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Tommy Lee Sparta Shallow Grave Comments
  1. Papa Legba

    Somebody buy a wreath cah ah damn funeral!!!! Mad mad mad

  2. emma easter

    100% sparta rich is gangsta

  3. jasmine johnson

    What Riddim is this

  4. Leyon Joseph

    Name of Riddim

  5. Jahemi Henry

    guh fi bowy ina middle day like run down bowy... breath short... real killa ano...

  6. reach faar

    since warn dem, sparta neva left top
    eva inna d heigths, yo ah wah do jetpack
    impact yah worst dan nasa man weh jetlag
    man left bhind with anchor step get drag
    nah yoyo talkin, talk we neva take back
    precise like seiko watch, time ah eva xact
    full ah style every fuckin wanna we ah xtract
    ..........SPARTA !

  7. Dolliann


  8. Ashley Arnold

    Not his best song at all . Stop saying this is going to be a tommy lee and Vybz Kartel collaboration coming coz it ain’t ..: this is no where near informa warn dem Vybz at all .. tommy lee can do better than this as I’m so sorry this is not what I would call one of his best songs it’s really disappointing. Tommy lees best songs formula dolla bill warn dem 40 ball all about you just to name only a few but this is poor for tommy lee 🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. Adamski Mostowej

    GTA 6 2020

  10. Monique Vanhorne

    chop chop him head mad🚀🚀

  11. jamaica8857

    Yeah this a big song 🎶🎶 🎶🇯🇲🇯🇲

  12. jamaica8857

    Sparta all Sparta fans drop a like

  13. jamaica8857


  14. O. T.

  15. Naz Vevo

    DEMON is back ! hail poimon! !

  16. odane grey

    Mi still nuh see y d media underrate the Spartan King an Everytime the Guzu still divide an conquer dem


    Cuz him neva travel and get nuff book ouwt,,him ting nuh change like busy signals song 'stay so

  17. Romain Mccallum

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrk head back to chop chop dark breath shot

  18. Tristan Malcolm

    Swear nw dem a no bad man bad wich part....... Ehhhh ????



  20. Zuba Don

    *Grim Rim*
    Flawless victory 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    stinga sparta

    The person Inna the background a the song sound like zombie 😅😂😂.

  21. Sattie Ramadeen

    All who dislike this song tommy lee going to shallow grave you

  22. Cheryl Darien

    If mi love Tommy lee one more time....baddest Ute

  23. Yahrael Ben Israel

    bright like star 

    bad wah

  24. Mafia Don

    Who seh Sparta ting Eva hot👇🏽


    Jomo say Mod move Tommy Lee Sparta Gaza til death free the world boss

  26. Widow Meka


  27. kadeem bailey

    bbc man find it again...

  28. Gullyside GSP


  29. Duron Ryan


  30. gaza nation

    Bay hits fi di year a mad rass when hot topic and rich badness drop ,yeng yeng,funeral,uncle demon rise everything inna di atmosphere

    stinga sparta

    Top shotta gone and under vibes gone now to play pon radio everyday and a shell parties all now some bwoy cyaa find a hit!.

  31. gaza nation

    Don't stop murda dem gadfadda yuh destroy di riddim mi g, worldboss proud a yuh mi g gwan kick out teeth sed way bududup now fully sparta fully gaza 💯 💯 💯 dem nuh inna yuh league a badness mi g tell dem don't size up

  32. Jamaican Singer - QueenLA

    me a nuh pretender or faker if I listen to Tommy lee Sparta b/c you're one of the realest DJs out now. 🎵we have the power witch craft 🎶🇯🇲thank you for being true to who you are and for blessing us your fans with your music and especially your live performances. I am distracted by your music or better yet inspired to never give up on my own dreams pop stardom.

  33. onedon 876

    Song bad

  34. Jamaican Singer - QueenLA

    I noticed your subconscious use of the words "grave" and "funeral" and I am sorry for your recent loss of a loved one.

  35. Binnz Granthemz


  36. CORDY Mcintosh

    bloodclat road block...di real evil youth"TOMMYLEE"🎧🎶👍🎼🎵🎤🎹...kill wi kill roaches

  37. Howard Sherman

    Hook hard yuh fuck! 🤔🤔🤔

  38. Allo Ewin

    Sparta yow

  39. media_hub _ja

    Love dah flow yah🙌🙌🙌



  41. Shantica Higgins


  42. Fullmatic Younggenna

    Hurricane breeze🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. PrezziSlick Music

  44. Doktor Lucifer

    Keep dem Obeah riddim comin my youth. Di obeah man bless up!

  45. Ryheem Patrick

    Body Spread Out Pon The Hot Tar 💀👿🔥💥🔫

  46. Deco Lard

    The Riddim a gone a wah, and TL vocal just finish it off Mad ..

  47. alpha_berchermuesli

    im jus imagining all these "dondadas" asking for likes on youtube.

  48. Shonette Beckford


  49. Cristina Nechifor

    I love you Tommy Lee ❤️ mad song

  50. JaMixUp EasieJamdung

    sparta yoooooo💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸📥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯


    Cant wait fi see the video.

    stinga sparta

    That a if nuh video a drop he should though.

  52. Mattala Jones

    Drop bbc video guzu bbc trune tuff yf shallow grave sparta

  53. Ashaun Walwyn

    This uncle demon right here again

  54. GodReaper98

    Who drag out d g mek him dark up suh

  55. High Light Ent-Attainment

    Who dat pap out??


    Who seh Tommy Lee Sparta fi drop a vid fi dis🤔

  57. Britney Brown



    Too much noise

  59. Antonette Pearson

    Sparta fi life

  60. beaniz

    It's Christmas. ..we want it to be merry.

  61. frass family

    Bbc spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  62. Malik Powell

    a clash diss

  63. Giovanni Walters


  64. MaxiymumVEVO


  65. gaza man

    Gaza bbc this song

  66. 1 Real

    I don’t know what it is but it have a hook to it 👀

  67. Havii GREY

  68. Ousmane Bunaphane

    Est ce que guinée Conakry es là ???

  69. shaquan thomas

    Real gunman

  70. shaquan thomas

    Headback gone

  71. JamaicanmadeBaston

    We have e power youth... fully sparta..

  72. JamaicanmadeBaston


  73. fire lord

    Dem a nuh badman, bad weh, which part? We have di powa yute, witchcraft #SHALLOWGRAVE 🔊 🔊 🔊

  74. Deandra Rapscallion 🇹🇹

  75. Kimmy Fletcher


  76. Chief Keef

    Shallo Grave Hard Ball.... 😈🤘💯💯

  77. granthemz Dem bad Sparta

    Sparta if life badness granthemz family Sparta



  79. Moses Joesph

    Gaza me said

  80. Dovon Choy

    Sparta 1star up

  81. Sparta King

    On repeat all now...Sparta😈😈 narr run down no body ma breath short up upp🔥🔥🔥

  82. Shawn Storm

    1000 link 🦂fully sparta

  83. VYBZ MARTEL TellyTube

    Listen to every song on the riddim enough and mi come to the conclusion seh a this tek it. Jah kno, the aggression in a the man voice, vintage Tommy Lee Sparta. You have a special place in a dancehall history, you stand apart from everybody else. A nuff style and trend Tommy Lee Sparta start and a other people mi see a get credit fi it. This gone wid the riddim in a my opinion, speaker buck like Milwaukee

    Akeem Miller

    naah blood, brave tek it fi me, dah basketball line deh bad 😂🔥🔥

    VYBZ MARTEL TellyTube

    @Akeem Miller Up mi g lol. Kartel song bad still but the hook could a better. Mi find mi self a sing along more to Tommy lee song, the rage just different

    Akeem Miller

    @VYBZ MARTEL TellyTube you know mi medz the tommy again, a real talk you mek g 😂

    Wizzy Wizzy

    @VYBZ MARTEL TellyTube that's what i say too first time listening

    gaza nation

    Talk nuh mi g it more ketchy

  84. Maffia 876

    Evil & Aggressive ‼😈👿 #Spartan

  85. Gaza zombie

    Murda vado yes tommy

  86. Lil Sauce

    Chop chop🔪☠️

  87. Adrian Powell

    A who him a diss

  88. Shevy

    U come back wid badness?😂

    gaza nation

    @Shevy in your eyes yuh just be a batty man and a nerd how yuh badmind suh a you a di only person in adi comment section inna denial


    @gaza nation suh a diss ting...bwoi rn yu gal and yuh mada suppose to be one a mi bitch dem relax we a talk bout artist....sparta dead ok and nuh @ mi waste man


    @gaza nation battyman nation u notice a u a d only one weh @ mi inna d comment section...u couldn't mek wa gal seh sumn

    gaza nation

    Dumb fuck dat mek any sense gwan day dream right now dem hear weh yah seh a dumb stale piss dem waan throw pon u, pussy dem if yuh nuh rate sparta weh di fuck yah do over yah suh ever see pon yuh artiste pg a comment get di fuck out of ere wid yuh delusional state of mind. Mi wudda Neva name my son Shevy cau a gal name dat but it look through yuh born feminish dem couldnt forward with a betta name #wul yuh own Sheby long last twin bredda dat affi get weh mi a seh or yuh brain Lilly #yo yuh fucka yuh one to yuh brain 🔫

    stinga sparta

    @Shevy top shotta a badman song and that hit so what you talking about? Nuh worry yuhself just gwaan wait on the next hit in the mean time tell Nyamkaline find a bomboclaat hit song !!!!!!!!!

  89. stinga sparta

    Number #3 on trending I've got that 2020 vision mi a see so clear #the take over is real #just pack up and run weh from now #2020 belong to sparta .

    Britney Brown

    stinga sparta 🔥🔥🔥🔥



  91. Monesh Sparta

    #3 on trending 📈

  92. Monesh Sparta

    Pon repeat 🔁🔁🔁

  93. Thazjay Stewart


  94. spartan leng drastik

    Suck unu mada from unu diss Spartans unu gone get shallow grave 👊💣💥💥

  95. david brown

    Who hot up the g head

  96. jahtee forever

    Dem dead sparta boss