Tommy Page - A Shoulder To Cry On Lyrics

Life is full of lots of up and downs,
And the distance feels further when you're headed for the ground,
And there's nothing more painful than to let you're feelings take you down,
It's so hard to know the way you feel inside,
When there's many thoughts and feelings that you hide,
But you might feel better if you let me walk with you by your side,

And when you need a shoulder to cry on,
When you need a friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone, cause I'll be there,
I'll be your shoulder to cry on,
I'll be there,
I'll be a friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone, cause I'll be there.

All of the times when everything is wrong
And you're feeling like there's no use going on
You can't give it up
I'll help you work it out and carry on

Side by side, with you till the end
I'll always be the one to firmly hold your hand
No matter what is said or done
Our love will always continue on

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on
Everyone needs a friend to rely on
When the whole world is gone
You won't be alone cause I'll be there (ooh)
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
I'll be there (I'll be there)
I'll be your friends to rely on
When the whole world was gone
You won't be alone
Cause I'll be there (ooh)
You'll have my shoulder to cry on
I'll be there (I'll be there)
I'll be the one to rely one
And when the whole world is gone
You won't be alone
Cause I'll be there!

And when the whole world is gone
You'll always have my shoulder to cry on...

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Tommy Page A Shoulder To Cry On Comments
  1. lightningstrife


  2. Nastiyulani Ululiyah

    Aku pernah mengalami masa remaja yg buruk, dan kau menyelamatkanku.
    WHY TOMMY? WHY?😭😭😭
    Rest in peace Tommy...

  3. BCB Channel Bah

    Salam kenal

  4. andika arisetyawan

    Who is the girl's name in that video?? RIP Tommy

  5. Pawel AHK

    21 dec 2019

  6. L C

    I grew up with his music but lost in track afterwards.  Just found out he had passed away, feeling so sad for this.  I immediately ordered 4 of his albums online and couldn't help wondering what caused the pain behind that he had to do that.  I know people will never understand and there isn't any true fact online explaining this tragedy.  I just wish Tommy and all his loved ones the very best, I'm sure Tommy is an angel up there now looking upon us and blessing all his fans.  R.I.P. Tommy, I miss you sooo much, you will always have my shoulder to cry on .. anywhere, any time!  XOXO  Tommy

  7. ericsteven100

    Dec 2019?

  8. Fras Setio

    lagu top thn 90'an waktu gw masih SMA kls 1

  9. Apollo Adi

    mr. shapiro

  10. chrishartono ritrianto

    one of my favorite's songs, thanks om feddy,,

  11. yohanes bintang verdyanto

    beautiful voice, strong lyrics

  12. hery susanto

    Ini lagu pertama yg nyangkut lama di kepala.

  13. IYB Fuzan

    01:45AM 5/12/2019

  14. threycia threycia

    05 Dec 2019. Anyone listening this song or just only me?

  15. Tulips White

    My idols during teenage years.when im 12 to 15.and theres debbie gibson, tiffany, nkotb, guys next door. Those was the year of great music, beautiful voice and aspiring words on song. Missing those moments. RIP tommy your songs are everything and always been my shoulder to cry on after a hectic day and still always painted in my mind

  16. Asus Zm1

    Am from Indonesian, am craying listen to the song, because am old now rip my idol

  17. Vintage Vogue

    March 3, 2017 He Hanged Himself.

  18. 조민현

    Listening again after a long time♥

  19. n a n a n g

    indo 🤚 ??

  20. Nurul Fatihah

    nov 2019 anyone?

  21. Johan David

    Beatiful Song!

  22. Berryvox

    This song was perfection. Bye, TP.

  23. Pramod malinga

    Ashee... mu

  24. Booty Slapper

    I only now him from full house

  25. rizky farrel

    masa kecilku bahagia bisa dengerin lagu ini di salah satu Radio FM di Bandung, hampir setiap hari di masa jayanya dulu, RIP Tommy, thanks for being my childhood part

  26. yans venzy

    lagu kebangsaan gw banget

  27. Susanne Roders

    🤭 🎶 Memories.....I always was that person to have that shoulder to cry on 😢 I wanted someone like that. I was only 18yrs old .Beautiful song 🎶 ❤️ I liked this guy. Wanted to him to be that ...( get this it was a one song tape, just like good old 45’s )

  28. Ars Fdhil

    gue lahir tahun 85, kenal banget sama nada ini lagu karena waktu kecil sering denger diradio, nadanye nempel banget dikepala sampe sekarang.
    tahun 2019 ini gue baru tau penyanyinye + video klipnye, dan penyanyinye ternyata udeh meninggal tahun 2017 lalu.

  29. Niranjan Bhatwal

    Miss those days😢

  30. nur hasanah

    this song memory lagu kesukaan gw & my little bro (yg sdh past a way) waktu kecil hiks hiks hiks RIP my bro

  31. Fauzan Mahesatama

    You won't be alone cos i'll be there :)

  32. Updater GO


  33. 이광현

    어렸을때부터 따라부르던 내가 제일 좋아하는 노래 ㅠㅠRIP

  34. Iin Maylinda

    Best song

  35. noka musi

    nostalgic song

  36. Toujours Belle

    Years can change but fav song still cant change

  37. Dewi Sri


  38. Aira Aira

    Jaman aku SMP sampul buku aku tak ksih POSTER Tommy page..

  39. Amir Ariff

    Ends of 2019...who with me .

  40. danial hakim

    Rip Tommy. .
    Okt 2019..

  41. Golden Dragon 黃龍

    The Republic of Korea in 2019 ?

  42. Lardass Asshole


  43. Carmel

    He kinda looks like Elvis Preasly❤ Rest in Peace hunn

  44. Nuna Norwich

    2025 anyone still listening ?

  45. Jazzy Jazzy Diana

    Still listening.. 😢😭

  46. Aspawi Aspawi

    1988 and forever , i will never forget u , Rest In Peace Tommy ,

  47. Indah Bambang

    Lagu kesukaan aku dr dulu seneng dengerin lagu ini

  48. song charille

    why? Tommy. why? please rest in peace.

  49. Lewis Hamilton

    hard to find

    Finn Mok

    Until the day of death

  50. Dwi Harr


  51. Show Me The Lights x

    traveled to america in 1988 and bought this on cassette single. my very first cassette single.

  52. litdemolisher 2003

    Even though I've yet to experience a love this painful, but everytime I hear the chorus tears fill my eyes.

  53. Beryl smeal watson

    My husband and I danced together to this song thru high school. I found out later that he would request this song because his friend (me) was crying and he wanted to give her a shoulder to cry on. He was one of my best friends then and is my best friend now

  54. lea maya

    1996 i have a big his foster 💙

  55. wawa isma

    1991/1992 with 🥰

  56. Adam Robinette

    Great little song from back when there was a lot of young talent and most of them didn't need three producers and 10 writers to produce a single piece of music.

  57. 캬캬캬

    He became gay but was still unhappy. He was nothing but a vestige of the media. Sixteen-year-old Tommy Page, who used to run errands for lovers, is not old enough. Suicide was his first and last choice of freedom. This is the United States.

  58. mraow yang

    Doesnt tommy look like g easy sometimes? Lol

  59. Ana Novita

    He is handsome

  60. Rindi Antika

    My favorite songs

  61. mohd Afizan

    lagu mu tetap berkumandang sampai bila bila ....tommy!😘😘😢2019

    Hendarto wibowo

    Sama mbak

  62. Shanty 99

    Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on 💙

  63. Unchannel

    Sept 2019,anybody hear this song?

    Susanne Roders

    1988....memories. ❤️ Beautiful song. Too bad it was never a hit.

    Ahmad Maulana.

    Me!!! :"(

    Ahmad Maulana.

    @정진호 proud :)

    Samsung M20

    @Lardass Asshole be calm please

  64. Anne Eija


  65. Angah Mohamad Fazlee

    no more memories in my life anymore

  66. Arief Rahman

    2 september 2019

  67. Anny Soekmana

    September 2019

  68. Catherine Lol no

    Wow! Tommy was a beautiful guy. Why did he kill himself? This video is such a classic. He looks really good here. The woman’s dress was so early 90’s. Tommy’s clothes are forever classic. His face is so handsome. I understand now why there were so many fans worldwide for him. A guy singing a song while playing piano about him being a shoulder to cry on. Very classic like frank sinatra type of music genre. I loved him in the 90’s and still do today. He will be missed. So sad he’s gone. 😪❤️❤️😢

  69. Raya Origina

    2019 always

  70. linda ang

    RIP TP, you'll always have a special place in my ❤️

  71. isma norafzan


  72. dennyson sy

    my favorite of Tommy's songs!

  73. DarkHanzo 8

    RIP ancle tommy....lagu memories ortu gw....

  74. 유승준

    토미 페이지 그립네요...

  75. TEN TEN


  76. Asep Kosasih

    jadi.inget.jaman smp .dan inget seseorang .smp 4 watampone

  77. Nopita Sari

    Aku lahiran tahun 91... Tapi semenjak aku sekolah SD sampai sekarang dewasa aku lebih suka lagu2 lawas seperti ini.. lebih berasa musik dan perasaan si lagu tersebut... TOP untuk penyanyi2 lawas di dunia... 😘

  78. 미라 최

    잘생긴 토미 페이지 ~~~

  79. Marlian boy

    This is song make me....???!!!!!!

  80. 폰튜브phone tubes

    리즈시절 토미 페이지 모습은 정말 잘생기고 멋지다 노래도 참좋다

  81. Cheryl Fulton

    RIP Tommy Page. Love you and miss you.

  82. Petra Sirait

    this song is blessing me... I pray to my God on you Tommy... bless you!

    we will be gathered again in eternity, I missing so much my brother Eben Haezer Sirait, I didn't realize that he was my strength from God...

  83. Cucu Wartini


  84. tomomi jenny

    언제나 그리운 나의 가수~!!!!

  85. Maggie V

    2019 and here still.. rip

  86. Khai Lambung

    2019 malaysia

  87. Putri Jayusman


  88. Deny Irawan

    try this VM on true 8d Sound

  89. azrOy rOy

    Nice sOngs

  90. Amanda Wardhani

    July 2019??

  91. agus virus



    Gold memo