavellian

    One thing ,that is a very groovy outfit. I love Billie Eilish sense of aesthetics!

  67. Angel 309

    Can they please make these sweaters for us to buy!😍

  68. mickavellian

    I am a GEN X which is just BOOMER Vs 2 and I really couldn't care less about "OK BOOMERS" I mean really you giuys will get NOTHING tyo do for another 10 years
    In fact it is a honor that we are still talked about. WE didn't even know what the previous generations and we didn't not care. We needed the Beatles and Bill Gates and gaming consoles and chats and internet in fact neither Millennials or Zes have brought anything out to society
    OK kiddies, and don't piss off the ole folks they still have the nuclear codes

  69. Penjiyew MeKaN

    turkmenden dinleyan barmyy

  70. Haidar Darwich

    This video gives me a feeling we need a massive world wide REVOLUTION or else we will all die in hunger and wars

  71. Seokjji

    There are so many people that look like youtubers or celebs and famous people

  72. Seokjji

    Is that Billie Eilish at 0:51

  73. Lore Ronca


  74. Lore Ronca

    I love The kids are coming!!!

  75. Serenity

    "The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room." -- Socrates, 415 B.C. (i.e. Older people have ALWAYS had issues with the youth)

    Squad 12

    I’m 13 and I have to do all of that and my parents shout at me for actually nothing like if I’m sitting on a couch and my brother who is 14 comes in the room I have to basically treat him like a king or parents shout there lungs out or if he doesn’t want do something like take out the trash I have to do that I started rebelling 4 months ago I don’t give a crap and I have had no worries so u can go back in ya box chocolate cuz u don’t know what it’s like growing up in this decades

    Go away

    Ok boomer

    Jamie McIntosh

    Ok boomer

  76. Jelioso

    this should have been in the unlisted in netflix

  77. BluBattalion

    Ok Gen Z

  78. Noel H

    Kids are coming... piss off.... n is it just me or us there no white males in this vid.... fuck off

  79. Luis Petrikov

    This seems like the millennials/gen z anthem

  80. Luis Petrikov

    This song has an amazing and powerful message... Omg, I fucking love tones and I ❤❤❤❤❤

  81. Jeán Hubbard

    Die Antwoord influence?

  82. Mason Waguespack

    The only reason kids can change things is becuase their parents made them.

  83. AnTy

    There are many kids around the world fighting so bravely for their freedom, and we are gonna support them.

  84. Naiym jainlett

    In my opinion this song meaning is that kids should also be listened to not just adults

  85. Esequiel Ochoa

    Te amo sos perfecta

  86. Theodoro Alves

    amo esa musica

  87. Canada Tribes-Productions

    Dope song !

  88. travis cox

    Did I accidentally turn on CNN? Ugh

  89. {Green Gooey Wet Monster}

    The kids are coming to this song saying that your wrong.

  90. 5406 king

    I hate her voice and music.

  91. Heaven Universe

    This was uploaded on my Birthday

  92. Xu Mis

    hay qua di

  93. Resh

    why she not showing her full face

  94. Tim Owens

    and what are the kids going to do, when they get here? the adolescents, will solve all the world problems, tomorrow? hahahahaha. no, they will become adults, and begin to understand, the real world!!! great hippie song!!! but is solves nothing??

  95. BigBadBossMcCoss

    The kids are not alright