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  1. Adam Jacob

    Damn I only realised this is about someone being gay??? Damn that means a lot cos I am. I tried to hide my feelings untill I surrounded myself with friends that I trusted. Since then I can be who I want to. Don't let people dictate your feelings for you. Don't care what people think.

  2. keith fuller

    you go girl ! Stunning!

  3. Eugene Setiawan


  4. July Eljas

    I love her voice and how simple she is.

  5. Ikky 17

    Auto subsciribe

  6. juan daniel quintero cardona

    Do you image to Tones and Billie eilish? 😲🤔😜

  7. Sergio Mendez

    Only one day into her and I'm a fukin fan she reminds of Tash sultana

  8. 10:11 PM - The power of music

    shared this on Facebook! / heeft dit gedeeld op Facebook!

  9. YouTube Спитамен

    I love you tones

  10. Giulio Personeni

    Now surprise us with a song with normal voice 😎

  11. Horister Jostim

    Salty Rain

  12. Brad Witt

    I'm in love with her music

  13. Jayne Maya

    Gives me chills

  14. Xavier

    Love and love her voice 😘😘

  15. Nicoli Lima Barboza

    Apaixonada por essa voz ❤

  16. syaqeyna

    Johnny now in NCT

  17. Whichwayisup

    I love your music!!!

  18. Cindy Mercado

    Voice with millions of emotions!

  19. Christeon Shabaiash

    This is exceptional. Where are they finding these kids? First it was Billie Eilish, now Tones and I. Their music is original and beautiful.

  20. Jennifer Buckley

    I fell in love with dance monkey, so I wanted to hear your other songs. I love them all! You are so talented and your songs have meaning. ❤

  21. Legit Ju4np4810

    You’re the next Billie

  22. Dania Malmej

    You have a beautifull voice and amazing talent I love everything all you are congratulations I'm you'r fan already¡¡¡¡¡

  23. sun-kissed

    i think what make this song so good is the singer itself :((

  24. Joan Miró i Ferrà

    pure talent!

  25. Johnny Hsiao

    Hey guys! WHO NAMED “JOHNNY”🤘🏼

    Charles Martel

    Everybody named Johnny 🙄

  26. Scott s

    You are simply Amazing!
    Your music + headphones = something I have not experienced before, seriously life changing moments.

  27. annissa endah

    She took my attention. Loved it.,😍

  28. Julie Carpenter


  29. Eliza Ortega

    Me encanta 😭😭♥️♥️

  30. Elizabeth Crossley

    this song gives me goosebumps

  31. Unannounced Loser

    This really stirred up some emotions I didn’t even know I had

  32. Chris's RC construction

    Best thing to happen to music in decades! 😘

  33. steph2ayr

    Love the voice, love this song.  (I'm the wrong side 60 but great music is for everyone.)

  34. Cara May

    Fuck yes girl

  35. Ryguy 1

    You Fing rock girl!!!🙏

  36. SimplyinGeorgia

    Coming from a 57 year old man.....the lyrics are soooo real to me. Thank you for this song.

  37. Brawl Oyuncu

    Sevdim ve guzel şarkılar yapıyor ❤

  38. genkiyo kiki

    Ur pretty good I am happy I found ur song keep ur good work hope you gonna come to MTL!!!:)

  39. MegaWhathe

    Nice finger, I was thinking about smoking and how it looks to imitate having a cig in my hand and accidentally gave the flip right in their face the smoker I thought for sure I was in for it. TY

  40. Madycat

    Love her so much already, I wish her the best in her career!👍

  41. Gavin Sanders

    I'm so glad I finally found this amazing person and singer

  42. Nguyen Kien

    love this song

  43. Karly A

    I don’t know how to explain but Toni and her music have something and I think I’m touched by at unconscious level. I’m saying this because i can’t understand the lyric even though I’ve been living in Australia nearly 9 years 😭 my poor English

  44. Julissa Gonzalez

    El día de hoy a nacido un nuevo fan <3

  45. Bunny Fluff Gaming

    I love her so much😔😔🔥

  46. cyprien alloy

    Johnny was a young boy he liked playing at the park
    And Johnny said oh oh Dad can you take me now
    Johnny was young never hurt no-one too early for that
    He was at the park he met a boy named Jimmy
    He’s a cutie and he chose him oh
    Take my heart, take my soul, share my crayons share my goals
    His daddy walked by with a sigh, said Johnny sit by my side
    I’m gonna give you the best advice you’ve ever heard in your life
    See that boy named Jimmy yeah, he’s a cutie
    But no no Johnny no no no ah ah oh

    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    You get picked on by another
    Better go and run for cover yeah
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    You get picked on by another
    Better go and run for cover

    Johnny started high school at the front of the bus
    Some boys yelled oh oh man come sit with us
    Johnny found a seat with a boy named Pete and felt it again
    As he was trying to play pretend the feelings came rushing in
    And he thought

    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    You get picked on by another
    Better go and run for cover yeah
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    You get picked on by another
    Better go and run for cover

    And I don’t want to talk about the trap I’ve dreamed big
    Real big since I’ve been on daddy’s lap
    Got my dreams by my side
    Keep them in my pocket so that when I get the chance, I can rip it out and rock it
    It’s like my golden ticket, it’s the reason that I’m here
    Everybody has a dream, they’re frozen by fear
    We won’t dance in the rain, we go and run for cover
    All there is to blame is getting picked on by another
    So we go and find someone that will love and support us
    Says they adore us, maybe fought for us then
    We forget about ambitions and decisions were changed
    I think that I was only seven when ohhhhhhh

    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    You get picked on by another
    Better go and run for cover yeah
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    You get picked on by another
    Better go and run for cover
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    Getting picked on by another
    Better go and run for cover
    Na no na no
    Johnny run away run away now Johnny now
    Getting picked on by another
    Better go and run for cover
    Na no na no

  47. Chubby Bunny

    Someone in my class his name is Johnny

  48. Compost Wise

    Simply from they being, I love how Aussies have a natural way of discrediting that bullsh*t hollywood scene, a scene that tries so hard to market celebrity as being talent. Never mistake celebrity as being talent, peeps... This is Talent!

    who flungpoo


  49. Dis Guy

    Love her music!

  50. Andrea Walker

    Most original singing/rapping I've heard in decades. She's the real deal.

  51. Rubens frai martins


  52. Rahul S

    what a voice!! i have a rather picky taste in music, and i listen to the songs i like on loop unless i hear something new and i get to like it and i add it to the loop... listening to refreshing songs after a long time :D #added to the playlist!!!

  53. P.I.R.F

    Why tf isn’t this lady famous ??????


    she is... have you heard of Dance Monkey? 300,000,000 views... #1 in a lot of countries.

  54. Teesside's Patriotic Wildcamper

    Tones andbi is amazing especially johny run away

  55. Pamela Cueva Mena

    Muchas f3lciidsdes

  56. P1XEL

    Русские тута?

  57. LTT Nerf Guns ألعاب نيرف

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  58. Olivier Cara

    You are my best, i love you from belgium 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪 you are iconique

  59. judy b

    What an awesome voice, love this song!

  60. Morthos

    Aussie bogan at its best

    I'm not one for listening to music these days. But when I came across this song and of course Monkey dance, I found myself not only loving an artist voice and all but to find myself spending the last 2 hours playing the same two songs over and over.
    Keep on climbing the mountain of fame Toni.

  61. Andrew Garza

    What a beautiful soul. I can feel your emotions in your songs.

  62. mbieb1

    This gal has some incredible talent. Most music nowadays is pretty bland, but every now and then we get to hear something special. This is special.

  63. Valerie Holdman

    Please stay yourself! Stay completely away from the record companies because they will fuck you! I'm 52 years old and the best advice I can give you is to ALWAYS go by your gut instinct Tones! A woman's intuitions will never steer you wrong💯 I don't care who tells you what they "think" or "know" you should do......YOU DO WHAT YOU FEEL IN YOUR HEART BABY GIRL!

  64. Valerie Holdman

    I want to meet her!

  65. keith Foster

    Aussie got this girl

  66. Dan Horvath

    Great song too! Love it!

  67. ネケにこ

    Your voice so wonderful miss ☆\(^ω^\)

  68. Markus Pasaribu

    I like your voice, the gifted

  69. Tia Davis

    I AM ADDICTED!! I have these songs on my playlist with ZZ Ward and ELLE King!! I absolutely love the sound of her voice!! The raspy tones she hits and dance monkey is what drew me in to listening!

  70. นฤมล จิตร์ภิรมย์ศรี

    Australian accent

  71. karemy_ 22

    X que no te conocí antes!

  72. Suhaeli

    Please make lyrics breakdown video on Genius. Because I need to know what happen to Johnny and Jimmy.

  73. Jill Lackore

    Breath of Fresh Air!!!

  74. Christian Zamora-Dahmen

    OMG, I love your songs so much. I'm way old for this music, yet I adore it!
    And there's some real thought behind the lyrics. Thank you so much!

  75. Franco Olguin

    Me encantas Tones and I!!!!! Espero verte algun dia en vivo!! I adore you Tones and I!!! I hope to see you live one day!!! Big Hug!!!!!


    Próxima artista joven la cual va sonar en todas partes, y que todos reconocerán por su gran talento, sin duda.

  77. Brittanys Fab Channel

    Girl ur such an inspiration keep being YOU 💛💙💜💚❤

  78. Manuele Cuoghi

    No words for this songwriter... love at first sight!

  79. DTrefusis

    Seriously, tell the producers and know-it-all's, 'oh, I'll make you amazing', to fuck off.
    Your head voice is unique, you should indulge in chest voice more (rrrrrr*). More grunt to a sincere rise of it. If you think you can do it, make ppl feel.

  80. The Combara

    😃💕You're so amazing, talented, unique, refreshing, touching, and marvellous.
    I'm sooooo so glad I stumbled across you unexpectedly.
    Will follow and support you forever.
    I've been waiting a long time to hear something wonderful again, and you are it!!!!!!! 🌻

  81. Michael Vu

    I'm gonna call it: Ed Sheeran female version. Both were street performers, extremely talent and don't give a craps about what you think. Personally, I think this song is way better than Dance 🐒, vocally and nice tune

  82. Vocalpro International

    I bloody love watching an Aussie blow up. Well done. 🤘🤘💛

  83. Female ENTP

    WAS HERE ⚡⚡⚡
    WAS HERE ⚡⚡⚡
    WAS HERE ⚡⚡⚡

  84. Juanita Peña

    I love all your songs hopefully sacker I want to hear that beautiful talent that you have

  85. Neotype Ska

    노래 너무 좋아요♡

  86. Landy Atzin

    She is more best than bille Elish

    Aiga Busule

    Billie is Noting.

    thomas the dank engine

    @Aiga Busule Agree wit u on that..

    ernestina soares

    @thomas the dank engine stfu billie is the best

    glancethrough theart

    More best😂😂😂

  87. stefan howard


  88. Bryete Valiant

    Great song, really particular, emotioning!

  89. Hua Wei

    with love MALAYSIA.... ❤❤❤❤❤

  90. Evgeny Go

    Very beautiful singer and the song

  91. Елена Дронова

    Какая же она классная 🌈
    Обожаю её. Простая девчёнка с потрясающим голосом . Такая какая есть. Как достали уже эти экранные пластиковые , сделанные куклы. Наконец-то хоть один настоящий человек.
    Браво таланту 👏👏👏 , а эта манера исполнения, она меня с ума сводит, просто кайфую.😊🌹

  92. Sinem Pacaci

    I am obsessed with your sound. So beautiful 😍

  93. legend gamer

    OMG i <3 this song it is so sweet and inspires me.

    legend gamer

    also you are a great person

  94. Ethan Myors

    So sad I had two of my family member going

  95. Dj ZoNN


  96. Mr.Riffian

    Wow that van is legendary. A real MAZDA E2200!

  97. Taylah Stanimirovitch

    My teacher was the one who introduced me to this song, I think his gone to see you live. 😅

    Max Nielsen

    Anabelle Deas wow that’s funny haha cause you know what my voice sounded like SHUT THE FUCK UP

    Not Aplic

    @Anabelle Deas who?

    sun bear

    Max Nielsen y’all need some therapy oh my god this is a comment section in a YouTube video. Grow up and just enjoy the music please :)

    Not Aplic

    @sun bear you also need therapy

    Rock Steady

    Those who said this song is rubbish may just crawl back into there little holes this girls has proved to the world she has talent with her release of dance monkey#Whatatune