Tommy Page - Minetta Lane Lyrics

In the middle of the village
On a cold winter night
The only street around
With no one in sight
I kissed you on your face
A tear drop came
There on Minetta lane

I remember it like it was only yesterday
It's so strange how time slips away
Been so long since we felt the flame
There on Minetta lane

Whatever happened to love sweet love
Did it fade away and die
My heart still cries for you, longs for you
This song's for you
Wherever you are tonight

In the middle of the village
On a cold winter night
Only street around
No one in sight
I'll never walk that street
'Cause it's not the same
Without you on Minetta lane

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Tommy Page Minetta Lane Comments
  1. spadypompeepee

    I was just sorting out my old cds and came across Tommy Page's self titled cd album I bought years ago. 1st song I listened to was Minetta Lane.

  2. Vincent Cheng

    Same here, my favorite one of Tommy's

  3. Mancal Fun Sawvill

    Pradnya Paramitha where are you....

  4. Alan Hew

    Thank you for making this video.

  5. Nathan Rayner Halim

    Growing up listening to your songs. Very emotional. RIP

  6. avery brianna

    If you only knew how much your songs touch so many hearts, and be part of so many people's beautiful youth memories... RIP..

  7. Setyarini Ari

    Finally i found this, my favorite song, thank you 😘😘

  8. Aldo Krisandiano

    Thank you for for this video

  9. Tini Tini

    RIP Tommy page,I love you 😢😢😢😢

  10. Dina Soenarso

    2 words....Love you

  11. sandy Cornelison

    I hope your soul has found peace. U were such a talented artist and the only one whom captured my heart with your beautiful songs. Such a sorrow in my life now that your gone.

  12. Earth Angel

    I never get bored listening to these song even for thousands time.

  13. almira monique


  14. Ayu Sarif

    still listening to ur songs tommy .. ( crying..😭😭)miss u so in peace...u always remain in my heart.

  15. Cheryl Fulton

    Minetta Lane is a beautiful song by Tommy Page. It's very nice and relaxing.

  16. eka 171

    I grown up with your songs. I sometimes still cry a little thinking that you're gone. This song, I dedicate back to you. Hope you have your soul happier now. Thanks, Tommy 🌹

    iwan gewos

    ayang 171 salam kenal 😊

  17. Kerli Kang

    I was in form 4 when 1st listen to his songs. Sweet 16 that year. Growing up with his voice.
    RIP my idol.

  18. channelhitz 303

    My heart still cries for you, longs for you
    This song's for you wherever you are tonight..... I miss you, Tommy Page. Why did u leave us this soon?

  19. Norhayati Alias

    RIP tommy...will always love and remember you

  20. Lawrence Brown

    Tommy this is my favorite song we ever wrote together.
    It will on after we are both gone.
    Tonight only one of us is left but one day we will meet again.
    Until that day
    rest in peace......
    L.Russell Brown

    Marie Aguirre

    This was my favorite Tommy Page song! Thank you for writing this song with him. RIP Tommy Page!

    Todd M

    I looked you up last week. I have the VHS tape of Tommy's videos and you are on that video talking about the songs. The two of you created some beautiful music. This is one that I have loved since I first heard it when I purchased the album in the late 80s.

    Angela Angelo

    Thanks a lot Lawrence for writing beautiful music with Tommy Page.Thanks a lot. Terima kasih.


    I absolutely love this song. He seemed like such a sweet and caring person. I know it has been a couple years, but I am truly sorry for your loss.

    Hady f

    This was my high school, 1st love song, bring up memories, thank you for creating such a beautiful song.

  21. Melon Goh

    RIP Tommy... I really miss you. Thank you SO much for making my teenage life so much bearable and unforgettable. I listen to this song so much in the middle of the night and it kept me company as i studied. Thank you and may the Lord look after your soul.

  22. al Gigirl

    french horn made classy... very touching..the lyrics... then and now.. still reflecting..

  23. Joezenn

    i was listening to tommys songs since i was junior high and started falling in love with girls, what a memory. good bye tommy. RIP

  24. James Wong

    Tommy why did u die??!! Very very sad. This has been my all time emotional song since I was a teen. Gonna miss you Tommy. Thank you for making my teenage years a very memorable one with all your wonderful songs :(

  25. channelhitz 303

    My fave song... RIP, Tommy Page. I'll never forget you.... :(

  26. johnsen samuel


  27. Andiana Moedasir

    RIP. this is my favorite song.

  28. Chloevien

    RIP Tommy Page.....

  29. Kon Janet

    Damn good song

    L.Russell Brown

    Tommy had and apartment in Greenwich village in Manhattan that overlooked Minetta Lane
    It's s short block and a lonely looking street.
    It was our inspiration for this sweet n sad song

  30. linda lie

    love this song very much..