Tommy Page - I Think I'm In Love Lyrics

There's the winter moon
Shining through my window
But I'm not asleep
Because I miss you so
If you could have known
The way I felt today
And this feeling's real
Oh why'd you go away

Well I think I'm in love
You're so far away

It's too late to say
I'm in love
Well I think I'm in love

If I could have your heart
For just one more day
I would tell you dear
That I'd wish you'd stay
Now you're gone for good
And I can't take the pain
Oh I'll be here for you
I wish you'd feel the same


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Tommy Page I Think I'm In Love Comments
  1. tari hamdani


  2. Nitta As

    Well I miss you so...You're so far away...It's too late to say....aaahhhh I miss him so much ( my first crush ).....Thanks John Doe for your creative ... You love Manga too.

  3. Andi Hun

    Why u so fast far a wayt a ssy

  4. coconutvendedor

    My favorite 😘

  5. 장보리

    귀여워. I miss you, Tommy.