Tommy Lee Sparta - Save Dem Soul Lyrics

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Tommy Lee Sparta Save Dem Soul Comments
  1. UnrulyBadGenna


  2. Melotechdotco Trading

    Seaver dem soul

  3. Cvskie Dann


  4. Ramone Thompson

    Sparta till mi bone white like chalk 😈

  5. Sean Smith

    Bomboclaaaaat still lit in a 2017🔥🔥💥

  6. Soo ner

    #2017 🔥

    Stunna Hylton


  7. Jhonson Sanchez

    la mejor plena de tommy lee ! asta Q alfin la encuentro!

  8. Shawn 1 Gordon

    song bad

  9. The intro is the best part of the song..

    stinga sparta

    true talk

  10. Doreen Turry

    Yo get Tommy lee sparta's number ?

  11. PureHearted Shordy Williams


  12. C.g

    body burning cause dem evil

  13. C.g

    u a pre mi like yuh want tell mi sumn u wah try do sumn si if yuh head nuh open

  14. Jayden Roach

    gaza mi say

  15. Ronnie Murray

    demons on ma mind an am about to crisin

  16. minimee watt

    That soun like tommy lee to unu? dumb fuckes people jus love get fawud! :@

    stinga sparta

    it is tommy Lee this is one of his first war songs

  17. dquan dice

    father save demn soul

  18. stgeo297

    1 dislike, 1 nuh get dem soul saved

  19. Yaya Gone

    So siiiiick


    this most confuse artiste

  21. Maliik Craigie

    this is finished version

  22. Maliik Craigie

    well yes it is but this 1 is the finished version!! they finnaly finished it!

  23. Maliik Craigie

    well finnaly!!!! they finish the song!!!!

  24. wetty charles

    father save dem soul

  25. Johnathan De-cuzman

    yyy pow pow

  26. Johnathan De-cuzman

    yyy pow pow

  27. john doe

    gaza tel dem tommy lee sick

  28. paul ennis

    humbleee tom tom still leading undisputedly goat head soup a sting

  29. chuckie

    i thought this song came out a while ago

  30. Crystal Brown

    a nuh play play ting ..

  31. 56 NIGHTS