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Tommy Lee Sparta Shelly Christ-Mas Comments
  1. GUGS TV

    #spartaside forever

  2. Funny Momentz

    December 27, 2019 still a listen 💯

  3. Nathanael Dj

    Who's here on 25th December 2019

  4. JFredo

    Shelly 2019 Christmas !!!!🎅🏽

  5. dave 689 mulling

    🔥 2019


    Who listen in 2019

    Ryan English

    Tis the season

  7. Tyler Mar ie

    This should of been the fish in vybz kartel last one wait to even be a fish coming from his level is even to much of a title coming from world boss unless that really was the last one

  8. DJ Dimes

    Shelly Christmas everyone 😈 #Gaza #Sparta #2020

  9. Robert Martin

    Who here fi this Christmas? 2019

  10. JRDAN AJ

    Shalla lala laaaaaa

  11. marco williams

    Gaza uptop

  12. Krampus K

    That time of the year again

  13. Gamer Station

    Happy Shelly Christmas

  14. Genahsyde DrugzLawd6

    It's almost that time of the year, 2019!!!!! 😈🌲🌲

  15. Mezmo

    Bwoy face tun bully beef
    Who deh yah ina 2019

  16. Ben omar Mari


  17. GUGS TV

    This song issa classic... well dark and clear imagery🔥🔥spartaside

  18. Manie Isaacs

    This old Tommy lee sparta is gone never too be found i would love to see this Tommy lee again someday

  19. Darren Wilson


  20. Crystal Green

    Still listening in 2019🔥

  21. HackStar Genius

    Who listening give a like

  22. The Goodside

    Welcome to the Second Dark Ages that ended in 2012.

    The Third Dark Age started between 2020 to 2035. Collapse of Religions and A One World Government.

    Carl Monroe

    Fuck religion, especially Christianity

  23. Dre'

    2019 💥💥💥💥💥

  24. Shevar Douglas

    2019 a still listening !

  25. Enrique Young

    Maddest thing 🌋🌋 song tuff 🌋🌋💯

  26. Delldell Lydell

    2019 check in

  27. the great debo


  28. Stxnn Piipe

    2019 ?🔥

  29. Darrel Gonzalo


  30. Dandeshav

    2019 and I still remember the lyrics 💪🏽💪🏽

  31. ticka360

    2019 🔥

  32. Sado

    2019...still sick

  33. jade mccaulsky



    2019 and it still bad like d day it buss

  35. TherealXt Cash

    2019 💫

  36. Shamilia Smith

    2k19 💥

  37. magabwoy leon tv

    2k9 still listening

  38. Official Memes Tv


  39. Graduate

    Every day is Christmas

  40. Skelly12k


  41. Scotch Bonnet


  42. Kashwayne Stone


  43. Sparta Gaza

    Evil Sparta side

  44. Perry Don


  45. Keneal Gardener

    This song come like it just mek

  46. EL Veva

    El chap

  47. Reup Red

    December 25 2018 🔥

  48. GazaSpartan908

    Face to the wall in 2018 still💥💥💥

  49. Kemar Henry

    Merry Christmas 🔥🔥🔥


    2018 Christmas

  51. RealTalk TV

    December 23rd 2018 and still Shelly

  52. iAmRhomeo

    Had to come back to this!

  53. Ryanna Williams


  54. Jay B

    December 2018!!!!! #ShellyChristmas

  55. Spârťân Sôldîêŕ Pounts


  56. Regene Byers


  57. Ricky Stephens

    06.12.19 listen when ever I want not just Xmas to bad tommy lee sik

  58. Dwayne Pollard

    Made tune still

  59. David Williams

    Every Christmas I listen to this idk why

  60. Sherton Micecho

    Today me a listen it n me a tell yuh it nuh normal song tough same way.

  61. Frass YBC

    Who still listen in 2018 it's Xmas Time again

  62. Ronald Abraham

    Shelly Christmas

  63. gaza don

    me feel like a demon tek me over wen me a sing tha song ya!!


    Weh the Spartan fans dem deh


    christmas 2018 into 2019

  66. DJ Hypro

    Grenades no toys #Sparta 2018

  67. thecomputer 8

    We wish you a shelly christmas😈

  68. Daniel matamoro

    shell down the place

  69. Camille George


  70. uptopboss Carter


  71. Jamican_mafia [Tanki X]

    This song mek mu fully evil

  72. Ramone Powell

  73. Kevin Johnson

    Buss bwoy head mmmm devily disaster

  74. Adrian Newland

    June 2018

  75. Nicholas Kartel

    First Tommy Lee song i ever heard an no he bout his business 🔥🔥

  76. Aaliyahmarie Forest

    How is this Christmas song

  77. Taj Tomlinson

    One a the badest 🎄 tune🔥🔥🔥🔥🎃🎃🎃👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

  78. KushKid TV



    Buddudup NOOOOOWW👊

    Emo Kidd Miki


  79. Natalie Sterling

    streight spartan

  80. xPrettyLike4Barbiex

    *😍😍 I Love This*

  81. Bling King

    what a wicked mind a dat umbre..... the kids are expecting toys and you brought grenexxxxx

  82. Screen Recorded Games SRG

    20 fucking 18 and still fucking bad

  83. 3k_devin

    A today a Christmas 🔥...who deh yah almost 2018??

  84. Kim Fairclough

    Merry Christmas 2017. Spartan forever

    Ibrahim Diawara

    Kim Fairclough merci

  85. Adrian Bhagwandat

    listen to it every. christmas

  86. Jackman Oblinji

    december xmas 2017 anyone?

  87. Herman Vasquez

    Spartan forever