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Tommy Lee Sparta Bait Comments
  1. Andrae Samuels

    2020 and still hot and a shot

  2. Jaida Brown


  3. zakavelisplashgwollah

    Raaaahtiiiid 🤒🎶☔️✈️

  4. LIVE From Bk

    It's a brand new Bush master attack him

  5. Javon Dunn

    Not even JPS out power mi #bududupNow

  6. Dancehall Belize


  7. JayPlayz YT

    sound sick on 1.25 speed


    bout style and flow,versatility and composure,goosebumps mi get when mi vibez wit sparta quality
    ,dancehalls undertaker

  9. Delores Richardson

    Mi nuh too listen tommy lee song but this hot

  10. Gaza Jade juicy Brown

    Sill a banger 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💀🔥🔥🔥

  11. Jay Dan Sparta

    Yow uncle some boy a try run pon land again.....

  12. Adrian Powell


  13. mahendra singh

    spartans gone fuckup jameil

  14. joshua Hamilton aka rendetta

    Tommy lee going to run the Gaza if vbyz kartel end up dropping down

  15. joshua Hamilton aka rendetta

    Yes Gaza man crazy

  16. Julius Kilonzi

    Sparta a go murder dem fi the fun of it 😈


  17. Gary Saddler

    sparta ah guh murder dem fi di fun of it

  18. Killi Pro

    Badman nuh tolerate baaboon ways😂😂😂bait dem mi killa

  19. Zevan Pascal

    Yes sparta

  20. Modou samba

    Fairytale badman with cartoon ways Haha...sparta maaaad

  21. Wendy B

    Not even JPS out power me! Wicked Tommy Lee!

  22. andre brooks

    send to the maag

  23. Daniel Aly

    SPARTA forever GAZA Till me Die

  24. Sallah Benz

    Tommy Lee just kill this boy

  25. Danyella Mclune

    Tommy we a killa

  26. Nana Spence

    Big Up mi boss sparta

  27. Hector Caden

    Tommy lee dem dead wid da 1 yah

  28. jiren 242

    who know this riddim

  29. Fly Nites Music

    Bait dem

  30. dwight wilkinson


  31. Marly Hanson

    tommy flop till me write feem

  32. success trending

    Skull cracking locks dropping

  33. Glock9ine

    Was this in response to dead bwoy leroy?

    Skool Dudes

    Glock9ine yes

  34. Cortie Allen

    Tommy lee kill him hands down

  35. Moses Joesph

    uncle demon 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  36. Kimani Camille

    Kill all BAIT

  37. TZ Productionz

    Man A murderer mi waan no man cover mi

  38. TZ Productionz

    Demon sickkkkk 2019


    blue Steele best wrd ever!!! ha ha

  40. chezzy Smith




  42. Ray Blaze

    Bruh... The way he came out for the first verse is legendary. Have to admit.

  43. LoyaltyMATTERS


  44. Felicia Lawrence

    Not even jps out power mi song bad it tuff 100

  45. Kejaun Thompson

    sparta me say

  46. Omar Watson

    Dog sick

  47. Nardo Robinson

    if a war tommy neva fear neva!!! like if yuh agree..

  48. klassicrebel

    whata tune bad.. di man rub out Jahmiel so easy.... what a raas tune... jah know.. Di Sparta general rub out Jahmiel hype in d war so mad... wow.. song yah a di maddest war tune mi hear in a while.. "A gun a grip.. A Gun A grip....And mi nuh affi send fi mi Gun, mi Dun have it....Man a Murderer mi nuh waah nobody cover me.. Caah Anyweh mi see mi enemy mi dun a Clip.. Only Crime some bwoy ever do is BUN A SPLIFF" ... PulllUPPPPPP....WheeeellllllLLLLLL

  49. Jeff Jose

    World Boss Son Dat!!! Di Likkle Fish Tek Di Bait Again! SPARTA Ya No!!!

  50. Dj ShO 509 Paris

    real tune big up sparta

  51. Ejder D

    BIGGGG UP! Greetz 4 Anatolia! This makes our Blood Hot Like aGunshot.

  52. Kemar Thomas

    hold dem sparta

  53. julius choy

    up rite. nw.

  54. Antwaine Forrester

    Kartel buss some a di baddest artiste.... Jah kno

  55. JĆ ĎØŃ


  56. percy sparta

    Likkle tawm tawm 😈 ggrruuuuffff

  57. Mama Lee

    Uncle demon☠☠☠

  58. Jinelle Coley

    Jahmeil shame 😭😂😂😂R.I.P

    Loyal vybz radio

    And tranny lee dead

  59. Jinelle Coley


    300_spartan soldier

    Follow me on ig @ 300_spartansoldier

  60. LIVE From Bk

    He killed him I dnt care what anybody say

  61. Charlie bling

    Tammy Lee bad gaza

  62. Isaac Williams

    Ha ha caah bet seh u walk too lame 🔥🔥🔥 tommy fi life

  63. neymar jr 12

    Fuck u tommy lee

  64. jason moss

    Frankly, this song is very LAME!!

    300_spartan soldier

    U mada big pussy nuh lame???

  65. Karl Vasquez

    tommylee win this thing

  66. 28better

    Tommy lee word of advice stop making song only for man because that only will keep you at one level.
    Did u see how many views & like u got for the song with shenseea

  67. Jerry Golay

    Respect big up from france

  68. YoungBoy T

    Baddest tommy lee song from the war

  69. Dane Banton

    Jahmiel fish you dead

  70. genah syde

    Kidd in d war

  71. Javiel 6ixx


  72. akilli superville


  73. Andrey Obrian


  74. Priya Harripersad

    Real killer big up bad man

  75. Tahrick and dandre vlogs

    A gun a grip

  76. Joel Willoughby

    Haffi get a 5 ft coffin😂😂😂

  77. Nishaa Nishaaa

    💥💥💥💣💣💣💣 Up Up Upppp🗣🗣🗣🗣 Spartaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!°° Dem Uh Bait Dem Uh Bait 💥

  78. Michell Stewart

    2:15- 2:35.. gully and vendetta get diss inna that

  79. Suwaibu majang

    PIR jahmile

  80. Tyrek Thaxter

    Tommy les the Best

  81. Shevon Lazarus

    Not even jps out power meh

  82. FPC Young Kidd


  83. Kymani Jackson

    Up but jahmiel win

  84. Justin Samaroo

    801 Pussy Dem!! 😂

  85. kobe styles

    badness forever tommy lee is💪🏻

  86. Don't Play


  87. Anime God

    Not even jps out powa mi

  88. KushEvaFrassRadio.

    Sparta a deal with nyamiel wickedly

  89. omarion arthurs

    Send a bad gyal Fi tag him and chop him

  90. Tyrone Gray

    BBC tommy real war don

  91. Tyrone Gray

    this is dope tommylee up top